Saturday, December 29, 2007


I own lot of red stuff. ipod red, earphone red, and cut my finger the blood also red.

Today I cut my finger. again. Left index finger now mummified.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

This morning I dream of myself, ys, ky and cs were ancient Chinese soldiers. Kinda weird cuz its not what big battlefield we were at. Along with us a small party of soldiers. At first we do not have weapons and have to kill an opponent to loot his. Sort of a wave by wave we were attacked as we moved along. Ys and ky were sticking together, I was with some strangers which appear to be my war companion (...) and I dunno bout cs. Randomly i got a small axe-shape knife... so small its the size of a pen cap, or more precisely, it was just the head of an axe. I have to use my fingers to hold it and great scott i killed alot! Killed a captain and got myself a 哉. (dunno how to explain it) After we reached some place to rest, I figured that some captain class in our group was trying to kill people who were not behaving in well manner. And they killed alot of our comrades who were not sitting properly.. swt... And I was afraid and went to sit with ys.. but then the killer came to sit and talked to ys... I terkejut sia and terus cabut to sit with cs... XD And i forgot the ending... no ending i think... or we just sit there until the credits come out....stupid weird dream... =.=''

Today was pouring rain. With an umbrella I walked in it to work. And now my foot stink shit. And my umbrella I left it in the restaurant.

Monday, December 17, 2007


today I become a lamp post. accidentally.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

bad day. major

today is not a day of luck for me. starting off missing a bus, saw scattered coins on the street, walked to work and ended up late, dropped a lot of stuff while working, made mistakes. Even my bad luck affected my work mates, my si tau poh fell down and knocked her head. Lucky they plan not to go to the casino tonight.
feeling a bit sick now. weather here is crazy, hot at day, cold at night. My si tau po treat me shanghai beer, aka ang mo liong cha. Had my 1st tong sui tonight: fan shu tong sui + ice cream. Nice.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

muttonbird. migrates to southern Australia from the northern Pacific. It arrives in September and lines a burrow with grass to lay its one egg. only found in 2 places on earth. It is protected in all states except Tasmania, where there a 5-week season for commercial killing of muttonbird chicks in March/April, and a 2 week season for recreational killing.

i ate its chick. and its called mutton bird cuz the meat is sort of like mutton + chicken. with smell heavier than a lamb.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I am melancholy CK

I always thought I am a blessed child. Yes i am but sometimes god's test is inescapable. What makes me sad? Lately not long ago I was flooded by some trouble, and when I am slowly crawling out from the deep self-excavated pit, and while the injury is recovering, and everything seems to go on just okay, I accidentally broke my ipod's casing. darn. Not to mention how much it cost me. damn. But I am able to force myself to look at things from a wider perspective, self-trained since last last time, in some "quite the same but not the same"situation, a mark cause by a deeper cut. Not going to mention but surely not going to forget about it.
enough history, I was trying to open up my case to change a new screen protector, cuz the previous 1 are all mess-up with small bubbles and some fabric trapped in between the screen and the protector. Just when I thought the new 1 could be better, it fucking stick some come-from-no-where fabric dust. okay, grumpy liao. clean the whole thing again, wipe and wipe trying to get rid of those uninvited dust. but since that particular face of the protector is kidna sticky, so cleaning them is a pain in the arse. took me apx. 2 hours to get the best out of it. who knows...
when i plug my ipod into my laptop, it took ages to sync and when it does, pop-up a message stating that the itunes detected a corrupted ipod. I was like WTF. ejected it out, but the ipod screen still showing connected. darn. what is wrong with my luck that night, (yesteday night) OK, i plan to take it to the apple shop the next day, and thought that they might send it to the manufacturer for refurbish or whatever. And so I go to sleep. Fuck up big time.

. . .

