Wednesday, December 31, 2008


the end of 2008!
have to do a round up for what happened this year,
provided that i remember any of them.

this is gonna be as brief as possible.
earlier this year, January 29th was a big day.
it was when i sincerely giveaway my savings and cell phone to some strangers.
then it was a period of down and darkness.

everything was as usual in tassie,
staying with new friends and learning new things.
spent money on my wardrobe to re-identify myself.
visited melbourne in july after the first semester.

the second semester was screwed by my tutor.
final was not good.

back malaysia after attending my peers graduation,
visited kl last week,
hit a club and fell sick 2 days after.
found that klcc has changed to luxury,
and tried shogun which was not very good.

today is the last day of 2008,
and with stuff that happened around the world,
it might not seems to be a good year for everyone.


in kl for a week,
nothing special happened.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


in kuantan.


Sunday, December 14, 2008


an update about my current life.
starting from my internet-less life, my
routine is waking up late and pes09.
few nights at friend's place to kill of time with dota.
i was home alone for 3-4 days, and
with a car left to myself to use i am actually very free,
to move around and about anywhere i like.
was so peaceful despite the mundane lifestyle.

it was friday when things started to heat up, my housemate
was back in the house with 7 of his family members
and took over the whole house.
i used one night to pack all my shits and sugars
and left my room, after all it was the final day of my contract.
non-stop action of packing and the extra beds requested by my
housemate floods the house.
only this guy can describe the situation:

i left the house a nomad.
moved stuffs to my phuture house and sleep with
wow champion for 4 hours and guess what,
its their graduation the next day!

wake up at 8,
it was raining so there was no parade.
fetched a friend of mine to the ceremony,
all my friends are graduating... i was going to be left alone....
got a ticket from him to attend the meaningful boring event,
spotted a hottie sister of a senior.
i was given a sony alpha200 to snap around,
it was kinda cool having a DSLR hanging in front of my chest.
i took countless bad photos...
for some reason it was set to manual focus and i cant fking take a good picture.
sorry la i mess up the whole thing,
because i dunno how to use a camera.

before everything happened,
i got a text from my parents about my grandma,
my dad's mom.
she was unconscious and was sick, very sick.
. . . .

yesterday night was a blast!
the last night out for all the grads!
and for some reason they chose to flood a small club.
like the smallest club u can imagine.
long queue and got in.
everyone was there,
we had some shots and drinks that got us hyper in no time.
we hop to another club later,
and it was like the craziest night ever,
we dance and drink and ekoms and sguh around
slept this morning at 4,
got a text at 7
my grandma left us to another world.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


the other day out of the blue we went fishing at the same spot again.
the only difference is i caught 4 fishes.
woot x 4

flathead. very big, my first ever caught.

2nd fish is a small cod.

another flathead.

life without internet is lame.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

this thingy right here just made me rearrange my room.
because i can now play 2 speakers with my laptop.
a 4.2 speaker system?
i don't really like it..
besides from loudness it actually deteriorate the sound quality.
maybe because my previous speaker set is too noob.

ok bye.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

journalism 2

the other day, we
went for a road trip.
i was still sleeping and they rushed into my room. i
was forced to quick shower and off we gone places.

first stop was the strawberry farm.

they offer strawberry wine tasting and cheese tasting.
we get to pick our own strawberries,
i picked 4. i have no interest to get more. i just wanna move on.
for this is so gay.

next stop is the all boring mine museum.

i stole an fake apple from the museum. and it looks real.
for there is nothing interesting about the museum,
they show stuff that i dont give a damn.
so its time to move on...

the platypus house and the seahorse house.
same as the museum, its the places i've visited.
so i generously give them some fingers.
so its time to go!

the final stop...
we went to check out some penguins.

there there i thought of posing like leah dizon.
phail miserably for i have not posses a curvy body.

we went there early and the thing is not starting yet..
we did some walking by the sea and checking out them bushes where the penguins stay.
we only found kittens.
perhaps kittens and penguins are close friends.

the lost penguin.
the young lady conductor smells good.
i wasn't paying full attention when she was explaining anything.
but those penguins were absolutely cute.
especially when we saw them humping, they were more like vibrating.
it was their breeding season after all...

ok done.
how to fat?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

and it glows..again

one day my brother msn-ed me asking me about keyboard, saying he cant get one there, and he seems to like the one i am using...

