Friday, March 23, 2007

Events +10

basically this is a lame post bout events. events that i happend to attend. events which i had to attend.
and just ignore the +10, i just want to make it sounds like Jose. (the spanish kido in adidas ad. Jose+10) ok... look, i really wants to blog about my life, or part of it, i had been generating lines of stories even when i was walking in KLCC and the balconies. everytime there is something special or something unusual or something too usual than usual i will somehow think of lines to be use in my next post... so here it goes...

about 1 week ago i suppose, friday, i submitted an assignment which i personally under rare condition feels good about it. then me and my 2 girls went timesquare. going to get my outfit for the upcoming dinner. watched 300 with'em, walking around like mad man, taken many wrong steps into shops that i dont suppose to get in, sheding tears after reading the price tags and so on... was planning to get a pair of leather and a suit, plan changed and i just grabed a $139.90 SnK cot for $98. (ys: the cot can turn and wear inside out de leh.. muahaha) shopping spree ended. i kinda enjoy walking around with people i feel comfortable for being with, or maybe more than just that... there shuold be some hidden factors behind the stone. like a piece of magnet inside a motor or etc. we actually lepak till erhem... 9pm plus and we took my favourite-for-some-reason bus home. eat, and reached home at 12am plus.

after some hours, saturday, went KLCC education fair. full of stp n spm students... we are regarded as matured students... damn.. so old... walk around, enquired about, doing stuff most people do there. found an interesting course : ah hee.. u will like this : Diploma in Footbal Studies.. roflolmao...omg... haha... the brochure.. i even got it... the subject, i dunno how to describe it... nothing much to do in education fair... we went to the other hall, check in in the counter and got a super de nice de panasonic bag... woot~ its a showroom showing those high end panasonic products: super geng chao vid cam, a shuri-ken (4 spinning plasma tv), some dunno wat name de sensory projector, a super large mini cinema with 3 projectors projecting different part of the clip, a mini theater, FHD vs SD, blue-dunno-wat dvd and so on... very de beutiful. and the best thing is: i stole 2 very de beutiful de file from the counter~!! ya ya.. give it up for cheeeeeekaaaang~!! after the experience, went to a friend hous, play or train guitar for the next day performance, but sadly and happily my part was canceled due to some technical problem or whatever blah...

sunday. prepared to go to the dinner thingy, a friend pick me up. ermm... i fail to do anything to my hair. or precisely i cant do anything to it.. to long... too hard to wax or gel and even spray... i actually spent 30mins on it and the results is nothing different to 30mins earlier... vistana hotel, t-shirt jeans sneakers n cot. foods are okay, ate not much though. snaping pictures with my favourites, doing stuff normal people normally do. games session, won a grand hamper in 'answer the question and pump thier balls' session... learned many ingenius IQ questions... and many guai lan and funny 1... i answer the last question which leads to the bursting of the ballons of the remaining 2 competing tables. clearly i remembered the question is: which of the following english suage is corret? 1. the york of an egg IS white, 2. the york of an egg ARE white... stragely i was the only 1 raising hand and giving the correct answer~ proud sia~! 1 more time~! yo yo~ give it up for cheeeekaaaang~!@.@ the york of an egg is yellow la... zzz... the next game is 'gor zai gu gu gu gor zai' they mix 3-4 songs together and let us guess what song is included and who is the singe... i suck up in this... but lost just a scratch to the 2nd table... aih... then the lucky draw.... have to pluck a ballon to get a scroll with golden strings then choose those envelope to get the prizes... not all people ahve the chance... i got a dunn owat use de scent candle... lucky people get good item and luckless people get a 'pat -kao-yan' gaming session done. photo session again... then yamcha session... then go home session...


Saturday, March 10, 2007

Half drown, partly dead.

*edited 11th Mac v 0.02*
*edited 10th Mac v 0.01*

10th of mac. 1 week into the final semester. everything remains the same. perhaps something that requires a change or two didn't turn out to be so; or mayber the turnover rate is too pacey or too slow i can't follow, or i just failed to detect any changes, or those changes are being hidden away from me, manually or automaticly.

sometimes i dunno wat to do. wat to think. wat to feel. wat to say. how to say or of what expressions is needed to do what. like lim99 said, he is dead man waling, tired but dun feels like sleeping, awaken but dun feels like waking. to me, i feel tired, but my mind refuse a rest although my body wants to.. suffering.. from what i not sure.. the reason might not exist, perhaps my mind is making inferences and conclusions of what my eyes transmitted to my brain.. creating this kinda feeling i am going thru right now. NOW. what influences now is what happened before... bare with me... what u are going to experience is base on a true story. no further exaggerating editions is included..

