Tuesday, June 27, 2006


27th Jun, the round of 16, fifa world cup 2006... italy vs australia...
watching my favorite team, italy in action with some friends at a nearby cafe, well, sort of a cafe, more precisely known as a mamak with cafe potential... wateva la~~ as long as the heads of those sitting in front did not block the whole screen.. well, my friends were betting, taking the azzuri and generously giving a 1 ball handicap. surprisingly the italians are overwhelmed by the australians, possesing the ball most of the time... things gone worst when marco seen red, after a two footed late challenge on a paceful australian.. (forgive me for not knowing the name... but who cares? i m a big supporter of italy~) the seond half was a nightmare for marcelo lippi side. down to ten men and was back tracked all the time... my heart was like stop functioning as time goes by... luckily my prayer was answered on the stoppage time... the turn of tide on the 95 minute: grosso wins a penalty and the substitute totti (why didnt he gets the start?) calmly diverted it into the back of the net.. YEAH~~ woohooh~!!! roars and yelled was heard all around~~ including myself~~ the drastic feeling turning from total despair to ecstatic~! enraptured~! oh yes~! unbelievable stuff~!! i feel like writing it down here.. haha.. too free? too joyful??hahah hahah hahah ~!! tommorow got class some more~!! sleep 1st~~ ciao~~