Saturday, July 28, 2007


lim xin yee post bout Tassie and i think i should too. There was a trip on Saturday during my orientation before week two. It was a sunny day and at the same time the breeze is very cool.met this skinny guy on my way to the bus stop, i asked for his name. he never answers me, perhaps he was not in the mood. because i can see his face showing the word 'stop'

The Swiss Village
just ignore the 'shopping' most suitable to remain as Swiss Village.
some shops that sell chocs. pay attention to the 'Walls' ice cream brand. its knows as 'Streets' here.
the lakethe lake house
nothing significant to take picture with. this head reminds me of weikee. no offense.. to this head. (^^)

The Vineyard the grapes... were all dried and dead...
view from restaurant in the vineyard.

The Platypus House
the platypus. sorry bout the clarity of picture.. this is the best i got. this guy name 'porky' never stop swimming and moving. noob poser.
the echidna (swt...the spelling check underlined this word.) 3 of this round, neck-less animals with spikes and a long pointing nose+mouth. kawaaii neh~~ they were actually moving right under our feet. 1 wrong step and they are departed.

The Museum cum Gold mine
old school telephone
old school train
animals traps. nice~
shell gas station. since 18xx. So, please use shell.
some fancy mechanism to dig the gold. yeah~ gold digger~

The Bar/Pub
this is actually the oldest pub in Launceston (or tassie?) with scenic view of the river/canal.
having a glass beer while enjoying the sunset. 5 star.

Finally, we headed to a bridge named Batman bridge. (yes i admit the name is kinda noob) Nothing special bout it, and it was already dark and my cam batteries were out. Slept on the bus on my way back.

Friday, July 27, 2007!!

hell yes. I just back from playing indoor soccer. took a bath and having a hot milo now. relaxing~~
where should i start... well i met this guy name Rayn (rai-yearn) when we both were having the same subject. after chit chatting he invited me to football. yeah~ finally~ some gang who play football~!!
the court is suppose to be a basketball court. but somehow someone go put 2 goals there... well, some sort of hokey goals and its far more smaller than typical futsal goals. typical rules : cannot shoot inside the box (dahlah pintu kecik..zz) and there are no 'out' (even behind the goals) and unlike what we used to have in Malaysia, there is no 'net' borders, or net cage. what we got here is brick walls. BRICK. so if you cant break near the edges, then some of your bones will. the floor are typical basketball's floor. shiny. the ball... highlight green, furry.. imagine a tennis ball in futsal size. thats exactly what it looks like.
quite a number of people turned up. (20) met a lot of Malaysians here. including some budak melayu yang terror main bola. some ang moh as well. also met a guy from Iran. trust me when i said he is good. i just felt the kind of stress when team with him. basically everyone here can play. control reaction all very good. i felt like siu didi.. t.t 8 minutes per set, the winner stays. draw means both out. sort of like rotation. 8 minutes too less? after my first game i felt dizzy... similar to the infamous teacup incident. perhaps the air are too thin plus i overworked. played from 8-11... fatigue dah...zzz.
typical me, i scored 1 goal. debut goal. last minute goal. cheers~

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What an idoit!

Into the second week of my study. Officially introduced to our design project. We are actually going to redesign the School of Engineering in Hobart campus. We are actually going to collaborate or work together with the engineering students down at Hobart. main objective is to practice to work with engineers and to get rid of the 'religious' stuff where architects and engineers will facing lotsa hardships when working together. and therefore this project was given the name "What an Idiot!" (well, probably, typically, obviously either of the both parties will not totally accept the other party's view and what I mean?)

Quite an exiting project. Redesigning a crappy building. Great. Today the engineers arrive to our school, and they were fix into small groups and then merge with 2 more archi groups, by playing some linkage game... the name i forgotten.. six degrees of dunno what. kinda fun and effective. cool. (pm me if want further details bout the game) We sort of shown them around in a small tour of our new campus which so far only consists of our archi school and art school.