Untill this morning, the ipod, just as i thought and hope it would be, ran out of battery, and the screen is off, and after the restart, it was all ok. thank god. but the case, break is break. money gone is gone. be optimistic, the amount of money I lose, I am going to earn them back someday. A much bigger number of it I will earn. Take it as a temporary non-interest bank deposit, or as a kind donations to some campaign, or as a cover for all the cheap discount or free stuff I got in the past 20 years.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

2 for 1

today waken up by housemates because a delivery boy require my sign to accept parcel. its an ipod nano 3G (product)red 8gb i bought using my dad's card on the 30th of Nov thanks to my bro who let me know that apple store is having a one day sale. therefore, i bought it. sad enough i forgot my dad's security number, there goes my cheap special edition free shipping engraving red ipod. sigh. shocking enough, i received it today, which is somewhat unexpected. i am not ready for it. yet.
few hours later, someone came knocking on the door again, delivering the speaker to me. this is a speaker i bought 2 weeks ago, cheap. and good. and now, i am more than please to have receive them. happy or not?

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

where should i start. its been a while since i last blog. somehow lost the will to blog, when I am too free. flashing back```
once worked in an apple orchard. kinda exiting before the first day, thinking of earning big bucks. did some maths after the induction, could've earn more than RM7k in around 1 month. sadly, i gave up after 3 days. some of the reasons to support this decision is because its Fking hot. 7 hours under the summer sun. even as a healthy man, i felt dizzy after the long hours. the job is not as tiring as i thought, kinda simple after I get a hold of it. the other reason is that the driver gave up after given a warning due to his lack of pace. so i cant go there even i still got the will to continue.
i still have one job, part time kitchen kia on fridays and saturdays. at least the wages can help me to cover my rental. i think the restaurant has a decent reputation, or not?

check this out: from the left is my taukebo, her daughter and Eason Chan.(no photo montage) and just ignore the 2 to the right.
i doing cosplay. sneak peak to my working place.

Monday, November 19, 2007

new house

its kinda confusing, but don't worry, i will explain it slowly. even though i suck in my explaination in english. but let me try k?
firstly, i thought of moving to a *house after the end of my contract in my hostel. so lets call this house as A. unfortunately, one of a previous tenant failed to clear the electricity bill, he owes Aud1800+ to the Aurora. (aurora aka TNB) as a result, 3 days before i can move into the house, they cut off the electricity. The *bad* tenant are in M'sia now, and the landlord is pissed off, he ordered everyone to move out of the house (as there are some who are behind in rental payment, which sort of add spice to the already spicy situation) He was bloody fed up and decided not to rent the house to (well, particularly msia archi student) anymore. end up i cant possibly move into a house without electricity, and the owner do not want anyone in the house (to do some cleaning) at the moment and i was so innocent. the worst part is I lost 80 dollars to him. (to tell the truth, i kinda hate this landlord, **)
grief and pissed, i had to find a place to stay, temporarily, fast. Lucky enough, i have a friend, from East M'sia, she got a spare room, i went and have a look, she was kind enough to say the she consider to let me rent it. (FYI, the room was empty all the while and if i go in and pay them extra 40 per week, sharing the internet and other bill with her as her hsemate is not around, it is suppose to be better for her, but she turned me down. well, as expected, don't expect much from East M'sian. not all of them but some of them are weird. they stay on trees with lift.
after that, i called a friend, knowing that there is an temporary empty room in his house, so without much problem, i moved in the day after i called him. well, i have not yet get in touch with the true owner of this room, so currently i am living a free place. with a very geng hongkee (also a new comer) in the house. why i say he geng? he took part in HK HSBC building, design by Norman Foster ~~!! he worked alone and won the tender with Norman himself as rival. cool huh? will go into details not in this post.
so now i end up quite nice in this new house. some pictures of the kitchen area.

2 cars in the garage, temporarily parked here by the other 2 penang friends. 2 bloody rich cousins. black civic, look carefully the number plate. its KEV-001, which is his name, kevin ooi. 300+ just to do the plate. the right side with cover, is Tienson all time favourite Honda Integra Type R. nice nice~got money sure nice.

