Monday, December 04, 2006

pc fair

woot.. i love this event. i hate the crowd but for those show girls who wear so less expecting me to be there, its worthy. sadly i tot i can work there, 1stly is sonic gear.. then no more chance. secondly is benQ, but then no more oso.. if i was there, i will be standing among their show gals (low, mini white skirt, collar sleeveless bra-top) not the best but btter than ntg. well, the 1st hall, its the ballroom, its my favourite spot. cuz all gals will be here.. and they all for some obvious reasons, dress to kill. i wan to work in toshiba~~ liann work there n told me the salary sux. but, the show gals, are the best~!! tube top, tight, short mini skirt, all while~!! all gals are so breathtaking.(wah~) take my breath away, but sadly they hardly pay attention to the passers-by. who cares~? i just love them.

ask i was walking, i spotted this super hot damn cb sexy girl~! she was with her bf, wow,~~ the point here is that she wears black bra, i can see that clearly cuz her pinky top is kinda transparent, thin material. **** i m sure she din wears panties. she wears those super short short (white) which only cover half of her ass, and i spotted no undies lines. damn i was so freaking attracted to her ass~!! and long fair legs~!! angelic face, with half-curly hair, to bring out the wildness of herself. damn her bf was and is and will be so fcuking syok~! and proud!~! and what more can i say? too bad i dun have a cam~! too bad i was not walking behind her while she was mingling thru the crowd... omg... how dare she wears like tat to klcc? and in this kinda crowd?

a little something about my new hsemate

he study broadcasting. occupation is to become dj derrick in he is in love with the radio station with undisclosed reason. he is furry. he is in the semi final of cosplay event recently. this is him. he is kakashi. yameteh~~

Sunday, December 03, 2006

pc fair

today is the 2nd day of pc fair.. so i went to lowyatt to warranty my vga card. and since when those melayu babi so free all gang go to sg wang and timesquare... i tot they only go to sogo.. hate those malays... useless.... i got in a gang of 3.. 1 gal 2 guys... the guy my fren going to buy n73 as he did. and the gal just follo song nia.. i walk there and c this zhong sheng zhong.. malaysian artist gua.. perform at sg wang.. and browse all thos gundam model that ppl build to compete... damn nice... they all make custom 1.. like add this n that to the original model... super cun~!! if ys n hx were here they will keep on take photograph.. i personally like a gundam wing, infected by alien or so.. he is half alienated... 1 of the wing is alien wing lai... they make with steel wayar. nice. the other is a sailor moon prototype.. i dunno got this model anot la.. the gudnam is gal lai.. wear school uniform, long hair, weapon is saber whip.. nice nice.. then he treat us kim gary.. syok habis.. then me n the gal take metrobus back... then we lim teh at mamak watch arsenal game... while mostly we were chatting... bout anything.... so hmmm... more liu gai dy... then i walk her home... well, near her home since so late d and if got hentai maniac go after her i will regret my whole life.. then i take a quet route home... bath, maple sikit... tel some story to xyn n milo, well, milo.. kim gary de milo super nice~~ and mostly xyn just ignore me just milo accompany me... then i off maple.. too boring. make ppl sleep... now blogging here... will blog bout my new hsemate... guess wat.. its kinda interesting...

Friday, December 01, 2006

.... sleepy post..

today i did 2 homework.. dats a record.. and i m proud.. then i help my fren shift into my hse... so its kinda late n tired now... so i ma blog this n log off.. go brush teeth n sleep... bye~~

Monday, November 27, 2006


ok now.. my washing machine has ntg wrong. just the main entrance of the pipe is block. so its clear now and my pond on the balcony is dry. haha.. nice. i just clean it. and the water thing.also cause by blocked filter. after cleaning it, the filter broke. and we call the pipe-man to fix it. now everything is ok. and i just clean the kitchen and the balcony. so clean now. since no 1 else in my hse will care about the cleanliness. i m the hero~! mosquitoes hate me and ntg likes me. haha..

a new session in my blog-- a secret about lemak.
wat can i tell u? ok 1st secret to tell u all~!! i like dota~!! yeah babe~! thank you n goodbye.

Friday, November 24, 2006



Thursday, November 23, 2006

longtime no post

last saturday, i went to my ah yi house, cuz her new baby gal is now 1 month old~!! yeha.. stil small, i think it takes me 1 kick with 3x power she will mati tong tiao. haha. just kidding.. she is cute~~ and she cant talk~~!! haha.. hopefully she does not provide as much inconvenient to my auntie as his brother... her bro was and is still an insane uncontrollable maniac. haha.. naughty boi-yoh~! so i they invite these chefS frm 1 restaurant to cook and make a buffet dinner at her resident. those food rox hard~ got asi kacang summore~~ satay, curry, prawn, chicken wing, fish fillet etc etc. many ppl came over.. and their kids are so damn Fking naughty~! i think the oldest of them is like 10 yrs old. they are so uneducated, no manners, no fear n no respect. babarians. got mother lay, no father teach. but they all speak fluent english, so it makes sense when i say that rich banana kids are so damn fcuk up. yeah~ i hate them~! to a stranger's place, they can run in and out ur house and room. and ur master bedroom, master bedroom's toilet. F. they so brave they even ask, no, demand me (half host) for the remote control so they can watch Bambi(cartoon). nevermind. since football not strated yet. so let them la.. i so good ma.. then they fight for the remote ctrl cuz 2 tv, 1 astro decoder. 1 of them take all the remotes(as if they are his) and hid it somewhere. he even tot i wanna steal his remote n scolded me. whose kids are these? afterwards, this kids taikor came into my room, there is 1 air bed, and 3 of them play jumping the bed, in my room. fcuk them. but i dint. i pay respect to their parents. and their parents dun give a damn bout their kids. pathetic.

nothing to write bout myself. so today i went to carrefour. with her and a frend which ys think is lenglui. haha. we go buy and walk ler.. as usual. then we hungry and go eat at burger king. the burger king here sux. we have ntg much to do here. so me go do experiment. i use a knife to cut open a hole in a staw nad put a half length straw in to it. to make a 3 way straw. the result is i cant suck the water up and all i can suck is air frm the end of the 2nd straw. noob. then me n the ys-think-pretty-gal ( YTPG) compete to c who can get the most straw in the mouth and suck the water to drink. nice n fun n soffocating. so she start and manage to get to 8 straws. then my turn to start frm 9. then she follows. and so on. our table is full of straws~!! haha.. we continued and reach 16 straws each~!! geng~~ it was so hard to do... every suck u make it chock u with the air u suk in besides the water. but kinda fun lor.. great expereice. with stomach full of coke and grape. zzz.. chiong to toilet after that... now i m back home, resting and blogging. my maple 90% d~!! syok syok~!!

