Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I am melancholy CK

I always thought I am a blessed child. Yes i am but sometimes god's test is inescapable. What makes me sad? Lately not long ago I was flooded by some trouble, and when I am slowly crawling out from the deep self-excavated pit, and while the injury is recovering, and everything seems to go on just okay, I accidentally broke my ipod's casing. darn. Not to mention how much it cost me. damn. But I am able to force myself to look at things from a wider perspective, self-trained since last last time, in some "quite the same but not the same"situation, a mark cause by a deeper cut. Not going to mention but surely not going to forget about it.
enough history, I was trying to open up my case to change a new screen protector, cuz the previous 1 are all mess-up with small bubbles and some fabric trapped in between the screen and the protector. Just when I thought the new 1 could be better, it fucking stick some come-from-no-where fabric dust. okay, grumpy liao. clean the whole thing again, wipe and wipe trying to get rid of those uninvited dust. but since that particular face of the protector is kidna sticky, so cleaning them is a pain in the arse. took me apx. 2 hours to get the best out of it. who knows...
when i plug my ipod into my laptop, it took ages to sync and when it does, pop-up a message stating that the itunes detected a corrupted ipod. I was like WTF. ejected it out, but the ipod screen still showing connected. darn. what is wrong with my luck that night, (yesteday night) OK, i plan to take it to the apple shop the next day, and thought that they might send it to the manufacturer for refurbish or whatever. And so I go to sleep. Fuck up big time.

. . .

Untill this morning, the ipod, just as i thought and hope it would be, ran out of battery, and the screen is off, and after the restart, it was all ok. thank god. but the case, break is break. money gone is gone. be optimistic, the amount of money I lose, I am going to earn them back someday. A much bigger number of it I will earn. Take it as a temporary non-interest bank deposit, or as a kind donations to some campaign, or as a cover for all the cheap discount or free stuff I got in the past 20 years.

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