Sunday, November 06, 2005

Genting Trip

While my fellow kuantan frends are enjoying their gathering dinner, without me, which they use to do that, I was enjoying myself on first world. Well I never play an important role among them. 14 ppl wit 12 from the same course, went genting highland on the 29th Oct. which planned on the 28th, wit 5 minutes of lrt ride, +-30 minutes of bus traveling, and another 30 with the most dangerous ride of cable car to the peak of genting. Holy shit it was so terrifying!! The rooms are small with unlock able toilet doors. Suck man. Snow war in the snow world, in those shit-smelled jackets, doing crazy stuff n getting my ears hurting like hell… went to the park at night n heard weird things which goes like zis: “jangan! Sakit~~ ahh..” we try to look into the bushes n saw some moving shadow there.. erhem.. but to make it spooky, one of the gal which is said to have seen those stuff after an weird encounter wit a black cat.. she said she wasn’t looking at the same direction others are n saw u-know-wat… watch Koma 2 after that, which really suck. But she was closing her eyes.. not sure whether its in the movie or those at the front seat which scare her.. later, 2 of my frends went to the same park again n saw a couple doing some exercise which cause their Civic bouncing .. look properly… they just eating McD la.. wat u thinking? Haha..

Sunday 23rd

Sunny Sunday feeling bored, listen to my favorite rock, suddenly pop up a thought, decide to go and have a walk. Found that I just have RM9, not enuff even for a dine, so then I made up my mind, infront of ATM I queue in a line. With the money in my hand, its time for me to get it spent, KLCC the place to went, shopping alone with no friend. Out of no where feeling high, a movie ticket then I buy, sit beside chics tot I might, only to realize that it’s a guy.. Back to BRJ having dinner, saw Gattuso score the equaliser, go back home with foot I travel, finished up my homework by writing some stupid letters.