Friday, November 16, 2007

ext hdd

nice hor? my new gear, cost a fortune. shameful to tell the price. 2.5" small and portable. its a good thing and it got its own software and installer installed inside. and the software offers toolbar like windows start menu, i can run pre-installed programs in this hd using any compatible pc. so basically i can make any pc my own pc with this baby. one elevation of it glows in amber gold when its plugged in. have not yet explore and fully utilize its function yet, due to some bloody plucked-up situation.

p/s: my wallpaper is seductive i know. slurrrp~
*pl can be read as F

Monday, November 12, 2007

i do not know how to put this together. but i had been a stupid naive person lately. so many mistakes in such a short period. who could i blame but myself. i am turning back to god. i know i am helpless and hopeless without Him. to admit that i never doubt god before but guilty is i never praise him too. i had done a lot of avoidable mistakes. big ones. heavy to carry. anyways what done is done and what i can do now is grow up and keep the faith burning. sorry.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

cut hair

after going out to saloon the other day, i went back with a shave scissor borrow from a friend. then i ask some of my friends to cut my hair for me.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

freedom x sad

Finally i am free! free of stress free of assignments!
Sadly, i don't have any games to play...
Sadly, i cant take culinary and photoshop in summer school.
Sadly, i forced to take black and white photography, i don't really know what.
Sadly, i only have one last piece of 50dollar bill.
Sadly, i have to settle some house thingy.
Sadly, i need to go and look for a temporary job.
Sadly, i found the apple picking job but it only start in Dec.
Sadly, my laptop started to produce 'busy' sound..even it is not. T.T
Sadly, i am still lonely.
Sadly, Launceston is dull

The reason for me to post this is because i am very free, when i am in my room. and moreover, i broke the ipod earphone (the right side is now and will forever be mute)i am just trying to clean them with these...
(my favourite condom sizes wet tissue)
or maybe i am too rude doing it...
it makes me so sad... so i do feel sad about stuff i randomly looted. the sound quality is good, but sadly, only pleasure my left ear now... but i don't think i am going to use it again... unless have to.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

i dunno when do i had this dream. its either in the nap just now or the the night before. but that's not the point. the point is, the details of my dream. i dream of my dog.
my doggy, the brown color very handsome dog, had died for nearly 3 months. which was captured by MPK when he was taking a stroll around the neighbourhood. this happened during the very few days while all of us were in kl sending me off. when my parents got back, they cant find him, his shadows nor heard of his sound in few days. they went to MPK trying to look for him, among all others dogs who share the same fate as my dog, they cant spot him. gg. we were all sad. its been quiet since then, until they got 2 more puppies frm somebody later.
+++++++++RIP dobby

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

ok now my back is aching.. still aching... it feels like... ant bites, just with a far larger mouth that is able to bite the area between my shoulders. the pain strikes me occasionally, it strikes when it feels like.
done my final presentation, finally, but, i have no idea what was i presenting. its like i haven't totally expressed my idea. know why? cuz i've been working hard previous week, overnight at library, working till late, doing last minute research (the problem with myself, indecisive of my concept, always comes out with extra ideas, with no time to fully convert it. noob.) then on saturday, worked on my laptop continuously for 20 hrs in my school, and the next day after that, from 12 to 1am. handed it in 30+ minutes passed the submission deadline, but still it will be ok, as long as i don't use my pendrive to plug into the macbook during presentation, still (self)considered on-time submission.presentation was on 9am the same day. without preparation and stuff. aih. (a thing i find quite high-tech, maybe because its the first time i am doing it, the submission is on midnight, weird right? and we just have to access school mac and drag our folder into the server, and the next morning, our work will appear in the macbook, more awesome is that because we were divided into smaller groups with different tutor and different tutorial rooms, and they never make mistakes by putting you in the wrong group. efficiency.) i suck big time in my design presentation, and was late for my BTD submission, there goes my 5%.
After the submission, i learn alot of lesson. Never do last minute design alteration. Be more precise on what the question want. Know my own limits(if so, i actually ended doing nothing, my limit scale 0-0.1) Read more journals. Get a new mouse. GET A CAR.( fuck yes, no car, no class, no submission, no nothing, no use, can die. bus fare expensive, ccb no bus after 5pm, take bus not flexible, got car can go home bath, nonit waste 1 hr waiting for bus during weekend, nonit hand up assignment at night, no car can freeze to death, no car can go back malaysia help my dad do spectacle.oops, cannot oso, cannot go airport leh... fuck la)
I used alot of programs in this assignment. and lucky enough my laptop still can handle it. Just. Archicad, Autocad, powerpoint, photoshop, and alots of opened file n folder. photoshop, killing my space; archicad, consuming my memory; autocad, i forgot 95% how to use it. and i was like, have to keep on thinking of many things, resolution of problems, new method of solving problems and stuff. and i was so stupid i forgot i can use my camera as scanner, so i can simply hand draw and take picture~!! draw every sketch diagrams using autocad, waste time. publish to pdf, edit in photoshop, convert to jpeg.. damn. used alot of newly attempt software throughout this assignment: sketch up, photoshop, archicad. and forgot the software i once super familiar with-- autocad.
enough of babbling, i just loan 13 books from library. and tomorrow have to start studying for next week visual test. scary arr~~ cannot do what i did during college: low input, can still get reasonable output. here low input = hell. last time after class can stay at home dota till next 'available' class. relax. and because of that, my knowledge are so damn limited. I was like 100 years behind.