Align Centerthis one
its small, compact, easy, simple, back-lit.
for him wanting it so much,
he asked me to get another one myself, and
give my current one to him...
so fair.
i notice beside both being back-lit gaming keyboard, they are both powered by razer.

comparison in size.
did not like the microsoft one, but
since its having promotion and
for being my brother's brother,
i have to go for this big and ergonomic one.
i not at all like the design of it...

its big,
and it has curves...
for me, curve is not a thing applied on everything...
work best only on cars and chics.
yes chics with curves...

the night view...
i hope its clear enough...
i placed a spoilt mouse underneath my logitech Alto stand and it vibrantly lightens up with beams of blue led.
with the lights off its a haven for my laptop.

now i have to work myself to get use to large keyboards....
and try to use them 10 programmable keys and 2 jog-dials in gaming...
will try them on dota.
i got to play bored aussie! its like blueserver/ggc
and i cant have my dinner on the same desk anymore~
the keyboard is taking up the spaces!

Monday, November 24, 2008


i know i was kinda late to say this

the bestest animation ever made.
the illustration of earth's future
the urging of the global issue
the mac system sound for wall.e solar recharge
the bold presumption of future human being
end with a touch of gentle love
or gentle touch of love
banyak bagui oh

Sunday, November 23, 2008


the other day we went to the gorge...
the 1st time this year for me.
purpose is to check out some bikini chics.
i've been planning it for a few days... and finally~

the entrance. we walked there. i was already exhausted before reaching..

heading towards the basin, its a long walk...

we stopped like every 2-3 minutes for photo taking session. (PTS)

PTS again.

and finally reached the basin.
there is a pool, and with the wrong timing, i saw only 1 bikini chic. darn. freaking 1. and she put on her clothes very soon.
will go again during summer.

PTS, note the bridge behind,
those damn youngster angmo like never seen suspended bridge before they acted like sakai.
damn these villageboys.

Align Centerthen we walked for 20minutes, taking route we never take before.
its like journey up the hill and down the hill.
the downhill was sibeh dangerous.
it was like a slope of 1:8
means if fall down, will keep rolling down for 3 minutes, then die.

and we end up eating jap buffet.
this happens 2 weeks+ ago and i cant remember well what really happened.
i knew it was the longest journey i walked under such scorching sun.

i dunno how to blog journal with pics.
so fawkward.

Friday, November 21, 2008

i tell you i seldom promote albums,
even though i know beyonce new album sound so good but still i hold back
but fiona sit's latest mandrin album did it
i tell you its fawesome.
i seldom like a song or an album after the 1st listening but
this time, she nailed it. 5 stars.
like a universe better than some other albums i found in some of my fren's blog,
especially the young young 1... (hehe no offense)

**i saw here in a club in KL 2 years ago~**

Thursday, November 20, 2008


check this out..
was trying out the fragrances the other day and saw this...
cant resist its temptation so i take the photo.
"GK one, if you like CK one, you sure will like this fragrance.."
i laughed.
they also have loop! acqua di gio, hugo boss...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


play to your STRENGTH

this apply to everything: from personal attributes to attire


i run in my house, from kitchen to my room, from my room to the toilet, etc.
i want to save time,
i want to reach a place faster.
walking is too slow,
its time wasting.
no one cares if i am running in the house,
unlike when i am outside,
where eyes are all around,
where i cant run for no reason.
and my room,
doesn't have a speed limit.
its like a sanctuary,
where everything i need is here,
where i can be alone,
where i can enjoy the music,
where i do not have to act,
where i do not have to talk,
where i do not have to wear underwear,
where i can be dead but at the same time more alive,
i need to get back to my room asap.
so i can be alone with myself.

good thing is,
i am not watching Japanese anime all day long,
i am not reading comics or manga,
i am not collecting figures,
i am not discussing BIG issues in forums,
i am not sleeping,
i am not dota-ing,
i am not msn-ing,

i ma just enjoying my own sweet time...
but the only flaw is,
in spite the fact that its actually S/S 2008,
my room stays at F/W 2008.
its so cold i can hardly breathe
its so cold i can barely move
its so cold i can redefine cold
its so cold i am drinking ice
its so cold i do not know what is hot
its so cold my poo is snow
its so cold i feel so old

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

bliss 1

this is self perception in interpreting bliss.
through my journey of life.
gotta record down for future references.

when one's hold his pee for such a long time that its coming out and at this very moment you found a toilet, you'll be bliss out.

Friday, November 07, 2008

to do list

my plan....
i will try to follow.

