Thursday, April 26, 2007

Plan B

no. its not that i will be going after B. the masterplan. yesh. i have 1 in mind. soon, will be revealed. i am tired. times up soon. god has a plan for all of us, but now, i have 1 for myself. u can say its the only way for me to excape from everything. tonight, no bedtime for me. no bed. no time.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


err.. just now wasnt going kfc though... was going McD. study a lil bit there... damn.. what am i suppose to post here? beside ultraman...

ok ultraman... i watched ultraman just now infront of speedy video. its ultraman manphius(?? spelling ikut pronounciation nia) damnit it was so damn nice... althoug it is in malay.. and sound pretty noob and the main point~ yeah~ there was this ultraman manphius de human guy, sort of dying or injured i dunno why, then got 1 monster go change into his ultraman form, so people tot the fake ultraman is real 1...but the faker start to destroy everything. then this weak real ultraman-in-human form suddenly turn into ultraman and save a train. then they fight, the real 1 win of course, but it was a trap~! the real ultraman oledy have his light blinking, pop out 2 more raksasa, capture the weak-ultraman with ease, frost bite him up in the sky in a cross shape ice cube. now here is the interesting part, got 4 old punks, when i listen carefully, they were ultramEn~!! @o@ so they decided to turn into ultramen for the last time to save this new ultraman's ass. so they go fight fight, got the will but lack of energy or so , they start blinking oso, there are 2 raksasa only, but the old-men are having hardtime dealing with them. finally this 1 kid (unknown character small boy but the camera keep on shooting him) shout something inaudible to me then these oldtramen all use combo tapao the raksasa.. well they look as they won, then they release the memphius ultraman, but the 2 raksasa come to life again, captured the 4 oldtramen, oh~ the main purpose is to use the new ultraman as bait to get to these 4 punks. then they were trapt in the sky in ice cube stuff also. the raksasa team then use their power to unleash dunno what to release dunno what (inaudible though) they killed the new ultraman. then the town under red alert, every1 running, buildings explode without reason and so the classic stuff la... then they off the video. ZzZzZ... here are some pictures of the movie.. and some guidelines on what ultraman appeared.

-- the middle ultraman is the memphius.. got 2 line on the forehead.. quite yengzai... the big head SAW punk is the 1 transformed into the fake ultraman. the 2 are 2 of the 4 oldtraman.

the family photo

the circlesindicated the starring ultraman.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


there was time i go read all wei kee's past archive... ahh~ reminds me of many things... like if u read back what u'd read before.... u get something out of it... like joe cole said, he get a lil bit of soul frm the players he nutmeged... means when he dribble or dummy u, he suck ur soul~ ! scary cole...zzz... k k ... now i m going to re-read my 2005 post... c whats been happening .. to me... some post reminds me of something, some posts, make me feel like it was just yesterday...

realised i've stop blogging for 3 months + in the beginning of 2006... whats wrong with me back then? haha... touched by wei kee and xyn.. after i revived my blog.. long sleeping blog.. they left comment~!! woot~ nice 1 mates~

thats it... the 2 gals awaken... time to go kfc... (2 gals sleepign on my bed? shhh..) this is a pointless blog though... trying to catch up the update speed of limys.... just kidding... oh ya btw... i will be gattending an interiew... becoming a 1.2k salary technical draftman? for 6mths orso.. till i can go further studies... hope it turn out good... cuz u know... many of my course mates are there.. in cluding the not so friendly and supper backside attker... hope he made another choice to go for his music course ler... haha.. am i so evil?

Monday, April 23, 2007

so long

long as in i long time no post... kk ... damnit.. just end a sohai game, their team lose liao all play bd.. mahai... bd all our towers n rax... sohai gondar n am... not to mention they all feeding ... cb... so fking piss now... ~!@~#~@#

well the event is i've done the assignment.. torchering lah..~~ and then the next day.. went newway, bowling movie till nite.. eyah~ wholly enjoy day... with my gang lor... the 6 of us.. never change... bowling is fun leh~ damn~ i think its the 3rd time i do bowling... and i freakiing hurt my hand... argh.. nvm... but still fun.... haha... so at least another entertainment for me when i'm in kuanta. haha.. now who's with me? sing k.. finally i remember to 'sing four faces of love song' ~!! woot~ the old song frm an old and nice tv drama.. its not tvb de... but got crossover... yaya.. u bunch of punks shuld know wat i'm talkign bout... movie is 'the number 23' hoho... was so sleepy tat day.. but the movie is kidna nice.. at least kept me awake... thinking n figuring the twist and turn of the plot... zzz... a well written story... nice acting.. good visual effect... good show mate~ but dont worth a high rating.. wathc and u will know...

is it what i m gonna post? ermm.. i not sure though... swt... well i never mention before... god damnit wehn i shop for materials for all those assignments during this final sem, i came across types of color pencils, drawing pencils, markers, water color, and many many types of unknow color material... swt... trust me when i say a box of color pencil cost bout rm800++ a piece of drawing paper, a1 size, cost rm60++ once pice of shit~ drawing brush... satu batang rm20++ markers.. haha... cheapest... rm5 per batang, and we need lotsa lotsa batangSS.. and those other coloring material.. to be use on cloth, glass n so on... arent cheap too... darn~ being an artist is hardway... ur father have to be super rich, then u can go be an artist, to earn i dunno how much... uncertain ammount? swt... who dare take the risk nowdays..? i tot only michelangelo and his mates do so...

oh ya... dat day i went interview for a pc fair job.. sit there.. with bucnh of unknow lenglui... diuz... 1 ofthem is ayumi hamasai. yes. she is there... for u guys who went pc fair... ermm the booth with all tarcian and fking crazy sexy lenglui is it.. the company that go my col find lenglui to work... haha... am i alenglui? no. so i did not get it. oh ya.. a gal actually 1 head taller than me.. zzz..

have to start study lor.. exam next monday... haih.. after that dunno how... mom said will come to my col on tat particular day, wan talk to head of department... then bring me take all stuff to my aunts place.. then to ktn... so will be in ktn on 3rd... then back to kl again... on 8th.. or maybe i wan to sleep at ys place? for 5 days? so i dun need to go ktn n back here again? my life currently is full of question marks...