Friday, October 12, 2007

yes~ i've done all assignmets that needed to be done. all submitted. phew~ and now... its time for another assignment~!! suck big time.

oh yea, there was this sport shop which is about to shift, to a place far far away, which is just across the street, is having some sort of old-stock-clearance-sale. and i grabbed some (can i say cheap?) stuff from it.
a backpack and a jacket. total of $30. yay i can now get a laptop sleeve and use the backpack as my new laptop bag. but then the sleeve on retail is too expensive, and i can't use my credit card to create an account in ebay, suck big time. i need some1 with an account to help me get cheap stuff~~~~
Pink Ribbon Day is the signature day of the NBCF and is officially the fourth Monday in October. October is also internationally known as Breast Cancer Month. i see these wrist bands on accommodation services counter, all in a small box with a small coins inlet to fund for this breast cancer campaign. I, born with a heart of kindness, courteous, loving, tender-hearted, propitious, helpful, thoughtful, understanding, etc etc... decided to grab 1 to help those needed and really, pinky wrist band looks real nice, and it raise the gayness of a guy, which is cool~ XD well, if I was I, i could've grab the items and cabut while acting cool like nothing happen, cuz normally no people will stand there and look after the box, and people expect people to pay. but this time, unsure since when, I am good. I had become good boy. I know i was always a good boy, just got better XD. so, with one hand touching my heart, i paid 2 dollars for it. =) instead of 3.

Friday, October 05, 2007


today i had the best McD fish burger in my life. I dunno whether was it my optic illusion, but the burger seems smaller from what i had before last time. But then, this 1is so perfect. i ate it with one hand and the other hand holding up my thumb.

after that, i went back to school mac lab and saw this....
woot~2 new display monitor~!! 2 freaking large 30'' widescreen HD 2560x1600 resolution~!! 2 freaking cool cinema new machine~!! i wonder where goes the old ones... which were already freaking nice.... next time(when it is not so cold) i can stay overnight at my school(if have to) and watch movies there.... muahahah... 1 thing not good enough for movie is a decent sound output.... speakers..... along with 5.1 and the lab will become a haven.
btw, this display cost 2798.00 aud.... yea... just the monitor.... well.. along with usb ports and some u-dont-really-cares-whot connectors. perhaps some rich bastards out there have too much money to spend, they sponsor 2 set (set here means alongwith new cpu, mouse, keyboards and stuff) to my school... why oh gawd why? why so rich can some1 be and spend it like some1 can hardly be...

as u can see i am simply posting for fun.... XD call this pre-assignments-tension... or stress... or whatever-whatever.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

got this postcard from a friend,(his mom in china sent him these postcards and he gave 1 for me. its not that he sent me 1.) the mascots of Beijing 2008 Olympiad.

from the left:
color: blue
gender: female
hat-hat: blue octopus
element: water~

color: black
codename: 晶晶 gender: male
hat-hat: 3 leaves
clan: LeafVillage

color: red
codename: 欢欢 gender: chic
hat-hat: fire!
element: ..quite obvious le gua...

color: oling
codename: 迎迎 gender: lelaki
hat-hat: cow horns... and ears as well
clan: tauren sages

color: green
codenama: 妮妮 gender: male
hat: birdie
clan: bird species

-end of Fuwa analysis._ .
ok continue my essay. just timeout post. =p

Monday, October 01, 2007

I got 2 submission next week. And i have yet to stat either of them. To be honest I am kinda doom now, and I don't really know what happened to me. I can still watch alot of movies during weekends.