Monday, November 13, 2006

wat happen last week

a visit to KBU in pj on wednesday. there is a talk by this president or chairman of PAM (persatuan architecht malaysia) so we went there by tarc coach... all of us wear our course t-shirt.. . so before the talk, few of us walk around in 1 of their block... there is this cafeteria there and not many people was there... well, it was design school of the col, but it seems like there are no chics around... its kidna rare to spot any pretty gals... as compare to tarc, u can c many many many people by the time u step in frm the main entrance, and when u reach the canteen which is the 1st building u will c when u come tarc, u can see countless chics... for gals, guys in kbu just sucx. i mean the dress code, the fashion and the style just so noob.zz.. well, i think my col is far more cool... .. unlike wat i think of my col when i just reached here.

a second visit to teacher office. well, my fren wanna present his model to teacher, so i follow him there to the office. i cant c my model, then after like looking around for 10 secs, i spot it with the other 3 models on a rack on the far side of teacher's desk... hahaha... special vip seats for our model? here is some pic of all of the models....

-my model, the second frm the left...
-the far left is produced by the best craftmen in my course.
-the far right is the other masterpiece that meke my teacher repeatedly say nice . she only like these 2...
- the third 1 is done before i start to do mine...zzz...

- look at this, made by the top student in my class, i just curi-curi see his result, cgpa 3.88+++ swt...
- the both leg of this model is adjustable, the shinny thing is the led light, yes, the switch is on the left... but unfortunately this is not the final look of it. he is yet to construct his roof, he just put an A4 purple transprent as temporary... superb...

many more nice shelter but due to this freaking slow respond photo uploading speed i think i duwan to post them all... zzz... btw, take care and goodbye... my course is full of assignments~!!! arrgh...

Sunday, November 12, 2006


my result out today. lately i had a dream and i saw my own result is so damn F. therefore, i was so afraid to open up the envelope to c my result.. utill at a time i c thru the envelope and saw my result... so bad arr... 2 As all B... wtf... how can 3-5 others get 1-2B only? i m so noob la...

"starting frm today, i mean this sem, i must dota less, gaming less, study more, hardworking more."

must gimme support arrgh~~ i duwan to continue like a piece of shit... this is the first time i get my own result by my bare hands... normally they send to kuantan for my mom and among frends hardly know each others results... no comparism no competition.. today i m quite down, as u can tell. i ask many of my colleagues for their results... so shocking... they can do so well`~!!! omg... i duwan dota liao.. luckily to help me in this my bs account has been permanently banned~!! yeah.. cheerS~!! god save the queen~!! even though i got few back-up id, but the username cheekang is far too lame... pwn oso tak syok.. my cgpa super low... cannot like dat la.. must change abit... must become hardworking... so the talent that god provides me can be manipulate well.. i wan get a good result~!!!!

PS: 1 of the A that i got is legal studies. and there are total 6 persons in my course who get A. something to be happy of? i dun Fking think so`!!! i m noob~!!!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

deja vu

y? cause 2 continous day i play 2 dota match on each day..

day 1, the first game i got priestess and the 2nd game i got luna.
day 2, the first game i got priestess and the 2nd game i got luna.

both my priestess not geng... zzz... die 5 times... same... both use arrow to kill my first target...
both my luna first blood people... zzz... same lane... both oso kena end when got wicked sick...

deja vu~!
deja vu~ babeh~!

i did my model d... i like it cuz afterall its my own design n hardwork... sleepless night... ahh... torchering~!
the pic will be update soon... i just got 1 pic wit me... and its not fully done yet... now i submitted it to teacher d... so be patient to observe my noobster piece~!!

sneak peek >>

the angle quite weird... the work quite dirty... aih... but i like the roof~! i got the most complexly done roof in the whole class~! well, not the most complex in design... u know some others use 1 lapis of hard paper to make roof.. i uses 3!! with plastic to make it looks so damn nice when u see it under the roof. and its fully sprayed in silver colour to emphasis the steel i used. the roof support.. those are the headache part... took me quit longtime n trapt me in the middle of model making and designing and supporting the heavy roof with just 5mm thick of card board.. hard hard... luckily its stands... hopefully its still standing...
the rapid kl is just for fun... so tat people know this is bus shelter.. not taxi shelter.. ok gtg.. hungry~~

Monday, October 30, 2006

posting streak

woot... another post in a row...

ok here i go... aih... sad thing is just now 1 of my housemate had move to a new place... kinda sad... she is a kind girl... my course rep... we once was kinda good fren... 1 of my first 5 friends in my col... well, we use to crap around and stuff.. it was fun... and there was a gang of us always go yc, shopping, movie and stuff... so life is kinda fun... all of us cook in our new house, party everyday, 4 of us staying together have time to sit down and chat til midnite... then there was this guy... he was a friend of me n her... both close.. he was my best pal once... due to some misunderstood... totally misunderstood, we havent talk since then... and then among us a whole gang of frends started to divide... division and many proplems then continually appeared among people in our course... well, then after a few month, my relationship with jeanie (my hsemate) started to change...after she is together with 1 of my frend... i dunno wats the main reason... maybe actually we cant really stay together... maybe there are some misunderstood, some misinterpretation... mis here and mis there... relationship starts to crack... well maybe we dont really understand each other well... aih.. maybe i said something wrong at a wrong timing... maybe i did something that hurt her... maybe i'm not as socialble as i tot.. dunno how to handle relationships... and maybe some other reasons... to be honest... me n her had been thru a kinda critical moment... because of some misunderstood.. not quarrel, not a fight, just a cold war... thankfully its repaired now.. but the scar will be there... watever it is... i hope tat she do just fine... hopefully she can find herself and manage to live her own life cheerfully...god bless.. er.. warning, no intimate relation among us la.. c'mon la bang, just pure frends... like classmates lor...

