Tuesday, September 30, 2008


last saturday was the grand finale of AFL.
ok, as if i give a damn.
because the HAWKS won the premierleague,
and because their home gound is in Launceston,
and fate is its located right beside my uni,
yesh, i mean BESIDE.
like.. the S key is beside the D key on your keyboard,
and this afternoon,
the team came over to the stadium showing off their trophy.
lots of people went,
but due to the low population of Launnie,
its not that many afterall.

premierleague champ,
like Man Utd in England,
Old Trafford in the sight,
but sadly UTAS is nothing near to AA.

my boss were uber joyous the other day when Hawkthorns won the Geelong team,
and he cooked some roti prata,
and he made a joke which i laugh.
you know, i seldom laugh,
laugh in a sense of.. joy, funny.
he did made me laugh.
and i did laugh.
after that i find that the joke is kinda lame afterall...

"roti prata ah, you are my brother and you are very naughty, so naughty brother lo~'

he aint malaysian, but he speak fairly lilttle bit of malay.
he speaks english like locals,
he speaks cantonese unlike cantonese.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


or more precisely pronounce as to-die,
i officially ventured onto ebay for 1 year.
i have a blue star beside my feedback score.
i spent a house on ebay during this year.

the poison.

even David Beckham is wearing it...

Thursday, September 25, 2008


.. for the past few days,
i have been camping in studio.
not totally camping mode,
until late night that is for this time.
throughout the whole camping session,
i was watching moonlight resonance and doing model at the same time.
kinda awesome experience.
contradictory kind of adrenaline pump.
able to get the job done and finished the drama =)
presented this morning.
should say yesterday morning ( note the time )
another assignment on monday><
so tomorrow have to start progressing!
have to quote something i saw in the studio:
' procrastination is like masturbating, you feel good during the progress but eventually you will know that you are just fcuking yourself. so stop procrastinating and get the finger out! '

obvious enough its written by a girl.

the model making is something like editing the previous (green) model by applying 3 theories.
photos next time.

photos on!

Friday, September 19, 2008


orange cons,
white ball..
i am back to outdoor football~!
insisting on using football because aussie is noob,
they reinterpret football by using hand to play.
and i have a free boot,
thanks to i-van!
he found it in his house,
and he cant fit it,
and its my size..
woooooooot~~ old version lvl 2 nike total 90..
but i havent try it on yet,
was wearing another friend's extra boot,
old classic nike tiempo, shoe laces coming off every time i move my legs.
crappy things that happen to all old boots,

we made a team of 16? or 14...
with me as the noobest player.
plan to train every friday,
and take on a Hobart team end of this year.
i plan to score 7 goals in the finale showdown.
plan only la.

ok back to the real plan,
my history assignment floor plan,
and trying to apply theory into it.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


somewhere around december,
i am going back to malaysia~!
certainly before christmas.
certainly (maybe) after their graduation,
and a big farewell partay.
certainly, a huge one.
then i will fly back to malaysia,
where i can taste them nice food,
see them old mates,
and live a rent free home,
rent free, full love,
i am going home!

but returning to this cursed island next year...
and i will make sure i take some photo with tassie devils.

Monday, September 15, 2008


...are what happened in month september.
my wallet is suffering
i reckon most people enjoy the CNY holidays to its fullness...
ended up with lots of september babies.
been to birthday party, potluck etc for like twice a week.
and they were fun!
pictures ?
check out facebook,
been lazy going around asking for photos.
let them post it and tag me.

should be studying law now...
damn lot to cover,
another assignment due next wednesday,
so screwed.
and wtf spring is still cold,
windy and rainy,
i thought spring is not suppose to make me feel lazy.
its suppose to be vibrant,
and in love...


Monday, September 08, 2008


..my room

one of my housemate went back to malaysia,
so me and my room mate now each owns a room.
the rental goes up.
and its still cold in the night...

oh ya, can always facebooked me to view them photos of them events i mentioned.

Sunday, September 07, 2008


" i know what happens around me, i know what you guys were talking about, i just dont feel like moving my hands, in fact, i cant move them. i dont feel like moving my lips to talk, as well. i think its troublesome to move any part of my body... i am very heavy... "

a speech of this guy, when he was stoned last night.
its the effect of marijuana.
and there is a short video of him.

(video overdue)

it was my friend's birthday last night,
we had fun,
loads of fun.
turned his house into a club.
clubbing light + z5400 speaker,
unlimited (almost unlimited) supplies of liquor
and food,
and all the asian hotties in launnie...
oh ya,
and not to forget,
5 people actually run into the transparent sliding door.
its just too transparent,
they were too high,
they thought the door wasnt there.
and one of my friend,
he was running towards it shouting my name,
imagine, running... and shouting.. to have his path suddenly blocked by a transparent screen...

by the way,
i am a good boy.
i am not gonna lie,
and by avoiding to lie,
i have to stop here.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


...over is what i am feeling now...
its bulan ramadan and the muslims start their puasa,
we buka puasa because the anak gunyampousat was away in sydney.
ajak kawan orang ramai,
malam mari rumah i,
kita makan steamboat szechuan.
not bad not bad,
lean beef~ such a long time since we had beef in the house.. or did we ever?
half way through the event,
i blow a full glass of jagermeister x red bull
after 2 glass of slow and steady one...
after 30minutes or so,
i was gone.
siting in the toilet,
sobering and vomited.
and the red bull,
darn it keeps me up till 6 am
and today,
i feel sick.
the drink was gooood,
the vomit sucks.
i think i was drunk.
my throat is burning,
my muscles screamed,
i feel tired... even when typing this post...
gym tomorrow?
lets see.


Monday, September 01, 2008

workinbg out...

went to the gym~!
follow a good mate of mine around this few days, planning to hit the gym and we did.
i want to get rid of my skeleton frame body...
i want some meat feel !
i want some muscle !
i want to be sunshine-ish !
i am not looking to be huge like angmo,
i just want to look better in my designers'**

spent a fortune on the gym...
and i am officially broke~!!
have to start to save money,
then go back to malaysia,
and raid them clubs.

yes, ivan, bring me around KL,
yes, kenny, bring me around penang,
yes, keeyan, bring me to poppy~

i need them photos of MSA night so i can post them here...
you stay tuned.



回想起3前, 看过《仙剑奇侠传》,记忆中有一首插曲超级好听, 不久前在活宝特(hobart)的某间中餐厅无意听见, 又在不久前(昨晚)发现这首歌是阿桑唱的, 结果, 我下了。
听着阿桑的歌曲, 感觉很慢, 很不错, 蛮夷莫(emo)...