Friday, March 02, 2007

random update

going back to kl tomorrow. 2 pm bus. 70% packed .

past 2 days, went for dental clinic for check-up. done some filling. dunno i was undergoing it until i see it in the mirror, and told by my mum.. 2 teeth kena this white color so called "cement" filling.. yeah~ no food left-over will stuck in between my teeth anymore~

ermm... got a new girl friend in maple story.. haha... pick her up with the line: "phewt~~" LOLX
well, 1 never meet her in game after that.. hehe... well, stuff happens after u see the friendster.. haha.. u guess it...

i can maybank online now~! woohoo..~~ yeah~ i just know that southern bank is now CIMB.. swt... however.. i closed my CIMB account lately and transfer all to maybank~ kawanku~ konon~ got my P license upgraded.. to normal license~ haha.. finally... been driving with overdue license in non P sticker vehicle for 1-2 months?

got my boot today~! yeah~ when and how to try it out? the answer is "?????"
saw a super nice. i mean caught my first sight, get me high, so wanting-and-eagerly-to-put 'em on-shoe online, and found it in nike store~! haha... yew lun, need your help again soon.. haha...

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