Sunday, September 07, 2008


" i know what happens around me, i know what you guys were talking about, i just dont feel like moving my hands, in fact, i cant move them. i dont feel like moving my lips to talk, as well. i think its troublesome to move any part of my body... i am very heavy... "

a speech of this guy, when he was stoned last night.
its the effect of marijuana.
and there is a short video of him.

(video overdue)

it was my friend's birthday last night,
we had fun,
loads of fun.
turned his house into a club.
clubbing light + z5400 speaker,
unlimited (almost unlimited) supplies of liquor
and food,
and all the asian hotties in launnie...
oh ya,
and not to forget,
5 people actually run into the transparent sliding door.
its just too transparent,
they were too high,
they thought the door wasnt there.
and one of my friend,
he was running towards it shouting my name,
imagine, running... and shouting.. to have his path suddenly blocked by a transparent screen...

by the way,
i am a good boy.
i am not gonna lie,
and by avoiding to lie,
i have to stop here.

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