Today i ate the worst fish burger from the shop across the street. Later on, me and my friend missed a bus, so we went to a tavern to have a beer while waiting for another bus to come. (my idea actually) everything seems so fine, until just now when i reached home, i felt so sick, straight away i hopped into ma bed, but my stomach is so damn unwell. the second i sat up on ma bed, those sisa makanan from stomachku burst out uncontrollably. (some spilled on the floor, but i leave it there to rot.. muahah) i vomited the beer and the burger into my basin, and it got stuck. without further treatment, i terus go sleep la~ then when i woke up, i thought so hard of how to clean the basin, i can see that my stomach failed to digest what i had, the shape and form of unwell-chewed veges, tomatoes, breads and even cheese are seen so clearly, i know i should've taken a picture of it. its so damn disgusting. btw, its cleaned now, i use ma cup to 'but' them out.
still i dont have the 'mood' and hunger to eat dinner, somemore i dunno go and read limcc post terkini tentang burger-burger dan makanan.... *~*

Monday, September 24, 2007

mid-autumn festival

i have a plan on how to celebrate this coming festival. firstly, since nowdays i am so into chocolates, i bought bunch of them as a replacement for mooncakes. and i just bought 2 bottle of Jim Beam to serve myself along with these chocs. i am going to sit under the moon and drink to youth. well maybe along with some friends as well... or maybe i have to download a moon wallpaper to put it on my desktop. pathetic.

>Melbourne to KLIA on 21th Jan.
>KLIA to Melbourne on 22th Feb. (updated 26/9)

continue on the mooncake fest.. or whatever you call it. Yesterday night, I went to my friend's room for a gathering? or simple sit-down-have-a-drink-and-chat session... there i met some koreans, thai, singaporeans and malaysians. we just sit there in 1 small room and chat whatever thing la... then later that night i slept in 1 of the korean's room, who is currently in korea, but somehow left his key for my friend. took some photos with the bunch. might get it to edit this post again.. soon..

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


unpleasant day. starting in the morning, when i was about to board the bus, i realized that i left the ticket in my room. suck. paid extra RM6 for a 1 way trip. Was half asleep during lecture, time wasting during tutorial because there are only 2 tutors to go around, talk to individuals or small groups of people about the design and giving feedback... consumed lots of time~!!! ( i was in a rush because i still got some minor editions to do in the submission later on today.)

finally after signing the sheet of mine, i went and had my lunch, bought milk and chocs ( so into chocs now..) its around 2.00pm (and it took me another RM8for the ticket..) and the submission due is at 4pm. i rushed home, shitted, do those stupid references and captions of my presentation submission in powerpoint, but to astray is that i cant manage to take a bus to school now, or else i will be late for the submission. and so i called a cab, and i paid RM30 1 way trip to my school. (sakit hati) just imagine how much i've spent on travelling just today. its like RM50. In malaysia can rent a car for how long ar? (actually i can dont give a F and handed up my ppt without those bibliography and stuff...but its illegal)

::i need a car:: i need a car::::i need a car:: i need a car::::i need a car:: i need a car::i need a car::

Monday, September 10, 2007

fear test? XD

you get 30 or more you are paranoid

If you get 30 or less you are fearless

I fear...