Friday, April 20, 2007


yes. done my assignment finally.... relief? strangely i dont feel any. i dunno why. maybe the end of this asignment leads to the coming of the only paper of this sem. and as well as leading towards the end of my life here in kl. this is the last day of my course week. a normal day. presenting my design, model, drawings and stuff today. was wrokign more than 19 hrs the day before. sleepless. torchering. suffering. and the presentation.. frankly i dont like what i present. perhaps i dunno what am i talking in front of the teacher there. twas an wholey unprepared 1. hentam all the way to the end. damnit. just feels like i miss out many points and never goes deep into it.

so. i had blog for 2 years and more. hah. including when i just arrived here in kl, pindah pindah a few times, and many events, meet people, get friends, developed enemies, conjured fire, express love, till now the end of my kl life. the end of many something else. think back on what happened in this 2 years. ahh... speechless. words cant described... to much emotion and feelign combined.

besides the exam, on 30th, and its super rushing cause i have to pass this house back to the pwner on the 1st of may. 10 days frm now. settling the line n streamyx thing. can i just dont give a damn bout it cuz i defintely not able to terminate it now. have not reach the due time stated in contract. and if i have to pay to terminate, plus cant get back my deposit, i rather dun fuck it till it automatically cut the line... should i not do so? i dunno. and to move back all my belongings back to kuantan. i wonder whn will i havetime to do so.. exam... stuffs.... strugging. should i or not put all or nearly all of my stuff at my aunts place 1st? but who is going to fetch those stuff there? call my paresnt up or seekign help from others? the 2nd will i go genting. now.. should i stay at my aunt place for a nite? or stay at limys place instead? after genting 2 days should i or not go back to kuantan straight away? or i shall stay a few nite here enjoy the final time or do some research on my further studies?

i just trying to escape everything for few days first. last question. should i be proud or not cuz the whole final 5 weeks project is done >70% done by me alone. pathetic group. can i named it so? the politics in my course are bugging crazy. some valuable members of groups were drawn to one group, making the best products and projects of all time all the time. my group i think suffers alot in this1. 2 of them have to resit many papers, have to lighten their jobs, my gf done mostly the whle model, with the help of the other members, and myself, and the other jobs all by myself. i really dun wan to do it all by myself. but helpless. who can i cry out to? God. Amen.

Friday, April 13, 2007

fed up

damn it... when i on my pc this morning, it says fail to detect my harddisk.. nvm.. not the first time... i m used to it... and i fix it.. again.. now thats not the main problem... the thing is after typingthe password, and in the waiting screen pops up a window... F* me hard this 1... it says that the window fails to load all my settings from what i have saved.. and stuff la... and it reminds me that nothing will be save in this profile cuz window is providing me a temporary 1.. like what u see in guest account... omg... so i lost many thing... actualyl not lost.. i manage to found them back n keep them on track... just when everything look so fineagain... the freaking harddisk fail again... i reset again the pc and everyting go back the begining.. again... omg.... so now i cant use my primary admin account d... somehow corrupt or watsoever... damn... so i created a new account... transfer what i can transfer to this account... lost some games saved fiel... i mean i kinda lost all the saved files except for the fm... shit. and my autocad files... i leftthem on desktop.. gone after the 2nd time it fails... shitX100... redo some changes.. a lil bit only la... lucky i got save in my pendrive... so now... hopefully.... my pc can supporttill the end of my course... i m so lazy to get new hardsik and do new window again.... aih... so now here is it... a fed up post .... by a fed up person using a fed up computer.... (should i get a mac laptop when i am ready to abroad to overseas?)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


the-return-to-the-blog post. another lame 1.

for this is the second day, i eat sushi with cheap pay.
with a card of previllege, we eat sushi without edge.
scallops eggs tenpura ebi, fish roe abalone and unagi.
on all sorts of sushi we feast, without a care on the price list.
we eat non-stop like a bull, untill we get really full.
johnny settle the cheap bill, and he treat me a free meal.
too much sushi for the day, i stomachache for whole day.
i eat so much cuz i'm poor, during normal rate i dont dare enter.

done bout sushi. i just ate alot. thats all. then that nite i cut my hair. short hair now. still same ugly face..then today after sushi i bought my nike~ yeah~ my second nike~ good. cost me 200+. nevermind. claim back from my brother will i do. walking around timesquare.. damn i've been there for so many many times... i been to all corners of it. but still it depends on who u go there with... ^^ ding* ding* opsy..went kfc for dinner? (5.30 nia) c'mon~ my stomach is still full with the prawns and prawns and unagi and wasabi. shit. since A and B both going, the choice is not there for me to make. i dunno wat more else to write.. write history ;like i oways do? duwan la.. next time la...