Well, the full name is school of visual art and performance( if i am right...) its the 1st time for me to actually walk inside and experience the ART-NESS... sadly i didn't brought along camera, and i dunno how to describe it. its so artistic, the works of the students are being display everywhere. EVERY-*****-WHERE @.@ i saw dead body*, whole lotsa indecipherable stuff, big plasma ty showing some art-theme short movies..etc. you just can find all sorts of things here as long as they are related to ART. fabrics, colors, drama, painting, drawing, those pasu-pasu, hantu-hantu, bunga-bunga, taktau apa etc etc. Its better than RMIT. thats what i heard : RMIT archi school (here refer to building and design, inclusion of students is somehow subjective...) is like a piece of junk... quite offensive huh? thats what i heard from people after they'd been there.

*fake 1 la.. but kinda amazing.

Sunday, July 22, 2007


Basically, these are what i cook and eat. (warning: disgusting images included)

pork + egg + chili sauce(which is not our kind of chili sauce) served with white rice.
fried rice with ham + chicken
fried rice with egg + chicken + chili sauce
(new plate~!)

fried rice + hotdog + chicken + egg + bread(huh)

pasta made for me by a singaporean teacher. the second time she invited me to eat. so nice.spagetti with beef. too much. too treat. beef+carrot+onions with black pepper sauce~!i just had this. nice huh~
seriously after this time, no more posting using IE. CRAP.

Friday, July 20, 2007


woo~ just got my finest shower just now. its the warmest day this morning. blistering sun. shine through my window and woke me up (and its just 10 am.zzz) I'd check the temperature and it is actually 1°C-3°C. sweat.
Had taken many pics when i am yet to have internet service. Tour to my faculty far from my hostel, new building, factory facade, interior and everything. well, it used to be a factory a year before and now its my school.
the building itself. i dunno whether information and details can be found online or not, but i was told that this building had won quite a number of awards including design, most sustainable building and dunno what else. and it cost 6mil. more expensive than Michael Owen. it was 8mil but had budget constraint of 6mil, so they had to remove stuff include the wall for the studios on ground floor. resulting a very weak sound insulation throughout the whole "factory" i had class in studio. hardly hear what the tutor and lecturer is talking. furthermore during the rain, you will suspect yourself a deaf. some projects and models done by previous students found in studio on the third floor. As far as i know, there are 5 studios for different level of students. 4 tutor rooms and 2 lecture halls. (information unconfirmed) a view of Tamar river from one of the studio's window. feel like going out there under the shelter and hanging out on the bridge? well go on if you want your ribs freeze out.
unlimited source of timber. haha. yea~ for making model and stuff. one small part of this building is use for research in timber thingy. UTAS and one Uni of Fine Furniture (information unsure) are researching the timber (quite abundant here) and thus creating lots and lotsa timber boards.
90% of this building are built from timber. everything everywhere is timber boards. And this customized piece of wall beside the staircase are widely produced and fixed throughout the building, as wall, ceiling, and some decorative purpose. Nice~ besides, every partitions and interior walls are made of timber board without further finishing. summary: interior = timber, exterior = steel. so you can actually see the flaw at the joints, code and labels on the boards are remained. well, it actually created a quite unique condition(for me).
2 computer labs with 100% Mac. So far for me i still prefer pc. All just because Mac doesn't have right-click (in my own dictionary). Download stuff here is fun because the speed can start from 2mb/s and drop to 300+kb/s. woot~ kickass speed.
oh ya.. there is 1 ping pong table and (do we call that) ping-pang-pie or table tennis racket. when you get bored in the lecture hall, feel free to play ping pong with some friends here. High five~
there is 1 lounge and some discussion spaces too. besides, shower rooms are provided because students overnight at the school is expected. fridge and ASM also provided.
Its kinda nice building but the sound insulation and (*new 1) smell insulation are bad. I dunno whether is there a cafe or kitchen around ( i cant see any) but during lunch time, i can smell delicious food, bought by other students from outside. its like you cant see them eating but you can smell them.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Alright homies, welcome to my crib!