[ ] The dark
[x] Staying single forever
[ ] Being a parent
[ ] Giving birth
[ ] Being myself in front of others
[ ] Open spaces
[ ] Closed spaces
[x] Heights
[ ] Cats
[ ] Dogs
[ ] Birds
[ ] Fish
[x] Spiders
[ ] Driving or being in cars
[ ] Flying
[ ] Flowers or other plants
[ ] Being touched (molest atau gam dong??)
[x] Fire
[x] Deep water
[x] The ocean
[x] Failure
[ ] Success
[x] Thunder/lightning
[ ] Frogs/toads
[ ] My boyfriend/girlfriends dad
[ ] My boyfriend/girlfriends mom
[ ] Mice/rats
[x] Jumping from high places
[ ] Snow
[ ] Rain
[ ] Wind
[ ] Crossing hanging bridges
[x] Death
[ ] Heaven
[x] Being robbed
[ ] Cotton balls
[x] Cemeteries
[ ] Clowns
[x] Large crowds
[ ] Men
[ ] Woman
[x] Having great responsibility
[ ] Doctors including dentists
[ ] Tornadoes
[ ] Hurricanes
[x] Diseases
[x] Snakes
[x] Sharks
[ ] Friday the thirteenth
[x] Ghosts (!!!)
[x] Poverty
[ ] Halloween
[ ] School
[ ] Trains/or railroads
[ ] Odd numbers
[ ] Even numbers
[] Being alone at night
[x] Being blind
[x] Being deaf
[ ] Growing up
[ ] Monsters under the bed
[x] Noise in the night
[x] Bee stings
[ ] Not accomplishing my dream/goal
[ ] Needle
[ ] Blood
[x] Exam
[ ] The welcome mat
[ ] Feet
[x] Having your heart broken
[x] Being rejected
[ ] Whales
[ ] Ur mom
[ ] Ur dad
[x] Rapists
[x] Strangers
[x] (i add this) approaching girls/boys

.: i got this from friendster bulletin.. and with nothing else better to do i TAG xyn, limys, cc, kyan, bensen, weikee, xuan, aili :.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

MSA night

here you go... alot of pictures... but not all... still have some photos with some strangers.. dunno how to get them.. depends..

the event was 4 days ago... my memory of it has been blurred by the fallen life i live on during this holiday. it was saturday night, the dinner is about some merdeka thing organised for all malaysian and also non malaysian. the food sucks. not all but the white rice... like eating salt in stead of rice. the mee, taste like plastic... frankly, it was quite boring... aih.. but the fun starts only after the dinner... when the dinner ends, typically all of us are busy taking photos and stuff. and we all take on the dance floor with music playing.. something like small disco, in the hall. untill around 12 or so, ALL of us (us here include people whose name are still unknown to me) went to Lonnies( its a club) and we dance till 4am.. exhausted.
Club perspective : i think ang moh cant dance. i mean most of them at that place at that time cant really dance. or their dance suck. but maybe there will be an award for best costumes, i saw alot of cosplay. haha.. got nurse, sailors, police girl... never pay much attention to them though. nothing much, i keep on dancing, occasionally, people were drinking on the dance floor, so found some slippery spot and can shuffle abit... haha.. Tooheys really bo lat la... xyn if u see this... and Boags is better than Tooheys. ~!~
oh ya.. one thing that bugs me for 2 minutes, got 2 of my friends, both of them are cousin (tong heng dai) the older 1 got the most pretty (so far i saw in Launceston) girl friend, the younger 1 drives Honda Integra. both oso so rich. family so rich. many rich malaysian ar~ all of them are from either Sabah or Sarawak.

Friday, August 31, 2007

the merdeka post

went to school today for submission, and for a more important reason is to copy some TVB series and movies and music from a friend. yeah~! with these stuff i won't rot to death during the coming holiday~!

yesterday i watched Team America. this movie show awe-ness with non-stop usage of F word. super vulgar film. yet, super fun to watch. pay attention to whatever on the screen and you will find lots of wow stuff. i guarantee. their theme song rox too~! F*** yeah! They use puppets and america to insult them country and actors. F*** yeah!

went to the "city" again today. touring to take photo on selected buildings for sketching assignment.(my life here is hard) bought a cologne. (don't ask me why, there is some inner force pushing me to buy it) there is this shop call chemist warehouse and their fragrances are all on sale. even you(I) don't need it, but then money are spent on it. actually i am going to get a FCUK him, but it stink. the smell, darn, depressive. instead i got myself a CK eternity. not so into fragrance so not going to put up pictures.

