Friday, May 21, 2010

fuck gta4

the game has always been good.

aside that it is now more like a shooting game then a gta game. which is quite sucks.

ok sustain until the final mission, where in my story line niko's cousin died and i have to chase and kill the murder.
car chase at first, one man army later, boat chasing chopper after that, ok finally got onto a chopper and its impossible to control it to follow the target. i only get like, 15seconds to keep up with the far away target chopper. fuck it i am not gonna play it anymore.

rot in hell

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

the blues

i purposely write this to piss some devils fans. (if they get to pissed off so easily)

congratulations to chelsea.
they were brilliant.
the amount of goals scored were off the chart.
great team it has become, fantastic players too.

oh ya... nearly forgot about drogba's hat-trick to deny rooney's golden boot chance.

Monday, May 10, 2010

shit games

my pc is loaded up with games. i bought some and i copied some.

there was a game call assasin's creed, which happens to be the worst game i've ever played.

the gameplay sucks. i got bored after 2 chapters.

i pretty much knew it was not meant to be a fantastic game and i could imagine that its pretty darn straight forward and programmed for players to so something and nothing else.

sometimes you need an addictive game besides eye candy. and i won't bother even finishing the game off to see how the story goes. screw you ubisoft and the gang of i-don't-know-and-will-only-care-for-your-incompetency-in-gaming-deign game designers.

screw it i'm deleting it.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

i went to melbourne for site visit... a long time ago.. like few months back, well, one month, or so.

this time was not about fun. a couple of sites visits and a glimpsed of the dark side of melbourne.

the dark street.

nothing much, just a glimpse.