- buff up myself
- brush up my guitar skill
- eat up!
- tidy up!
- use up the leftover gym attendance card

and that is all...
...for now

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

for the 1st time....

i felt so discourage to do this assignment.
lack in mood
lack in motivation
overwhelmed in pes2009

i was late for a day...
5% off what i can get out of 40%

announcement: i officially hate peter eisenman.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008




Tuesday, October 28, 2008

i hate this part

of my course... the ending part.
i done my final project.
i seriously hate it.
fuck fuck fuck
1,000,000 kcuf
how am i gonna present it tomorrow?
to tell people how much i hate it?

Sunday, October 26, 2008


now what?
sick at the finals-eve?
i do not know what to do....

Saturday, October 18, 2008


fyi, there is this new animated series call wolverine and the xmen.
its still coming out weekly.

i still remember when i was young, i used to sit down in front of the tv with my brother every sunday morning to watch xmen.
in fact, our first computer game is xmen: children of the atom, 2D fighting game when a piece of CD cost rm15 back in the days...

i was so young i dont really understand the series well...
and by watching the latest, ugly animated it triggers my interest to go back and re-understand it,
and also because the world of marvel heroes is fun to explore...
and so i downloaded the 1992 series,
with the intro theme that sounds like this:
"deng-deng dend-deng deng deng..deng ..."
jean, gambit and storm are missing but who cares since rogue is here.. =)

i finished the 1st season in 2 days,
which again i am suppose to do my freaking work instead.
i now know what is going on,
but still...
there are alot of conflict in the series with the other series...
there are too many versions and 'world' in them...
i cant figure out how they relateto each other.. yet... damn...

bad drea x good dream

last night,
or this morning i cant remember well,
i had this weird dream.

i found that my guitar body is cracked, there is a hole at one corner, must have caused by knocking.
i was so helpless, i did not know what to do then i ran to my mum to seek for comfort...
sad case.

the next moment,
i was with some of my friends which i do not know who for i did not see their faces.
we were at this sort of resort island,
and a girl in my hometown which is not close to me at all but at the same time we did somehow was real close in real life...
complexity, its not what you think it is...
and i saw her topless in my dream,
ambiguity is i did not know whether she went topless or its just merely my imagination,
but why her?
i did not know.
the one you are thinking is not the one i am referring,
and stop trying you will never get it.

ok the new altec lansing is rocking my room whole day..
and that is one of the reason why my leah dizon keep on dropping from the wall...

got to make a run to the toilet,
shit is rushing out from my asshole and i do not want to shit my pants or let it leaks onto the floor and got vibrated by the bass and shoot it all over my bed and send the stinks floating in the air which lure the visits of flies and roaches to coexist with me in my room which at the moment smell of mild lavender fragrance and bananas as i recently was quite mildly addicted to bananas for its spring now the weather is warm enough to mass produce them but still its kinda cold in the night but i am still surviving with shortpants and shortsleeve in the sleep which leads to the weird dream i mentioned earlier in this post that i am not suppose to write now because i should have been doing my work and i should not even feel the shit coming.
ok its coming

Friday, October 17, 2008

lets see..

size comparison...
the AL is like twice the size of Creative.
the sound.....

whole new experience...
i am not an audiophile,
i cant accurately judge the output,
but the difference is so big!
anyways, i am loving it!

counting down...

to the day i am going back malaysia!
yes! i know you miss me...
and i am coming back,
so hug me if you can!
or you can politely ask meto hug you instead!

back to reality,
its the final week of non-stop-cadding!
eat cad
sleep cad
drink cad

and thinking of the hassle and trouble to be handle before leaving,
pain in the arse!
according to limcc,
the by2 album i downloaded,
i likey the lyrics of the 3rd song,
song name pp something 1,
just love the lyrics!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

a change
from this... to this

creative m2600 to altec lansing fx4021

found it quite cheap on ebay...
and with current currency rate...
i whack it with second thought.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


i was so sissy i watched high school musical.
to top it off,
i watched the 1st of the trilogy. (well there are 3 at the moment...)
to whipped the cream off the top,
i found it quite nice.

Friday, October 10, 2008


we who are in aussie know and are liking the currency exchange rate at the moment.
shall we say thanks to the 700 billion bailout spent by US government?
a person who did not bother bout the world,
knows nothing about the current big issues of the world.
i have no opinion.
but i enjoyed reading this
feel free to read it if you care.
i quoted a very true line:

"Buy things through eBay, save transportation, save money, save environment as well."

Thursday, October 09, 2008

archiball pictures

lots of pictures coming up.
one more source not included.
hat: buy cheap
shirt: housemate's
jacket: housemate's

not an event i looking forward to.. like last minute decision to go, so was not really focus on dress code.