ma bed. White bed set. such pure and angelic. unlike ma face.
sink, window with colorful canvas, the office chair with jacket on it, heater, desk.
(some glowy stuff in the dustbin.. bling* bling* yeah~)

long desk with my stuffs on it.
yup. wardrobe on the far right. and its half open.
view from my window. ahh~~ kids playing soccer.
the kitchen. we have all kinds of utensils. all u need and some u dont really need.
one of the 3 fridges. (ya. tiga biji)
the tv with all boring Tassie channel. DVD player under it.
that's all you can get, now get out from my room.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Sydney > Launceston
-8th July 2007-

Sydney.. After going through some luggage scan and stuff, I asked an officer about the domestic transit. Then I follow what he told me and gone to Qantas domestic transit. Queue there for like 20 minutes and more. Ahh~ finally it was my turn.. I showed him the ticket and he told me I was at he wrong place… omg… wtf… so shameful la…. He told me roughly where should I go which I don’t really know what he is talking about. He’d written some notes for me which I thought it would be enough for me to go to the right place. Then I walked back out to Sydney airport… compare to KLIA Sydney airport are just too small… tiny. I was still lost in the airport. Its not that its big till I got lost, its tiny as I said, its because I have no idea where should I go to…zzz…I asked some people in the information counter, and got really good information. Alright, I actually still dunno how to interpret my flight ticket. I dunno why they print the word Qantas near the bottom of the ticket which draw me to focus on Qantas airlines. Bloody. I actually need to go out from the airport, took a 5aud bus ride to another domestic terminal, named jet star.
There goes my bloody 5aud. It was 10 am and It was too early for me to check in. therefore I spent 1hour ++ there, sitting at the railing doing nothing. Yeah~ before that, when I just reached, I go to Qantas service lane. Queued there, they told me that my ticket was issued by jet star and I have to go to the other counter to check in. then only I know I have to wait till 11.30pm to check in to Launceston. Bloody shameful la…noob ass Caucasian dunno how to interpret the bloody ticket. What a shame. After check in, I don’t dare to go in yet cuz the person who checked me in said something like I cant dunno what what what (sorry la.. Tarak ingat liao) untill its 12.20pm. But then, I go observed. I saw people actually went in, so I ikut saja lah… go queue with my trolley… I already felt weird cuz nobody else is pushing a trolley except myself. After few more steps 1 guy came and ask me to put away the trolley…walao… another what-a-shame case. OMG. During the baggage scan, (this 1 was the strictest among all the scans I went through) they actually asked us to take out our laptop from the bag to get scan separately. My laptop bag kena. Zzz… they found a pair scissor in my laptop bag. (terrorist~!@#) which I don’t remember putting it inside until it was shown to me. Swt. There goes my scissor… went down to the shopping area and gates. Ignore the shopping and I walked straight to my gate. I remember clearly it was gate 57, and I cant see my flight to Launceston on the screen. Stated that I have to shown the boarding pass no later than 1220pm. Looked at the time, it was 1218pm already. Shocky~ I was getting nervous… I dunno what to do… T.T the word Qantas was all over the place… even in gate 57... Qantas haunt me~~ once again I have to shamefully go to Qantas desk behind gate 57 to ask them to confirm my boarding pass… sigh… they just told me to look at the screen, which doesn’t help much. Suddenly, dunnoy why I walked pass gate57 screen and I saw the bloody Launceston… haha… damn~ but I am still unsure whether I miss it previously so many times or it just pop up.
Now lets talk about this jet star. They don’t have the bridge thing to link us directly into the plane. The plane is smaller and its known as air bus. It was raining mildly, I followed the crowd in a queue, walked outside and took a staircase into the jet, like what we saw in tv and movies. Shocking is the walking path is super narrow. I had to put my hand luggage above some other seats, and forced myself back to my seat. Oh how unbearable. The seats were so packed and crammed. I can hardly move my legs. Another window seat for me but I don’t care. I slept even before it took off, woke up only when it was landing. Peaceful journey. There was a Chinese guy to pick me up as well as a girl from US and A. The air was cool and freezing, just like what its like when I was in Sydney. The Chinese guy is actually my senior doing architecture, he is from Singapore. He drove me to get an optus sim card and 9bucks double pack pillow. I actually stuck them 2 into 1 pillow case. They were too soft to be called pillow. He brought me to McD and I had my lunch-dinner there. Then it was getting dark and I settled into my room. It was freezing out there. I dare you to go stand outside for 5 minutes wearing singlet and short pants. Yeah limys I am talking to you~!! Cheers~

1. view from top -- sydneY~
2. 5 aud bus inter-terminal
3. tiny jet no star
4. road trip towards Launceston... see the signboard?

