Thursday, January 31, 2008

whats wrong?

29th of January 2008,
a day that 3 people could never flush away from their memories till the grave...

i used to think i am a blessed child, lost wallet found, 1st class flight, and a lot of minor and major happening. God has always been there for me, until lately, a lot of things went terribly wrong...

i abandoned God from my life. is this a punishment?
and so but God never and never will leave me. is this part of his plan?

Sometimes when shit happens, even the man with strongest faith could stumble and doubt God's ability. "Where is god when this happen? what have and what could have been done by god before that."

shit happens, and i am a pussy who got fucked right in the ass. but to keep the right perspective. lose your possession and dont lose the joy. lose your temper but never lose the faith. think of what happened before that God had brought me through. Do not try to understand what He is doing with your brain, what he is doing is what a man cant even think of. i was blessed, i am still and i will forever be. back to a real man's life i pledge to.

when shit happens, its not about the size of the shit that matters, its about the perspective.


a statement of joy:

there is this conversation between god and a man.
man: what is a million light years to you?
god: a million light years to me is like a second to you.
man: what is a million dollars to you?
god: a million dollars to me is like one penny to you.
man: god can i have one of those penny?
god: sure. just a second.

-joel osteen podcast-

Sunday, January 20, 2008

hari potter 3

final episode of harry hari potter: The Goblet after Fire. Time to show few of my works:

> You don't want to know what happened to this set after the glazing. It took a lot of my effort to paint this out, but i layered the type of glazing wrongly. wasted. sigh.

> Raku glazed. its sort of like a toss of luck and the resulting effect is unpredictable. these 2 are the good ones. at least you can know how unpredictable by looking at the neighboring stuff. Can't give them away, they are still locked inside some glass unit in school, and i don't give a crap to get them back.

> I personally think this bowl is the best. yellow+purple. but sadly my sifu dropped it when handling it out from the kiln. gg my lil bowl.

> I purposely made small bottles because they are nicer; although not functional. it looks nice because sifu used different method to fire it. should have introduced it earlier so i wont waste so many of my works.

End of the boring hari potter story. now i can blog other things. no longer bind by this series~ woo and i am going back kuantan~ woo~ look at the countdown on top~ woo~ sibeh ganjiong... 1st time go Melbourne airport... scary~! and i HAVEN'T FOUND A PLACE TO STAY YET~ NEXT MONTH COME BACK SLEEP UNDER THE BRIDGE!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

hari potter 2

one day, my potter sifu got a challenge. blind attack. i find it quite interesting so i snap the process down.

few minutes he turned a chunk of clay into a round vase. his name is zsolt something, knew it after a few days, told me by a friend who is doing some artifact something course.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

hari potter 1

time to show some masterpiece shit of what i made as a potter... woohooo i am a potter~ on the 1st day of pottery,

owned by clay.

the 2nd day onwards, getting better...
the wheel.. if you never see it before...

small dome feces pieces of clay.

some long time later...

some mugs.

another long time later...

mugs with handle! and 2 plates... more like plates for pasu bunga.

just a minor part of my masterfeces... to be continue sometime later don't know when...

Friday, January 11, 2008

summer course got chic and she's hot

i can tell you there is a girl doing the same ceramic subject i am doing.

>!<imagine Kristen Dunst, with narrower face, bigger rounder eyes, and a pointed, rounder jaw.
i cant focus on my clay when she is around.
i cant stop pausing and look around, probably and obviously towards her seat.

but sadly she is always in the different working space.
and she is always late after lunch and early to go home.

luckily, after the class has finished, there is this daughter of somebody in my ceramic class appears.
apparently i guess and reckon that she is taking summer course just different subject.
so, after her class finishes she always come down and helps her mom to clean up and packing.
her mom is an aunty with great pottery skill, at least she makes me label her geng.
and the daughter is even geng!!!
the way she wear her shirt... geng!
the way her bra is not hidden under the shirt... geng!
the way her boobs are only half covered behind the bra... woohooo~
i have to admit that if i continue staring at the same position for more than 2 minutes, flag might rise, wind will blow, sun never set and the engine never rest. vampire will not thirst for blood anymore.
beside her.. erhem... her legs are too fat... but it will not be that bad after a couple of yoga classes

i love summer art school. beautiful.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

back to school shopping

the 10 days summer course is starting tomorrow! very nervous. has been resting and relaxing for so long.. suddenly back to school.. hope i can survive it. bought some requirements for the ceramic course i am going to take. ride a bike with one of my mate to grab those stuff. hot and tired + my ass is painful because the bicycle seat is killing my ass cells. bought sketch book, brushes, tape, markers, and 2 megazines. still need to grab some extra later...

for those who dunno what ceramic course i am referring to...

grab a table lamp because its super dark in the night.

bought an apron. this is Expensive. $15aud~!! =.=''

a bonus pic. very powerful earphone for my ipod. and its (red).
my apron is (red)
my office chair is (red)
my cookies container is (red)
my table cloth is (red)
my earphones. love it so much.! muax

mirror cell

this morning, not long after i woke up, there was banging on the door again... and yes! yes! yes! wooooooooooooot~ my new phone arrived!!

+ show off time +mirror screen!

Purple wallpaper~

slim siot!

3.2 mp.. T.T lose to xuan de k850

but very nice~ designer phone.

the 1st picture taken by my phone.

bought it cheap from ebay. aussie stock. aussie charger. full warranty. ask me if want to know the trick to buy handphone on ebay. they don't call me prince of ebay for nothing. Still not yet fully understand this phone yet. tonight will spend time with it to improve our relationship.

PS: mirror mirror on the screen, the touchpad keys did make me scream!

Monday, January 07, 2008


and mouse ~ my new mouse~ !!
very big, nice to hold, got blue volcano design, can adjust weight, 9 alterable buttons!!

and this is the original box, but the mouse in it belongs to Xyn. well, practically.

Sunday, January 06, 2008


new year eve, 3 of us housemates played some spike. Later, we walk to the stadium and see the fireworks. Brief post. Simple new year celebration.

Saturday, January 05, 2008


今天我创了new personal record.
Bloody 猪肉~!!


终于,切完了! 开心
可是,手腕好疼··· 呜呜···

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

new~ new ~ new~

i thought its new year and i almost vomit with my previous background. New year, new hope, new opportunity hamik oso new, so as a basic, blogskin have to be new as well. went through hell trying to get things right. Liketh this:
like the rain effects and the colorful blurry background. sadly its fit to a side and thats crab. Photoshop it for a long time but in the end, thanks to the messy stupid html code which the creator made, i give up editing after trying hard. he somehow use another code (which i dunno) to overwrite the previous code (which i can understand). $%#@!

Try the next one:

same thing again, what for the skins all stick to a side? successfully edited things to middle except for the big title and the background. aka: $%#@! again. and i figured that its more comfortable to read or to just open my blog and see who spit in my cbox when the sidebar with my profile is on the left side. Change sia~

finally, decided to use some original blogger template and make editions to it. figured that this stupid blogger changed~!! sibeh gaulat!! click here click there try an error and cant put my cbox in~ crabshit. slowly in grumpy mode i figured that this blogger wants to make things easier for users they made things so easy. Easy in a way u can simply or partly ignore the html system. they got this layout thing u can just pull and drag and stuff like that. and the codes all are more systematic AND extra confusing~~ @.@''

worked for 6 hours continuously and this is my result. you can choose to hate it. its simpler than my past skins, and i kinda like it, at least for now. at least for the effort i put into this edition. at least its still fresh for me. but in the end someday in the future i am going to dump this skin. as i predict i will do so.