well.. the story ends here.. and back to the normal post of mine... another 2 review of music album~!
1> the killers-sam's town --> ratings 6.5/10 ... not suitable for those who dislike the killers style... i fall to it since i listen to the first album... but maybe its still new, i prefer the first album more than this new 1.. keke...
2> john mayer-continuum -->ratings 7.5/10.... ahhh~ the word to describe this.. its soft.. soulful... can bring out the feelign when u are alone in the night... after a meaningful day... it can makes u feel down if u r down. tat sort of music.. relaxing....

tired... just help her to shift hse... remind me of 11 months ago.. the same way i help her to move to this house... a friend... thank god i manage to pull it back up frm falling apart...

--------------POSTING FREENZY-------------

Sunday, October 29, 2006

good morning post

wah... too hungry so i wake up to eat 2 slices of cake... then wtfpwnd i saw a black figure fell frm above to my table.. ~!!@.@ it has haste. super fast speed i cant c wat is it it run to the behind of mi fridge.. i.m quite sure tat it is a mouse... cz its dark.. and has tail... and its a freaking climber... (camp5?) as i stay high frm grd level... and mouse live under grd level... but how can he get up here??
ermm... i had watched 1 episode of hellsing since ben sen gimem the dvd... aih.. busy.. and i had downloaded 2 new albums... heres a quick review...
1> paris by paris hilton.... ratings : 8/10 or above... i dunno y but this whore can sing abit.. and the songs all very nice composed... well done~!
2> the open door by evanescence... ratings: 7/10... evanescence... promising la.. nice la... rock la... but not tat interesting as the old 1... dun have the guy rapping... aiseh...

dota 6.38 reiew....
1 new hero... call the priest.. n u cant c her head... cuz the tiger she riding is considered more impotant to icefrog. (ice FROG, now get their frog name emphasize by addingthe LEAP skill.) those new items all sukky... i tried the new cape.. got many aura dat 1... i wonder if all make dat will it stack... all armor high high... the crow is the shit... use it as observer? ayam, 200+mesos, boot, 500 mesos, all together 700++ mesos... for a freaking bird... worthless... 1 thing i hate the most is the stupid kereta... wtf y put them in? aih... make dota so unlike dota... good news!! hyperstone less 150 mesos, wraith band less another 25 mesos, and desolator(un-pop d) got a dmg increased~!!

course feedback...
this week, gotta design a bus stop, draw it out, make a steady model (omg) model arr... hard hard... dunno how to do... omg... design oso hard.... get a nice 1 but teacher say similar to a rival, so kena do again.. aih... actually got 2 designs previously approved d... but a designer oways want more... (...wit celcom postpaid, u get to enjoy more, wat more can i say? bla bla) so.. if any1 got any idea on wat materials shuld i use in the model making... let me know ...

past week report...
1. police say: simpan itu document... lain kali jangan hilang dompet...
2. bankers say: u have to wait at least 2 hrs to get ur bill paid.... swt...
3. body-poo n hair-poo still in pending list..
4. lemak is now level 52.(will stagnant till dunno when)
5. house rental still belum bayar... swt...


Thursday, October 26, 2006

hari raya holiday

go kuantan. lost all dota game in coolx.
go make passport. take pic din comb hair.
go movie. the pledge, the turn ,the prestige.
go the cc infront my house. connection n display SUX.
go pj. c my auntie's new born daughter.her length is like ur screen width.
go wangsa maju. my hostel. just to find tat......

my beloved geforce 6600 vga card is spoiled~!!!
go take the old mx 4000 put into my pc. lucky still support dota n maple. (maple needs a more decent card than dota)
go make a phone call to ATE ask for warranty. will bring my injured card there soon.

to do list:
go police station cancel my report.
go back to reactivate my back card.
go shopping for hair-poo n body-poo (shampoo n bodyshampoo)
go pay bills.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

friday the 13th

ok today is friday the 13th... which sounds so cool so i decide to write down wat happen to me today...

i wake up at 11+pm... then eat 3 ham jin biang. as this is my last day in kuantan.. i copy some songs to my pendrive la. found many songs... then i go search for some tabs for those songs which i found nice... so i end up tuning my guitar to play iris, tune it back, play some christian songs, some james blunt.. till my finger aching...i played so hard.. i strum so kuat... i was kinda under ecstatic condition.. high high~! after dat.. i go play 1 dota match.. used enigma.. got pa leaver(noob) opponent got hero chantek-gondar, drow, sk, lord, cm. we got axe(qiang), bara(geng), ant. i tot we losing.. cuz after pa died 2 times he left.. i no mood play.. farm like shit... but our axe n bara so determine.. and opponent oso noob noob dei... wo we win liao... haha.. not nice de game..feel sien...

then 3 plus.. argue with mama for the car.. then go megamall...too late for movie.. just walk around with a new frend... crapping... eat drink.. then go home... bring my dobby go pee pee, i never bring my dog around since i dunno when... well... he still stinks.. haha... old doggy.. then i bath.. watch tv awhile.. sms sikit... then dota... aih.. ntg to do but dota... wat a noob... dunno y after 1 hour in the game(i m luna) i die 1st time lafter 1 hr dunno y whole pc hang d... swt... ping taken.. sure kena ban liao... kelian~ not my fault la... wuuwuuu... (aku godlike de neh,... but kena gb end liao.. swt)

after all the chi kek thing, i go c my blog lor... saw pao pao link me... with a kinda sot de name... wat liu chee kang lin chee kang.. .swt swt... then saw terry in msn put msg wat friday the 13th... so i ma post this lor...
p/s: 2 days till school open.... swt swt... 6 days till result send to home... die die... live life full while u still can.. ciaoz~!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

genting trip bab 3?