there will be a dinner tomorrow night. organized by malaysian students to sort of 'celebrate' merdeka. not going to mention the ticket price. after converting it will be more depressive than the smell of FCUK him.

oh i suck in football tonight. starting with a -5 performance. toing*

p/s the prices for lucky draw for tomorrow night look delicious and seductive. but i don't feel lucky now. or i used up my luck on the lost wallet incident. sob* sob*

Sunday, August 26, 2007


maybe its just life at uni. loads of assignments queuing to be served. i hardly have time to sniff for the past 2 weeks.

a pic taken during my "ji pai" (自拍) session. b4 going to the church.

had done elevations, sections and perspective manually last week. for the past 3 days, done the plans using archicad. same building, a lil bit of design alteration, 2 subjects. focus on different area when doing the different assignments on the same building. (get moi?)

went to my grp members hse to do assignments for the past 3 days. slept there last night. his room size = my room size x 3 ; my rental = his rental x 2... anyways, i am moving to his room next semester if there is no major disruption. while he move to the other room. during my visit, he cook for me~ (yay. save money)and in the night around 2am, i took his bike to go home. how dark was it? close your eyes and imagine. 4degrees + dark + alone + ghost + creepy + trees with scary branches + moving grasses + shadows + wind + cat + silent

my collection of soft drinks. 99c~!! the lil mtndew i got fr free during some occasion last time.

i love timtam~!! i lost count i had eaten how many of'em.

cereals~ +-700g for +-4 Aud. ok ok la~

went a speedy shopping in woolworths and coles. got really cheap breads from woolworths and really cheap soft drinks from coles. later went back to school to print them assignments out. 1 of my friend treat me a cigga. 1st ciggy in aussie in my school compound. 16aud 1 large box of ciggy...That's Myr48...

bus ticketssss... mahal~!! seriously i am getting a third/forth hand car next semester.

i youtubed namewee. the song rox. i dont think there is any problem with it. i like it. download the video and save it for me thanks. i youtubed riyo mori too... sure sh's hot... but still i like the elva-look-alike in the photo taken by weikee in pc fair.

time to rest. my shoulder had been aching for more than 1 week. couldn't afford to let my left arm to dysfunction.

Monday, August 20, 2007

the 240 minutes of lost and found

august 20, 10.05am
- venue : lecture theater -

i took off my jacket, it was kinda warm in the hall. Justin Beal, guest speaker of the morning. i knew by any chance the wallet tend to slip out from the pocket of my jacket when i take it off, i assure myself to check on it.

present day, 13.13 pm
- venue : group study room -

i suddenly found that my wallet is missing. twas not in my pocket anymore, nor is it in my bag and any possible location. nervous i was. thinking back what i got in the wallet, made me terrified. $410 cash, maybank mastercard, commonwealth bank atm card, malaysia ic, jay chou calender, international student id, utas student id, medibank health card, alot of my handsome pictures(baobei), my very nice polo wallet(thx u guys), and a double-heart RM1 given to me by wanbin apx. 2,628,000minutes ago.

-venue : lecture theater-

students inside already, lecturer wasn't there yet, i rush through the place i was sitting. made a rough browse... nothing found.

-venue : reception counter-

made a report to Darren. He was helpful. i made a decision to go home to double check whether i dropped it in my room, since the night before, was tiring rushing assignment.

-venue : r40 leprena-

i was praying non-stop. but remember back last sunday, i went to church and read a verse said that i will be uplifted and all worries will be gone if i place all things into God's hand. and i did. no. it was not in my room. about to give up, i called my dad, requested my mastercard to be canceled.

-venue : bus stop-

prayed. prayed. and prayed. hoping my phone rings and Darren told me that someone found the wallet.

-venue : lecture

back to lecture theater. its cleared. i have time and space to do an intent search around the place. row by row... i search in between every minor gap... at an instance, miraculously, i spotted my dear wallet~!! sitting in V position in between the steps and the chairs~! holy grace~! i picked it up and nothing is lost~! apparently nobody spotted it.

.: i am so unspiritual, unholy, yet He saved me again and never give up on me, i do not know how to quote a bible verse, i am not familiar with the bible, i am a sinful man. god never fails to make me glad, praise him with all your heart. amen. :.