The Departure
-7th July 2007-

Around 8.30pm I reached KLIA, with the company of my dad, mom, my younger bro, my old-aunt and my cousin. Right after the door opens, I met Hee, ys and cs. 10 secs later, I met Johnny , st and kent. All of them promised to send me off to Aus. Hanging around with them while waiting for the long queue to check in. Took some pictures and having some yi yi bu she time. I was having problems during my check-in, the officer said they have to arrange the seat for me, aka the seats were full. My dad was so nervous, keep on giving pressure to the person in charge. In the end, I was given a Golden Club Class instead of economy class. Cool~~ sadly it was not business class, just a 1st class. Avice: check in as late as possible the next time you board a plane.
After hugging and waving goodbye, my lonesome journey begins. I stepped out from the lift, pulling 2 baggage, heading towards places I’ve never been. It would be the 1st time for me to be at the terminal. Those procedures and stuff were all new to me. I was kinda nervous not knowing what to do. But for the sake of my image, I act cool and calm all the time, while at the same time observing carefully what others are doing so that I can somehow follow what they did. I noticed that the main terminal building was very big, with a forest in the middle of the terminal. Haha… finally I saw it… I did a research about KLIA last year in my final and now I got the chance to see it myself. Great~ Directly I board the transit train and walked some distance to my gate. It was a long queue at the waiting room. I queued like what others were doing, for like 10 minutes and realized I was heading to Rotterdam. Rupa-rupanya Sydney lane kat sebelah…zzz
In the plane… woohoo… I got first class seat… muahhaa… some more its beside window… syokz.. Took some pictures… now I feel kinda exciting going to Sydney. Sincerely before that, I feel nothing… lolz… I have no feel even I am going to fly to somewhere else in the next 24 hours. I was sitting there, trying to figure out how to get those tv and stuff to work. Can’t do it too obviously cause face problem. If people found out that I was this noob then where should I place my face? The seat was spacious. Not long later, the stewardess pushed in a trolley with satays. I was called mr. Liu through out the whole journey… macam adult liao… haha… I ate quite a lot of chicken satays… damn. They were even better than satay zul. I ordered apple juice as told by johnny it’s the best juice on plane. Not long later, she show me the menu and I ordered my dinner. Then she brought some breads, I chose the garlic bread cuz I dunno what’s the name for the rest… zzz.. After that, she brought us one kind of western spaghetti with prawns which is cold and tasteless. That was suppose to be the appetizer but I was already filled with satays. After that, my beef steak was served. Steak is best serve with -- wine~ I ordered red wine. French one. Nice. But I was too full to describe how the steak taste like. After the main dish was the dessert. Nice. I watch a lame honking movie before I slept. For like 2 hours, the stewardess woke me up for the continental breakfast. C’mon~ it was 4 in the morning.. Who eat breakfast at this time? Furthermore I am still full la… I chose a bread and a muffin. I ate the bread and toss the muffin back after 2 bites. Disgusting muffin full of raisins and some dunno what. Johnny! Itu muffin tarak sedap la… drink 2 glass of strawberry health drink, sort of like yogurt drink. Then I was too full I even neglected the yummy yogurt… sigh… not long later, we reached Sydney. It was 8 am in Australia time. I realized that the purpose of the stewardess waking us up is to suit the Australia time zone. To help us to fit ourselves to it. Another long queue at the custom. Which typical of myself, following what others are doing. Grab my baggage at the collection area, got my passport checked by 2 officers. Tot I am a terrorist? Lolz.

some pictures... ahh~~