Monday, September 24, 2007

mid-autumn festival

i have a plan on how to celebrate this coming festival. firstly, since nowdays i am so into chocolates, i bought bunch of them as a replacement for mooncakes. and i just bought 2 bottle of Jim Beam to serve myself along with these chocs. i am going to sit under the moon and drink to youth. well maybe along with some friends as well... or maybe i have to download a moon wallpaper to put it on my desktop. pathetic.

>Melbourne to KLIA on 21th Jan.
>KLIA to Melbourne on 22th Feb. (updated 26/9)

continue on the mooncake fest.. or whatever you call it. Yesterday night, I went to my friend's room for a gathering? or simple sit-down-have-a-drink-and-chat session... there i met some koreans, thai, singaporeans and malaysians. we just sit there in 1 small room and chat whatever thing la... then later that night i slept in 1 of the korean's room, who is currently in korea, but somehow left his key for my friend. took some photos with the bunch. might get it to edit this post again.. soon..

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


unpleasant day. starting in the morning, when i was about to board the bus, i realized that i left the ticket in my room. suck. paid extra RM6 for a 1 way trip. Was half asleep during lecture, time wasting during tutorial because there are only 2 tutors to go around, talk to individuals or small groups of people about the design and giving feedback... consumed lots of time~!!! ( i was in a rush because i still got some minor editions to do in the submission later on today.)

finally after signing the sheet of mine, i went and had my lunch, bought milk and chocs ( so into chocs now..) its around 2.00pm (and it took me another RM8for the ticket..) and the submission due is at 4pm. i rushed home, shitted, do those stupid references and captions of my presentation submission in powerpoint, but to astray is that i cant manage to take a bus to school now, or else i will be late for the submission. and so i called a cab, and i paid RM30 1 way trip to my school. (sakit hati) just imagine how much i've spent on travelling just today. its like RM50. In malaysia can rent a car for how long ar? (actually i can dont give a F and handed up my ppt without those bibliography and stuff...but its illegal)

::i need a car:: i need a car::::i need a car:: i need a car::::i need a car:: i need a car::i need a car::

Monday, September 10, 2007

fear test? XD

you get 30 or more you are paranoid

If you get 30 or less you are fearless

I fear...

[ ] The dark
[x] Staying single forever
[ ] Being a parent
[ ] Giving birth
[ ] Being myself in front of others
[ ] Open spaces
[ ] Closed spaces
[x] Heights
[ ] Cats
[ ] Dogs
[ ] Birds
[ ] Fish
[x] Spiders
[ ] Driving or being in cars
[ ] Flying
[ ] Flowers or other plants
[ ] Being touched (molest atau gam dong??)
[x] Fire
[x] Deep water
[x] The ocean
[x] Failure
[ ] Success
[x] Thunder/lightning
[ ] Frogs/toads
[ ] My boyfriend/girlfriends dad
[ ] My boyfriend/girlfriends mom
[ ] Mice/rats
[x] Jumping from high places
[ ] Snow
[ ] Rain
[ ] Wind
[ ] Crossing hanging bridges
[x] Death
[ ] Heaven
[x] Being robbed
[ ] Cotton balls
[x] Cemeteries
[ ] Clowns
[x] Large crowds
[ ] Men
[ ] Woman
[x] Having great responsibility
[ ] Doctors including dentists
[ ] Tornadoes
[ ] Hurricanes
[x] Diseases
[x] Snakes
[x] Sharks
[ ] Friday the thirteenth
[x] Ghosts (!!!)
[x] Poverty
[ ] Halloween
[ ] School
[ ] Trains/or railroads
[ ] Odd numbers
[ ] Even numbers
[] Being alone at night
[x] Being blind
[x] Being deaf
[ ] Growing up
[ ] Monsters under the bed
[x] Noise in the night
[x] Bee stings
[ ] Not accomplishing my dream/goal
[ ] Needle
[ ] Blood
[x] Exam
[ ] The welcome mat
[ ] Feet
[x] Having your heart broken
[x] Being rejected
[ ] Whales
[ ] Ur mom
[ ] Ur dad
[x] Rapists
[x] Strangers
[x] (i add this) approaching girls/boys

.: i got this from friendster bulletin.. and with nothing else better to do i TAG xyn, limys, cc, kyan, bensen, weikee, xuan, aili :.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

MSA night

here you go... alot of pictures... but not all... still have some photos with some strangers.. dunno how to get them.. depends..

the event was 4 days ago... my memory of it has been blurred by the fallen life i live on during this holiday. it was saturday night, the dinner is about some merdeka thing organised for all malaysian and also non malaysian. the food sucks. not all but the white rice... like eating salt in stead of rice. the mee, taste like plastic... frankly, it was quite boring... aih.. but the fun starts only after the dinner... when the dinner ends, typically all of us are busy taking photos and stuff. and we all take on the dance floor with music playing.. something like small disco, in the hall. untill around 12 or so, ALL of us (us here include people whose name are still unknown to me) went to Lonnies( its a club) and we dance till 4am.. exhausted.
Club perspective : i think ang moh cant dance. i mean most of them at that place at that time cant really dance. or their dance suck. but maybe there will be an award for best costumes, i saw alot of cosplay. haha.. got nurse, sailors, police girl... never pay much attention to them though. nothing much, i keep on dancing, occasionally, people were drinking on the dance floor, so found some slippery spot and can shuffle abit... haha.. Tooheys really bo lat la... xyn if u see this... and Boags is better than Tooheys. ~!~
oh ya.. one thing that bugs me for 2 minutes, got 2 of my friends, both of them are cousin (tong heng dai) the older 1 got the most pretty (so far i saw in Launceston) girl friend, the younger 1 drives Honda Integra. both oso so rich. family so rich. many rich malaysian ar~ all of them are from either Sabah or Sarawak.