gone genting ... follow a dunno wat trip with parents... parents include papa mama didi n me... sleep at 4 the day before... (dota with ys after feeder in blood..zzz) then waken up by mama at 5.50am... omg... i tot i just fell asleep...zz... then walk to farmasi voon there cuz the bus is there to bring us to stadium... y there? i dunno... y walk? no transport... all kena go siapa fetch? then wait there change bus n all mafan stuff till 8++ only take off.. i think 5-6 buses all together... nothing much to say on the bus cuz i sleeping and 1 thing for sure is the bus is freakingly old... its bouncing like u-know-wat, shaking like osim de horse riding machine..zz.. then reach the skyway thing.. wait for dunno how long then go up there wait for dunno how long to check in then settled d its 3 pm. so go walk around with parents... till dinner time then eat a damn low class not nice de buffet with whole lots of old kampung folks(forgot to mention tat this trip members is made up of 85% old ah ma n ah pek. they dunno buffet i think... pnb they they just force their way to the food they want.. force here means Fcuk Or Rush Chiong Enter.. use other gournet punya spoon to take the other 1.. cuz they hardly can wait for oothers to finish taking their foods... damn damn queue up in their dictionary... mkch take food oso no manners... like never eat before... knn.. curse curse...
after eating i just go back n sleep... 8 pm sleep till 10 am... i was sleeping like dead.. and miss the main show tat night... after wake up.. go jagei at vision city... yehha~! i rediscovered virtual on 2~! nice nice... then eat kfc.. kfc here suks~ the best kentucky u can find in malaysia is KLIA perhaps... then check out 2pm... wait till 3+ go down by gondola.. then wait till 4++ in the bus for all members in the bus to show up.. ok
the bus stop at dunno where after 30min... whcih i m still sleeping.. then it stops again at 5.45pm... which is after another 60 min... at a stupid row of shops in karak or sumthing for dinner?~!@#!@ i remember the indian restaurant name restaurant JAYAL.. fucker the jibai ask me apa mau? i ask tandas mane? the hkc say tandas tarak.!@#! sohai tea maker... want to save water huh? save ur teh tarik la mh~! i pissed off.. regreted i din givem a middle fingger. ok we return to road at 7pm... stupid 1 hr break.. then at 8 pm, it stops again at petronas.. luckily its not for long.. but all those time wasting stops really time wasting..>.< 5 hour on the bumping bus.. siao kah liao liao~ reach home at 9pm. tired.
people i met in this trip : Mr Leong(u guess it right. .chemical leong, as lengzai as ever) mr tan sing, kianhan punya lou dao lou mou, some strangers only my father knows... and some young girls... boh sui geh.. >.< tats all..
p/s : genting memang entertaining.. hehe.. o.0

Monday, October 09, 2006

-this blog ain't daed-

all the last thing that wont last
last dota match - with hx, ky, cc, sy. my boney-chan kill 3, dies 8 or 9.= feeder bone
last movie watch - miami vice.. sleepy movie is wat they said...
last gal i fetch - ngek ngek...
last person i call - ngek ngek...
last person i chat with - a VIP
last poem i make - link to cc's blog bah~
last thing i eat - pear
last tv show i watch - miu tiu sukk nui (wah lai toi 8.30 pm sunday)
last msn msg i received - 1.49am
last thing to write - nothing
last thing to do - post this crap

Monday, September 25, 2006


ok.. reached today.. .ntg special... miss the fun this morning.. 2nite raining n dark... and saw an accident on the way home... not actually saw it... but my dad n mom did... the say this oncoming car suddenly turn left..which there is no route there... an bang~! kena divider and kaki maountain..then mom call police... then no police no bomba no ntg appears on the opposite route when we on our way home... cb police... duwan save ppl... sigh.. malaysian... courtesy ? where goes? oic.. all goes to lrt... haha... everytime oso see people give place to senior citizens and pregnant women... aih... blog again when i did something here... oh btw.. my mom keep on scolding me of my hair.. too long and menjatuh maruahnya.. haha... so will go cut in these few days... ok dats all for today.. stay tuned for more exicitement... (where i get this line from?hmm..)

lost wallet

ok... dat day... friday... i o out with 1 guy and another guy with breast. (u can guess who is he) then on the way home, in station dang wangi, i was too freaking tired n laid on the chair... then the train arrive then i stand up, with my ass scrub the corner of the seat, then at the time i think my wallet was forces out frm my pocket.. without myself noticing it... then when i reach wangsa maju, i touch my ass as usual and realized i have lost my wallet... then i take the train back to dang wangi...( 7 stops if i not mistaken) then ask n check around.. tak dapat.. then mah go back home lor. the next day go report police... pay rm2 for 2 piece of paper... then go home... with only 10 bucks in my pocket... zzz ... then live on as usual.. the next day, which is sunday, i woke up by a guy... my photostat guy, he called me to inform me tat a guy called him to ask for my number... said he got my wallet... n trying to contact me to gimme back... so then he ask me to wait for tat guy's call... then dat guy call me... ask me got go college anot.. .i tell him holiday.. then he ask me whether monday can go theis cheraton hotel near dnag wangi station find him look for this dompet, then i say i going home later 5 pm... and only return after 3-4 weeks... he shock abit then he ask me to go to this taman jaya station to meet at 2 oclock... (dats y i dare to go alone... cuz i know dat he does not plan the thing itself... ) then i go meet him up n he return the thing back to me... without a cent missing,... wow... super nice guy.. indian... angelic... an angel returning a wallet to a devil... wahahah... then i go back home.. wait for my parents,.. then go to a yi house.. so it ends here i tot the story if my wallet... but jes now, my fdather got a note in the mailbox... and it says tat ur son liu chee kang has lost his wallet in kl... for details pls call 016-9xxxxxx. walao... then my mom go call this number... so its a owner of a sport shop nearby "kao(dog) wong(king) yeah~!" this man came to my house twice n because we all were in kl.. so he left a note... a super kind man oso... sigh... so tat ambuneh (quite tall) actually called all the numbers on my card in my wallet... just to find a way to return the wallet to me... i m sure he called billy(the low yat guy) ah miao(the old 70 guy) ah sam(the hair stylist) and the 2 i mentioned... such a nice guy... super kind... where to find? its me who are blessed with luck.. provided by god... who else? but angels sent frm above to save a worthless owner frm aparting with his wallet.. aih.. sigh... do i deserve all these? i m just a feeder.. and a feeder dont deserve a divine...