Saturday, August 18, 2007


check this out :
(courtesy of Hee's blog)

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and also this > wei kee's post

My name appears in their blogs~~ this month.. i lost count of how many CK was mentioned. it makes me feel alive. A-L-I-V-E-N-O-T-D-E-A-D.
Thanks mates... Big kisses MUAX~

Apparently Blogger changed. all in code. I cant change color and font. I dunno how.

hooray~~ ben and kyan (nama baru kena publish-publish sikit)are blogging~ hx, when is your turn?

Went to school today. Did some drawings there. And, walked back. I just knew that there was no bus services as usual during weekends. Crap.
I started walking from 5pm and reached at 6.45. SOOO LOONG MEHH?
Somewhere in the middle of my journey home, I lan liak go explore short cut. But hell knows the town planning here is different. (they have so much land)A route that suppose to be/appealing as short cut turn out to be a "long slash" wasted 10 minutes.
After that, went shopping for groceries in Woolworths. Bought pans and turner. (yay~! they are on sale~)apples, cereals and some quick cook lagsagna and pasta. (Leggo's instant pasta cost 5aud for 2. on sale)spent around 50 minutes there.

conclusion is, walking distance from me house to them school acquire 45mins. something like the sg. lembing night walk. tiring sia... need some rest... cheerios~

p/s : yesterday went city saw Japanese girl on the bus.*slurp* ( i reckon she's from japan... cuz she wears short skirt =p)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

10 things that i hate about the place i stay

  1. low quota internet, upgraded to 1.5gb but still suck
  2. no water tap in toilet beside shower and basin, have to wash foot using my room's basin
  3. cannot maple especially at this very period where Denise is on.
  4. have only 1 hanger pinned into the door.
  5. a stupid fluorescent tube as table light which i never turn it on unless i wan to be blind.
  6. walk to the other block to do laundry. in the cold.
  7. communal room do not have wireless but with a poster stating wireless available. kena tipu.
  8. tv show football instead of REAL FOOTBALL where people play with FOOT.
  9. the bus stop nearest to me is fucking windy. blow blow blow...
  10. 99% of the people here is ang moh gui. sien. cannot communicate. English too noob.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

1 month and 3 days at oversea. miss everyone so much. so its 1 month, and i am sick. yes. now i am sick. the 3rd day already. even after eating lotsa panadol also no use. the sweat just wont come out. i think i will just die here in my room. gg.

Saturday, July 28, 2007


lim xin yee post bout Tassie and i think i should too. There was a trip on Saturday during my orientation before week two. It was a sunny day and at the same time the breeze is very cool.met this skinny guy on my way to the bus stop, i asked for his name. he never answers me, perhaps he was not in the mood. because i can see his face showing the word 'stop'

The Swiss Village
just ignore the 'shopping' most suitable to remain as Swiss Village.
some shops that sell chocs. pay attention to the 'Walls' ice cream brand. its knows as 'Streets' here.
the lakethe lake house
nothing significant to take picture with. this head reminds me of weikee. no offense.. to this head. (^^)

The Vineyard the grapes... were all dried and dead...
view from restaurant in the vineyard.

The Platypus House
the platypus. sorry bout the clarity of picture.. this is the best i got. this guy name 'porky' never stop swimming and moving. noob poser.
the echidna (swt...the spelling check underlined this word.) 3 of this round, neck-less animals with spikes and a long pointing nose+mouth. kawaaii neh~~ they were actually moving right under our feet. 1 wrong step and they are departed.

The Museum cum Gold mine
old school telephone
old school train
animals traps. nice~
shell gas station. since 18xx. So, please use shell.
some fancy mechanism to dig the gold. yeah~ gold digger~

The Bar/Pub
this is actually the oldest pub in Launceston (or tassie?) with scenic view of the river/canal.
having a glass beer while enjoying the sunset. 5 star.

Finally, we headed to a bridge named Batman bridge. (yes i admit the name is kinda noob) Nothing special bout it, and it was already dark and my cam batteries were out. Slept on the bus on my way back.