Monday, July 31, 2006


on this sunday, i follow my parents and my aunt's parents to this boulevard hotel beside mid valley to eat buffet... after jamming along the way we reached there.. haha. . buffet~!! variety of the food is common and usual... nothing special... and perhaps its not so varuety... no cheese cake... well, nevermind, i rush to get the foods, and tried all... f*ing full~~ those food are not as good as i expect.. sigh..i mean its not up to its standard... few star hotel ler... whoalemak~ my mom says the toufu stinks, the vege is too hard.. bla bla bla.. well i keep quiet al the while... thos gold cuts are as nice as usual. ( dunno y i like them, and my dad just hate'em.) the ice kacang is nice..(cuz u get to make it urself..) the fried rice sux... the chickens sux.. my bro says the fiish sux... he likes the rojak.. the spagetti sux.. luckily they got the pasta right... the tomyam and asam laksa is nice... those cakes are normal.. and the others as usual... so i go back to my hostel straight frm the ktm station... and trust me its faking suffering with ur tummy full of yummy on those trains.. dont try this at home..


last saturday went this victor wong n emil chow mini concert. went with my parents and my granparents and my auntie's family.we got plenty of free tickets. its located sumwhere in the nowehre.. cuz every1 have to park their transport at a sort of parkign area, then queue and wait for bus to take us to the concert place... the whoe place is a constuction area... and there is a big park and the park is done so the concert is held there.. its sort of like the company in charge of the whole construction plan arrange the stars to be there... its easy and simple stage.. we were late so when we get there its already packed with thousand of people... but with this so call vip ticket in hand, we go through all those standing people and get our seats.. so good huh? the truth is we can only c a 3cm figure of those singer frm our seat.. and so victor was almost done with his part when we settled down. well, nice songs but dunno those names but i'm sure i've heard it before... after that its emil chow's turn to sing.. nice songs.. i listen to those even when i was a kid.. and then thats this game part.. he is a super humorous guy~!! get the whole crowd laughing by doing funny ats and telling jokes... haha... then he waved goodbye after a few more songs... in the end, that is this fireworks show~!! damn nice... freaking scary~@@ i have to admit... its right in front of us... first time for me... so close ... thos fireworks-butt(dunno how to say it) were falling from the sky all over me... and i spotted this fella open his umbrella to protect himself... haha... the show last for dunno i think about 10 minuts... or less then... and it friggin nice...~!!! damn pretty~!!! even more costly~!!!@@ then we sort of like walked 15 minutes back to our parking, well, half way thru we boarded a bus to save the energy... and its super traffic jam~!! this is the time i have time to peek around .. haha... no chics spotted.. and people here mostly are a family and couples... well.. more families than couple... age ranges from 3 yrs old to 70. no joke.. hmm.. maybe all buyers of the apartment get free ticket and they just sort of bring the whole family here to fill the seats.. well the story ends here.. 1st time in concert, and those songs are cun~! starting to download~!! haha~~

Saturday, July 29, 2006

I'm so ashame of myself

1. their blogs language are too freakin' good
2. even ys (lim99) go to the library
3. i cant dribble anymore (dAMN)
4. lemak's leveling progress is too slow
5. impotence is going to get ban(and its a great name i think)
6. milo(cc) is asking ppl to accompany him to the library
7. i am watching transformers.. yes the cartoon i watch when i was like 7...
8. my hsemate is doing assignments... while i m like doing ntg
9. just find out that perky has a meaning
10. still a dota noob

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


i cant post the .dwg image file.. so i cant show u all wat i draw using autocad for my assignment.. sadly.. cant show off.. sigh... luckily, u all wont get the chance to laugh at my work.. nvm. i briefly tell u all.. there are 2 style of drawing things(things means all the think in this world that u can think of) one is by using the surface tool, secondly is the solid tool. well, the name of the tools says it all wat it means.
I use my surface tool to draw a samapn.. very easy when u look at it but its qute hard lor.. the head of the ship is hard.. cuz i dunno how to curve from 1 point to a line.. its impossible but i figured a way out.. proud~~ and the big flag on the ship is hard oso. as it must look as if its moving from all side... thx to my brain as it gets me thru this hardship.. proud~~ it appears to look like a solid because i did double layer surface.. haha.~~ proud.. unfortunately, after shading and rendering, it looks simple... T_T