Thursday, September 14, 2006

6 hero in 1 team.. zzz

swt jes c n count and if u r free.. list down the heroes name.. wakakka...

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

the midnite oil

yes.. i try to sleep but fail.. as i use to sleep very late.. but 6 more hours will be my 2nd paper... so if i sleep i scared i m not able to wake up.. so i ma just study while resting..

Friday, September 08, 2006


today.. for being 2 hours early to skool, with my frends i went to library to revise for the last time... and when i step out of the library, i saw an angel*~~ she wears white sweater... and we have eye contact... ahhh~~wat a pleasant afternoon for exam...
well, then i was sitting in the exam hall... ten minutes into the exam, i peek thru the window (i use to sit beside windows) and saw a pretty figure, passing by.... well, after that, she enters into my exam room, shit~ super beauty~ another angel*, she wears black jacket, a total contrast of the earlier angel i saw... wow~~ at the second she sits down, i "ah-choo~!!" yea.. i did sneeze...oh god~! how thankful i m to have a chance to sit in the same class with an angel... and to encounter 2 godsent in 1 day...
well.. so 2 hours pass and i did my paper.. and so comes the chance for me to kap her... again.. n again... thank god again, she fail to find her bag... she was like moving right behind me~! RIGHT BEHIND ME~!!! extending her neck, ermm right behind my right shoulder, peeking into the crowd of bags to look for hers... (my bag was located there) then her expression told me she is looking for her bag... so being so proud i saw it n show to her... ~!! omg... cant believe we actually talked~!! nvm it.. then followed her down stairs.. and i love u god to be able to see tat she is actually taking off her jacket~!! 0.O whoalemak~!! a white singlet she wears underneath the balck jacket... omg... she fills my defination of angelic complexion with devilish body~!! **** yes~!! superb body~!! along with a scent of fragrance... she pass me by to her destination... oh ya~! she uses nokia 7610~!! =p

count down..

another 12 n a half hour to go... my 1st paper... legal stuDIEs.... legal.. law.. omg/.... so hard... the notes frm my lecturer... a pro lecturer( head of the course) but teaching method suK!! real SUCK~! u know, every school have a mad crazy psycho teacher.. and he is it... words cant describe how he teach.. he can sort of like doing funy thing and the other second turn into a balrog... so as expected, he din give us tips... and his notes are crazy.. u wont understand 100% frm wat he tryingto say... so i study the other course lecture notes.. which the language is so damn PRO... have to re-read n go thru dictionary again n again to really know wat it means... and many field words, so new n so hard... eg. Battery = A phsically touches B (抽水 is battery) and quit = tanah... zzz... sigh.. not to say any longer... have to revise again... ciaoZ~~!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

exam week..

my oh my.. its the exam again.. the scarriest event of the whole sem... so aproximately 2 weeks before exam, i always stay back and study in library... so the few days i felt so meaningful.. well, perhaps the 1st time this sem which i feel so.. like study.. library is good, cuz when u get bored , u can always scan around u for chics, and u also get to read the newspaper, go play with the lift which absurdly prohibits students to use... the library life does not last lng for me... as i try to study at home... which... those who have been to my house know the limited space of it and there is a superb invention which we call computer on my desk... so well, who knows me know its hard for me to study. plus, my housemate and his frends always come to play dota... (there is only 2 terminal here and outstandingly they enjoy 2 person fighting against computer, AI map they call it, again n again n again n again.... zzz) haha... do u know how eye sore it is to see people fighting against AI and still keep on shouting n screaming and showing their logical item built and reasonable skill build and hero and wateva.. they just seems like omg... i dunno how to explain.. (FYI: AI is super sedap, theres no reason to be happy or shout to each other or the AI or be ecstatic when u kill one of their hero) to get a way from it, i study in room, on bed... sigh.. cant help... i cant wake up to go to skool library and the cozy condition in library somehow makes me sleepy... so god bless me and hope that i can remember and get to study well... go go go... S-T-U-D-Y

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

exam coming...

since the exam is coming,... its so damn boring to study everyday....


Sunday, August 27, 2006

departure of a lovely teacher

ms louise ho.. 1 of the best lecturer n tutor i've seen in my degarde colege. she is young n chubby ><~ super responsible in teaching us.. she loves us so much.. n she never absent for class.she help us by giving extra class at an xtra time... good huh? she teach us srtuctural studies which include l calculating those reinforced steel bar n links n stuff like that in a column, beam n so on... (kinda hard huh? well it is.. ) her main purpose is to make sure all of use to knwo wat she teach.. above all, she gives adequate amount of tips b4 exam... so in my evaluation she is the best of all my teachers... sigh... know y she left us? cuz in the end of every sem, they will let all the students evaluate their teacher... and there is this 1 unknown frm QS course (we happen to have lecture with the course) according to ms louise, in her final lecture, she told all ofuse in the lecture hall that she is grateful fot the person who write a 4 letters word in the evaluation sheet. well the words which i guess is the favorite quote of viv... (go c her blog for the matter of fact) no matter who the person is , i think he or she is a bastard... well now he or she succeed n cause our beloved teacher to resign. oh lame bastard~! how dark the con of men... f***!!

