Monday, June 30, 2008

sometimes, it really pissed me off

Since I went to college 2 years ago, until now, I find that dealing with people is hard.
Unlike the personality I usually exposed to through education and television.
its ashame to say that people in the real world is hideous.
sorry have to bold it.
or maybe it just happens to me, the world around me.
I heard stories, I've been in stories.
how on earth there are people who think and talk like orc cock?
i mean what the fcuk is going on in their mind?
I fcuking sure there is something wrong, the attitude they showing in response to something subtle-ly minor-ly typical.

maybe this is due to different exposure to different shits since childhood.
it must be it.
cant totally put the blame on them anyways,
blame the media,
blame the parents,
blame the religions.

raise your children carefully, even if you accidentally had 1.
sometimes, twisting the angle abit, dumping babies can save the world from trashes.

lesson learn : control.
whatever shit happens and no matter how the fcuk things went wrong, just try to control, control the wrath, the emotion, the hulk inside you.
yes, you may suffer abit in the beginning, they will think they won, they are right, they WILL continue to treat you the way they did, but, you keeps the line in harmony. just like this...

... like this. end

gg mouse

6 months, and my g5 is now gg. sending back to claim warranty.

oh my melbourne trip post.. coming soon... will be something similar to limys journal style, with less details.

Friday, June 20, 2008

cellphone popcorn myth

after a 5 minutes dinner cum supper session in mcD, we decided to try out the pop corn with cellphone thing...

(lower your speaker please, vulgar words, bad for your parents, and lil bro who might just be standing behind you... and your neighbour might be listening.... )

myth busted~! some dunno-how-they-did-it video

probably some pre-microvaved popcorns...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Monday, June 16, 2008


Discover Your Sins - Click Here

no wrath~ good boy! btw, sloth is not VERY the deadly lo.. but its deadly when it comes to deadlines.

lesson 1

This is philosophy class by mr me, somewhat feel that it will be kinda cool if i read back all the lessons in the future. and so i shall start with this:

一个简单的游戏,any games, 就说多人围着玩的扑克牌吧。
游戏世界里,有两种人 —-—
就是要赢的人 & 只是寻找欢乐把欢笑带入游戏的人。
前者通常是赢家, 后者通常是输了被罚的那个。


Friday, June 13, 2008


在某巧合下,得知这部电影,也在某巧合下,看了这片子,巧合看完后还蛮有mood blog 一下华语版的,其实一些港片还蛮有意思的。几不错一下酱....

美女曾恺玹,看到都爽~ 不过,这不是主要原因,食饱饭无粪嚄,下来看看吧。故事大纲? click 一下图。讲真的,poster 不美,也不是故事的主因,

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

euro 2008

sadly aussie loves football and they know nothing bout soccer. we only get rare broadcast here about the euro 2008. so nowadays i rely a lot on footytube to watch the highlights. i think when beijing Olympic start, we will still only hear about AFL. ****

Saturday, June 07, 2008


3 cartons 'mother'.

Sunday, June 01, 2008


how are you?


wake up at 10.. kinda late... slept for nearly 8 hrs. ****
go uni, do model.
do model.
cut cut.
paste again.
cb cut wrong, redo abit

outside uni, aurora stadium, hosting footy match, Hawk vs Bulldog, top 10 vs top 10, big crowd.

4pm, walk to work.

****, thanks to AFL, today is record breaking BUSY. non-stop working.
10.30pm, tapao from restaurant, call family come fetch me go uni.

continue make model.
make, cut, cut, make, paste, cut, make.

currently 6.30am. still half way to go in the model. ****

tuesday submission.
still got plenty left to be done. 2 more days. 2 million stuff to be confirmed.

oh ya, secret
the secret of becoming a goddess -- dont sleep for few days, continously working, major redbull effect.

now make a wish. i am nearly there to be able to grant you wishes. find me in a bottle.