Tuesday, July 25, 2006


i cant post the .dwg image file.. so i cant show u all wat i draw using autocad for my assignment.. sadly.. cant show off.. sigh... luckily, u all wont get the chance to laugh at my work.. nvm. i briefly tell u all.. there are 2 style of drawing things(things means all the think in this world that u can think of) one is by using the surface tool, secondly is the solid tool. well, the name of the tools says it all wat it means.
I use my surface tool to draw a samapn.. very easy when u look at it but its qute hard lor.. the head of the ship is hard.. cuz i dunno how to curve from 1 point to a line.. its impossible but i figured a way out.. proud~~ and the big flag on the ship is hard oso. as it must look as if its moving from all side... thx to my brain as it gets me thru this hardship.. proud~~ it appears to look like a solid because i did double layer surface.. haha.~~ proud.. unfortunately, after shading and rendering, it looks simple... T_T

I did 2 solid tools item, one is a folk guitar~muahaha, the other is a wooden horse.. as for solid tools, its super limited for the thing u can do cuz there are many command that the teacher din teach.. and its super hard to do curve.. u have to draw a sphere and another shape then substract or intercept each other to get the shape which they in tersect or substracted.. and there are some part(eg. the neck of the guitar joining the back board of guitar, curve + pointing out while curling..) still impossible to do in solid... and u cant combine solid tools with surface tools in this project.. zzz.. so my guitar cant be perfect after 6 hrs of hard work... saddist.. as for the trojan horse(donkey) i have taken 3 hrs or so to finish.. i figured out a new command and did the body of it which u cant do in normal extruding way.. i tink i m one of the few who uses this.. muahaha... and so my donkey is done... quite easy but still some mind jacking time consuming parts... all these are screwing me up.. make me damn mad at times...

so thats all.. mission accomplised, good night and continue to own in dota.

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