Sunday, August 20, 2006


sigh... feeling damn bored now... feels like dropping a blog here... well, i AM actually dotaing... using lion... solo against razor... kena 1st blood n bully... till lvl 10 i die 3 times d... then fed up... so i afk... but at the mean time, while waiting for this stupid blogger to load, i use my lion to buy 6 tango, eat a roll of tree into the north of my base.. (scourge) go stay deep in the jungle... haha.... so now i m trapt... no1 can save me... i got a screen play with me~!!

sigh... y so boring nowdays? last nite wanna do pq till lvl 51, but got noob parties... damn... end up with 1 pq in 2-3 hrs... then i sleep.... know y i define them as noob? cuz its 4 in the morning. and they keep on tracing for stg 8 party... i mean... whaolemak~!@@ 4 am ppl instinctively will surf channel la.... omg.... so i quit the party, then got into another nothing different party... tthis 1 showing his noob-ness by saying he wanna quit game and rejoin to c which ch has fewest people.... i was like.. stunned.... omg.... mb milk powder nowdays contains too much of noob-stances... causing new lil kids to be xtra noob... sigh...

sigh sigh... when i on my pc, i often warm up by playing 1-3 game of winnng eleven 9. and i f***ing hate saudi arabia... i dunno y this stupid game creator can make them so noob but score against my world cup winner italy with ease.. **** i dun even know the arabians name~!! and i keep on replaying till finally i win them 0-1... lame huh? they overwhelme me with ball possesion.... argh... cant stand... and david beckham also 1 of my most hatred.... england.. despite of their pro noobness in wc2006, this david beckham-in-the-game have 98% crossing and freekick accuracy... and i hate it... he can assist from craze angle, score freekick like ur keeper tot himself as the striker... lame game.... sigh... my goal scroing rate in the game is like 1 goal per game... and its super boring.... oh ya~!! and the commentator sux too~!!

Monday, August 14, 2006

another weekend.. part 3

sunday... wake up around 10 am.. cuz super hot like oven in cc room... then shift to the other room to continue sleeping again... (whole night slept alongside cc...gayish) then around 12 pm ys come wake me up again... then c him dota... then my turn..(finally my turn, but not full match.. going to win but got ppl pp..zzz) then we went this stupid carnival to get some foods.... pizza, burger and stuff... then eat all and take a bath off me n ys go to his hse.... in cyberjaya... whoalemak.. took bus.. rapid kl... haha... good... comfy... and cheap.... till ys there is around 5+ d... so i copy my stuff... while he slept... then 8 pm he take me to the bustop then we dismiss. so i take the bus til a place to change bus... i shuld've wait n ask there for the T43 bus to kelana jaya.. then i can straight away take lrt to my place... but instead of doing that, i took T42 to serdang ktm again... 9 pm, the stupid coutner closed d, and so many people queueing to buy rm thr machine... and i saw myself missing 1 train because of the stupid machine cant take folded money.... so waited for another 20 minutes (cuz the guy sitting beside me told me exacly how long we had been waiting...) then took the thing to central... got 1 group of chinese talking there,, near my seat... they speak fluent china-ese.. then got 1 family which i think is hongkong toursist sitting in front of me... speaking fluent hongkong-ish... whoalemak... tourist taking ktm... so now they realized how suck our system is... reached central.. waited for lrt... then dunno till which station got 1 chic bboarded.. we got kap each other.. iswear its true... and she is holding a frame piece of art ? maybe... can c.. covered up.... then we both also want to go wangsa maju.. and i was thinking of helping her to take her stuff... but damn i m too coward... zzz... then seh walked so fast..(mb thinking tat i m a bandit or wateva.. bad guy? pervert? shuld be...) she go take the lift... i take the stairs.. then she dissapeared.. then i walk back to my place... eat maggie goreng pattaya there n watched liv vs chelsea... liv won btw... yeha,.... damn chelsa wasted talent n money.... the game spoiler... boo~~

another weekend.. part 2(warning:vulgar languge included)

saturady... wake up around 10... by the msg of limys... then sms awhile wit him, i fell asleep again... till 12 like dat... then wake up prepare awhile go met him to go cc place.... so i went the good siu yok stall to eat siu yok gai fan., then lrt to central, then waited a frustated 40 min at the ktm station, then another fucking 40 min in the train itself.., stopign rite infront of the sentral statiion... jibet there is no air cond in the train... makachibai pack like shit... super fed up... then finally it goes... 5 min later b4 the mid valley station..(as usual) it stop to let the other train to take the rail 1st... (so sohai need to sharethe same rail.. tiu nia seng) then siper slow sial the ****ing train move.. then suddenly electricity broke down... **** ****~!!!! tak leh tahan.... feels like boming the company at that instant... well.. it was a short electricity break.. so still ok... then concerning the super slow speed snail train it took me 30 minutes to reach serdang station... which i see the frustation-not-les- than-me ys there... well, he hav2 wait for 5 minutes for me to touch n go thru the entrance,,, super many ppl... deng... then we took 10 bucks taxi till cc place and we went this carnival which is not look like carnival thingy in uniten stadium..(more details, pls visit and so on.. concerning the dota part, we take turns... and i was so damn lucky tat when i type the -random during my turn, got ppl left game.... and they rmk the game... so there goes my turn... zzz.. 1min game... arrgh... nvm la... since cc pc is extremely lag.. so i can tolerate... then watch cc dota tinker... then too sleepy just sleep on his bed...

another weekend.. part 1

friday... planning to go to class at 8 am... but when i wake up its already 7.59... so i ponteng...
then i wake up at 12... play some games... then plannign to go back ktn,... so i decided to borrow car frm my fren... but then suddenly cs lure me to go back next week.. then so i give up the plan... and decide to go back next week... suddenly, i tot of a stupid trip next week... my course 1... zzz... so no choice.. cant go back d...T_T then i stay at home... playing games... stuff like that...

Monday, August 07, 2006

tag? how it goes?