I did 2 solid tools item, one is a folk guitar~muahaha, the other is a wooden horse.. as for solid tools, its super limited for the thing u can do cuz there are many command that the teacher din teach.. and its super hard to do curve.. u have to draw a sphere and another shape then substract or intercept each other to get the shape which they in tersect or substracted.. and there are some part(eg. the neck of the guitar joining the back board of guitar, curve + pointing out while curling..) still impossible to do in solid... and u cant combine solid tools with surface tools in this project.. zzz.. so my guitar cant be perfect after 6 hrs of hard work... saddist.. as for the trojan horse(donkey) i have taken 3 hrs or so to finish.. i figured out a new command and did the body of it which u cant do in normal extruding way.. i tink i m one of the few who uses this.. muahaha... and so my donkey is done... quite easy but still some mind jacking time consuming parts... all these are screwing me up.. make me damn mad at times...

so thats all.. mission accomplised, good night and continue to own in dota.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

special testS

ok.. i was sick... and sicked.. so i tend to skilp 2 exams.... which i felt so good lying half-deadly on the bed while watching my housemate studying.. muahaha...

so the day had come to retake those tests.. the 1st 1 is the structural studies... which is much like maths+ physic = i hate. so me along with a mount hiker(haha... he went mount kinabalu with bunch of his working mates, just to conquer the 4k height mountain..) we went to skool, well, he fetch, and look for the lecturer, ms louise, only to find that the class room is full.. so ms louise told us to go to her office to retake the exam after 1 hour.. so we left.. and later we showed up in her room... well, both of us din really study and prepare for it, so my frend with maximum courage go ask the lecturer for guidance... cantonise speaking summore..zzz.. well, dats him~ the great Johnny boy of my class..haha.. and surprisingly the lecturer teach him.. and when i hand up the paper, she checked the answer for me and told me to correct them... haha.. so good~~ in the end, we end up 100% for the test... hallelujah~~

the 2nd 1, which is a few days later.. a more challenging test... the economy study.. which i know nothing about ti.. wat supply goes up, price goes down... Johnny boy go ask the lecturer, mr phillip lim.. (he's fat, he's cute, and he plays football.. and he scores~!!@@) for the retake information.. and the lecturer asked him where will he be after the class, well it was tuesday and as usual we will go to kfc.. so kfc he answered.. and the lecturer ask us to go to his office to take the paper after the class and told us to return by 5 pm. so, kfc we went.. haha.. after eating the special price snack meal, we do the test in kfc .. yeha.. its finger lickin' good man~!! with helps from frends and notes, we finished it and went back to col to hand up and went home.. wat a day~@@

the 3rd 1, which is last friday, it was a quiz and it is structural studies again.zz.. 1 question , 45 minutes, for a guy totally blur like me, i was preparing to copy.. so to the canteen i went with a fren, eat the GOn LOu Min there, only 2.50 with 4 fried wan tan~!@@ haha.. then after that we went back to the hall to copy and pass up... perfectly planned test~!!



Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The goalstriker

well.. its a brand new game at timesquare.. i palyed once.. and miss twice T_T
ok.. u pay rm5 to get a chance to shot a penalty 3 times... rm 10 to get to shoot 9 times.. ( ask ur fren along and save rm 5~@@) there is a goal keeper and a low goal all virtually projected on a big cloth by computer. the ball have some kinda chip in it that can calculate ur ball speed and the cloth must have a censor or sort of to determine ur accuracy... and there is a board indicate the points u can earn at any spots on the goal... sound fun~! so i play with 2 frends, and i miss the 1st 2 shots >.<'' well.. by inces only la..~~ and score the last (luckily, cuz many people wathing) drawings below shows where did i pick the spot...