flashback to 24 hours ago....

right now. i am at ruums. 7 of us, consists of 3 girls. i remember quite well last time tha place was channel... 1st time experience. not much to talk about for that is not the point for the reason. dance around and stuff. shuffle around, drunken mode. we actually saw two guys trying to ******* (for i dunno what word to use) obviously the girl is not pretty, but she was somehow drugged.. by those guys ... 2 guys, forcing and doing what they should not do to the girl, and the girl, powerlessly, try to escape as we all know she cant. details i will cut short. u know? 4 hands on where else of the body? alas~ dunno why and dunno how the girl get in to the toilet, well, thats wat my friends said she manage to escape to te toilet. for what i observe is: the girl, held by 2 man, ehading to toilet. which for instance i tot she is gg. then after 30mins or so, the guy came back, then some of us went to the toilet, for what i saw is the girl was held by 2 working person to dunno where. she was fainted or so in the toilet? well, this is not the purpose for this flash back as well. move on, road block, yam cha, bath sleep... tired, drunk, blur, hot, red... i fell asleep quite fast...

here comes.. i had a dream.. i dunno whether is a dream or alot of dreams and i can only manage to remeber 1 of them. damn. do i have to say this? think~ flashback~ part of it... a set up.. like a town.. with buildings along the road.. quite modern building.. not many cars.. reasonable amount of people walking around... oh ya~ it was raining... medium heavy. i dunno how these link together... i remember i was inside a big house, playing games according to rules, i know when to do what and should do what after what. then i happens to be outside, no, its i wanted to be outside, where people around me are strangers, no rules, no binding, no tie. doesn't need to care about many things. as if the burden is off, the pressure that has been stressing me is gone. in the rain, i am chasing towards a girl, which i know in real,and in real i know even more that things can happen and happpened to be right or wrong, yes or no, can or not. and that things need perfect timing. back to the raining town-street set up... we talked, for a while, perhaps more than just talking, arguing, asking questions, enquiries that i so wanting to know, hoping what i wanted it to turn out to be, but not. getting the answer from her, i know were all merely my own explainations towards the questions,which were and are somehow being categorised into 2... interpreted by my mind, explained thru my dream. thru a conversation that hardly take place in real life. i am chasing after what i am not suppose to have, even after i catch up with it, still, it will slipped away. voluntary. by the rules, it has to be so. like chowyunfatt towards jaychou: u can only take what i give u, and what i do not offer, u cant steal it, its not destined to be urs. chasing shadow... going after what might be mine but not and will not be. the problem is it the timing? no. twas me. i faced a problem created by myself from myself.

wake up~ you have what you got, you got what u deserved. stop dreaming and move on. grow up. forget what you should not be remembering.

awaken from the long dream. told that the class 10 am canceled. sleep on. dream off.
2pm. played PES till 4, go eat, sent ST half way to the train station. walked back. continue PES, as well as continue cursing vulgarly towards the game. **** got an sms by XR, wanna go cc, asking me for company. suddenly, yet, the timing, so eventually. she walked here. 8pm. eat and play a package in tbun. throughout the whole process, we do not talk much, perhaps our conversation might just fit 1 page of fullscape paper. was not like it used to be, we have not much... noting much to say. at time like this. the range of speech is somehow decreased. crossing a narrow bridge, making a wrong step can fall. decision making, a set of rules to be follow, naturally or not. myself have nothing much of story to tell, perhaps most have been told. herself? well you need a key to a lock, a specified 1, and furthermore i am nobody nor a locksmith. no chance. no choice.

came back, posting this shit. done.

Friday, March 02, 2007

random update

going back to kl tomorrow. 2 pm bus. 70% packed .

past 2 days, went for dental clinic for check-up. done some filling. dunno i was undergoing it until i see it in the mirror, and told by my mum.. 2 teeth kena this white color so called "cement" filling.. yeah~ no food left-over will stuck in between my teeth anymore~

ermm... got a new girl friend in maple story.. haha... pick her up with the line: "phewt~~" LOLX
well, 1 never meet her in game after that.. hehe... well, stuff happens after u see the friendster.. haha.. u guess it...

i can maybank online now~! woohoo..~~ yeah~ i just know that southern bank is now CIMB.. swt... however.. i closed my CIMB account lately and transfer all to maybank~ kawanku~ konon~ got my P license upgraded.. to normal license~ haha.. finally... been driving with overdue license in non P sticker vehicle for 1-2 months?

got my boot today~! yeah~ when and how to try it out? the answer is "?????"
saw a super nice. i mean caught my first sight, get me high, so wanting-and-eagerly-to-put 'em on-shoe online, and found it in nike store~! haha... yew lun, need your help again soon.. haha...