9 years old, i was std 3 huh? still in chungching...same skool with my mom,the first primary school i was in... and kinda forget almost all the thing.. yah.. got PTS (an exam to let u skip std perkypie did it, milo did it.. and so on..) well, my mom din want me to skip so i noobly do the test.. and i know i choose the bottle with most water as the 1 that cre8 highest amplitud... noob huh?? >.<
2001, Form 2. ermm... ntg much to talk about... was in the same skool with mom again... err.. super noob.. din kap lui... and was super good boi.. ( i think) 1 of a few who brings a lunchbox to skool... same class wit perkypie... since she tag me so i have to mention her... and she was not as pretty as she is now... and ermm.. ntg much la.. frm 2 wor... yeah.. my hair is the infront stand up gay hairstyle... (most gays do that style..)

1 year ago i was:
In tarc.. which i really dislike cuz in my thought it was a lame school.. lame name... sigh.. i was here now... tats life...i was in my old hse here.. make new frends in col.. and stuff like tat.. yeah.. and i help my course team to get into football tourney final... first time in my course history... haha.. bangga..

she new song.. hsemate open... no choice but to hear.. and it keeps on updating.. cuz my hsemate pc mp3 on non-stop 1...

beter man
happy birthday
truly madly deeply
qing tian...
(many lah.. but truthfully i dunno all negaraku n pahang anthem words.. )


a godess fly to help me get all the answer frm my pal in exam hall
a wallet that produces rm100 per day... (im not greedy)
brain that can remember all in 1 glance
a new hp
a new pair of sneakers


Family and friends and some of my treasures

stil wondering how to tag.. some1 pls explain to me~>..<~


ermm.. last friday nite lim99 come my place stay overnite... we talk talk play play as usual ler... c his blog if i miss out anything.. well.. he slept the other day morning 10 am.. pqing frm <10% lvl 48 to lvl 49... zzz.. giler punya... then 2 hrs later i woke him up n we went midvalley meet up wit cs n milo.. (he slept <2hrs)

so we walked around as usual.. looking for locker for his very heavy bag... but end up with >50% of the lockers are spoilt.. and all used up.... so he have no choice but to carry his sack of rock for the rest of the journey.. pity him... luckily last time cs had proved to him wat a true strenght of a man by carrying his laptop~!!! and some etc in his bag to shop wit us..withou any complaint... salute~!!

so.. we went looking for shoes... went some soprt stores... they cant find wat they want.. (the 2 gays.. lim99 n milo want to buy pink color shoe... dunno kena electric shock or wat.. ) so they cant find any, while i found a pair of puma.. latest stock.. tot got 30.. but its 189.90, fixed price.. cant afford... i m not the devil who wears prada...then give it up... well, 1-2 hrs spending time in mid but end up with ntg.. yah.. we did meet up wit aili sumwhere in the middle of the process..

so we took taxi to sg. wang.. and the 2 pinky crazee went on for their pinky shoe hunt... while i, for being not so gay, went looking for my longing sweater.. n bought it.. yeha.. (honestly need it cuz last week i was like freezing to death in the lecture hall... ) then we accompany the pinky gays.. into a all-shoe-shop.. with a rack of pink shoes... but very fortunately unfortunate, wat they pick dont have their size... haha.. sadly enough.. pity milo... then walk walk walk till finally milo got his shoe.. which lim99 oso favor.. but to prevent their gayness to be over the limit, he decided not to buy... and the overexiting milo forget to bargain n negotiate for the price.. end up kena slash deeply, cold bloodedly..

after that we went low yat.. for i need to ask to solve my webcam prob.. which dunno y cant go with my pc... (F***).. and ys wanna help his honey to look for 2 256 mb pendive for around rm60...we did browse thru most of the shops but most of them din sell 256 anymore.. cuz 512 is only a few dollars more expensive than it... and we cant take 2 256 for the price of 1 512... so.. terpaksalah.. beli yg 512 punya... n the pity guy as usual get a full mouth frm his u-know-who...
in the process, cs left us.. to meet up his fren to fetch him back... so nice.. its good to have frends with cars.. ya.. cars, not motor and not plane.. cars is the best.. then we eat mcD till 8.20, which cause ys to miss his bus.. sorry la boss~~ and me n milo went teman aili to get her clothes.. just awhile.. then we all went home.. dats all.. and as usual, milo oways bully me...T_T.. y? y? y? he oledi more handsome than me n gets all the girls...

Monday, July 31, 2006


on this sunday, i follow my parents and my aunt's parents to this boulevard hotel beside mid valley to eat buffet... after jamming along the way we reached there.. haha. . buffet~!! variety of the food is common and usual... nothing special... and perhaps its not so varuety... no cheese cake... well, nevermind, i rush to get the foods, and tried all... f*ing full~~ those food are not as good as i expect.. sigh..i mean its not up to its standard... few star hotel ler... whoalemak~ my mom says the toufu stinks, the vege is too hard.. bla bla bla.. well i keep quiet al the while... thos gold cuts are as nice as usual. ( dunno y i like them, and my dad just hate'em.) the ice kacang is nice..(cuz u get to make it urself..) the fried rice sux... the chickens sux.. my bro says the fiish sux... he likes the rojak.. the spagetti sux.. luckily they got the pasta right... the tomyam and asam laksa is nice... those cakes are normal.. and the others as usual... so i go back to my hostel straight frm the ktm station... and trust me its faking suffering with ur tummy full of yummy on those trains.. dont try this at home..