i only score 1000 (max) accuracy points in the third shot... and a slow poke 47 km/h ball speed(x5)= 235
total point is 1235...zzz... have to miss to shotto get the third right,... looking forward to play again... fun.. ~!!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

sickness strike~

well... 2 days before i was sick.. not a normal sicknees i encounter , but the more unusula tat strikes me.. its sort of like gastric plus sort of failure in digestion system...
super suffering.. fells like gonna die soon... it starts like this...
so we went this place for dinner... and i order this stupid so not ebven a lil bit tasty "mit pan min" frm this ugly looking stall... damn regret... i order a small 1 and plus an egg.. but after so long of wating,... he serve me the supa large 1 and no eggs.. i kept quiet. then the whole bowl of noddles have no "liu" 1... damn.. ikan billis, damn lotsa vege.. and unfinished noodles... wit a tasteless soup.... so hard to partake... but i force myself to finish it as i oways remember not to waste food.. haha.. so untill midnite... doing pq wit maple frends... still i feel full.. then i go to bed.. feeling not so well but hoping that sleep can cure me well.. so it went out wrong.. i felt sumthing is wrong wit my stomach.. cant go to skool.. feeling dam cold.. even wit 3 layers of blanket oso it din help much... and weirdly i feel FULL.. my stomach must have need spoiled by the stupid noodles... (damn dunno how to make dun open stall la.~!!@# ccb!@#) i suffer till nite... wait my fren fetch me go c doctor.. now listen here... the dotor charged me rm42!@#!@#!@#!@#!@#!@#!@#!@# empat dua she said... i ask again for confirmation n get the same answer as well... damn.. so damn expensive... there goes my 1 week wages... for food... zzz... so i went home.. vomit for the 3rd time... and take those pillss.. and sleep.. then the next day i feel much better d... still not going to skool... got mc ma... and having a terrible flu... zzz.. play 2 dota match at hse... win all(yoohoo) and on maple awhile til cant tahan go sleep.. and till now i m nearly fully recovered.. but still cant eat... pity me cing ppl eat double burger...T_T

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Italy win again after 12 years..

well.. as i had predicted.. 1958,1970,1982,1994,and now 2006... can u see the mystical thing between the years? yes. every 12 yrs since 1958 italy wonthe world cup.. weird.. but also thanks to zizou headbutt and the substitution of henry for the only penalty kick misser trazequet.. lucky italians? or unlucky france? well.. i made a vow to buy italy jersey if italy won.. have to spent lesser nowdays... viva italia~~

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

the 13th post

last friday. ys suddenly sms me while i napping. talk bout wat going out or sumthing. then i go maple to discuss with him( FYI) he will be there whne u ned to find him..
and that nite after 9.30, ater the 2x exp event in maple story, i took the train lrt to kelana jaya.. only to get my joyful full of expectations feeling to be ruined by a sms by limchengchuan saying that asking me to take taxi to dunn owat bk3 wat mamak.. damn pissed off.. b4 that he agreed to get a transport for me.. now i hav2 waste 20 bucks taking a faking taxi to ioi mall.. to further pissed me, i waited there alone in the dark (11pm), sitting in the carpark, for 30 minutes feeding those bloodlusting mosquitoes... i was like cursing there.. thinking that i shuld not be there..
well,... finally cc called me.. asking me to take the overhead bridge to the other side of the highway.. c'mon.. my anger rise to the.. well. almost max.. then i saw ys with his kind and innocent smile waving at me.. wow.. incredibly my maddness was off.. then walkking towards the car.. waja.. with the driver a fren of cc call vincent(vincente after we know each other)so off we ehad to this stupid mamak call al eh wat i oso forget d.. how stupid? haha.. those tables acroos the roads and the big screen in the middle of the field.. shitty ler.. the used to be huge screen with projector turn out to be a 4 inches mini tv... plus the unstrategic arrangements of tables n chairs make us hard to watch the match.. tha match between germany n argentina.. well as i hope to be, argentina were out.. bravo riquelme~!!
well, so rare the chance having me , cheanseng, ah hee, yoongseeet, chengchuan, and bensen and some chuan frends sitting together... it was like a few months or a decade ago since we did that.. haha.. after the boring( cuz the stupid screen too small) match, we stay overnite at the vincente house.. and b4 that, we went cc to play some dota n maple.. till 6-7 am.. alao...feels like dying dy.. then back home to sleep..
the second day.. wake up late.. 10 am d.. have a good nite sleep... but only 2 hours.. then take trains to timesquare.. sing k... all like zombie... not really singging/... then walk around... went sg wang n c some stupid myfm football gameshow.. then bought a new pants.. (halfly force by ys) hehe... then go back timesquare watch superman... not so good though.;..the movie is quite unlogic.. thats wat we felt.. then spent another night at vincente hse.. the other mornig.. he sent me to ioi mall n cheanseng was there already, picking me up n fetch me to kelana jaya.. well. end of story..