last saturday went this victor wong n emil chow mini concert. went with my parents and my granparents and my auntie's family.we got plenty of free tickets. its located sumwhere in the nowehre.. cuz every1 have to park their transport at a sort of parkign area, then queue and wait for bus to take us to the concert place... the whoe place is a constuction area... and there is a big park and the park is done so the concert is held there.. its sort of like the company in charge of the whole construction plan arrange the stars to be there... its easy and simple stage.. we were late so when we get there its already packed with thousand of people... but with this so call vip ticket in hand, we go through all those standing people and get our seats.. so good huh? the truth is we can only c a 3cm figure of those singer frm our seat.. and so victor was almost done with his part when we settled down. well, nice songs but dunno those names but i'm sure i've heard it before... after that its emil chow's turn to sing.. nice songs.. i listen to those even when i was a kid.. and then thats this game part.. he is a super humorous guy~!! get the whole crowd laughing by doing funny ats and telling jokes... haha... then he waved goodbye after a few more songs... in the end, that is this fireworks show~!! damn nice... freaking scary~@@ i have to admit... its right in front of us... first time for me... so close ... thos fireworks-butt(dunno how to say it) were falling from the sky all over me... and i spotted this fella open his umbrella to protect himself... haha... the show last for dunno i think about 10 minuts... or less then... and it friggin nice...~!!! damn pretty~!!! even more costly~!!!@@ then we sort of like walked 15 minutes back to our parking, well, half way thru we boarded a bus to save the energy... and its super traffic jam~!! this is the time i have time to peek around .. haha... no chics spotted.. and people here mostly are a family and couples... well.. more families than couple... age ranges from 3 yrs old to 70. no joke.. hmm.. maybe all buyers of the apartment get free ticket and they just sort of bring the whole family here to fill the seats.. well the story ends here.. 1st time in concert, and those songs are cun~! starting to download~!! haha~~

Saturday, July 29, 2006

I'm so ashame of myself

1. their blogs language are too freakin' good
2. even ys (lim99) go to the library
3. i cant dribble anymore (dAMN)
4. lemak's leveling progress is too slow
5. impotence is going to get ban(and its a great name i think)
6. milo(cc) is asking ppl to accompany him to the library
7. i am watching transformers.. yes the cartoon i watch when i was like 7...
8. my hsemate is doing assignments... while i m like doing ntg
9. just find out that perky has a meaning
10. still a dota noob

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


i cant post the .dwg image file.. so i cant show u all wat i draw using autocad for my assignment.. sadly.. cant show off.. sigh... luckily, u all wont get the chance to laugh at my work.. nvm. i briefly tell u all.. there are 2 style of drawing things(things means all the think in this world that u can think of) one is by using the surface tool, secondly is the solid tool. well, the name of the tools says it all wat it means.
I use my surface tool to draw a samapn.. very easy when u look at it but its qute hard lor.. the head of the ship is hard.. cuz i dunno how to curve from 1 point to a line.. its impossible but i figured a way out.. proud~~ and the big flag on the ship is hard oso. as it must look as if its moving from all side... thx to my brain as it gets me thru this hardship.. proud~~ it appears to look like a solid because i did double layer surface.. haha.~~ proud.. unfortunately, after shading and rendering, it looks simple... T_T

I did 2 solid tools item, one is a folk guitar~muahaha, the other is a wooden horse.. as for solid tools, its super limited for the thing u can do cuz there are many command that the teacher din teach.. and its super hard to do curve.. u have to draw a sphere and another shape then substract or intercept each other to get the shape which they in tersect or substracted.. and there are some part(eg. the neck of the guitar joining the back board of guitar, curve + pointing out while curling..) still impossible to do in solid... and u cant combine solid tools with surface tools in this project.. zzz.. so my guitar cant be perfect after 6 hrs of hard work... saddist.. as for the trojan horse(donkey) i have taken 3 hrs or so to finish.. i figured out a new command and did the body of it which u cant do in normal extruding way.. i tink i m one of the few who uses this.. muahaha... and so my donkey is done... quite easy but still some mind jacking time consuming parts... all these are screwing me up.. make me damn mad at times...

so thats all.. mission accomplised, good night and continue to own in dota.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

special testS

ok.. i was sick... and sicked.. so i tend to skilp 2 exams.... which i felt so good lying half-deadly on the bed while watching my housemate studying.. muahaha...

so the day had come to retake those tests.. the 1st 1 is the structural studies... which is much like maths+ physic = i hate. so me along with a mount hiker(haha... he went mount kinabalu with bunch of his working mates, just to conquer the 4k height mountain..) we went to skool, well, he fetch, and look for the lecturer, ms louise, only to find that the class room is full.. so ms louise told us to go to her office to retake the exam after 1 hour.. so we left.. and later we showed up in her room... well, both of us din really study and prepare for it, so my frend with maximum courage go ask the lecturer for guidance... cantonise speaking summore..zzz.. well, dats him~ the great Johnny boy of my class..haha.. and surprisingly the lecturer teach him.. and when i hand up the paper, she checked the answer for me and told me to correct them... haha.. so good~~ in the end, we end up 100% for the test... hallelujah~~

the 2nd 1, which is a few days later.. a more challenging test... the economy study.. which i know nothing about ti.. wat supply goes up, price goes down... Johnny boy go ask the lecturer, mr phillip lim.. (he's fat, he's cute, and he plays football.. and he scores~!!@@) for the retake information.. and the lecturer asked him where will he be after the class, well it was tuesday and as usual we will go to kfc.. so kfc he answered.. and the lecturer ask us to go to his office to take the paper after the class and told us to return by 5 pm. so, kfc we went.. haha.. after eating the special price snack meal, we do the test in kfc .. yeha.. its finger lickin' good man~!! with helps from frends and notes, we finished it and went back to col to hand up and went home.. wat a day~@@

the 3rd 1, which is last friday, it was a quiz and it is structural studies again.zz.. 1 question , 45 minutes, for a guy totally blur like me, i was preparing to copy.. so to the canteen i went with a fren, eat the GOn LOu Min there, only 2.50 with 4 fried wan tan~!@@ haha.. then after that we went back to the hall to copy and pass up... perfectly planned test~!!



Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The goalstriker

well.. its a brand new game at timesquare.. i palyed once.. and miss twice T_T
ok.. u pay rm5 to get a chance to shot a penalty 3 times... rm 10 to get to shoot 9 times.. ( ask ur fren along and save rm 5~@@) there is a goal keeper and a low goal all virtually projected on a big cloth by computer. the ball have some kinda chip in it that can calculate ur ball speed and the cloth must have a censor or sort of to determine ur accuracy... and there is a board indicate the points u can earn at any spots on the goal... sound fun~! so i play with 2 frends, and i miss the 1st 2 shots >.<'' well.. by inces only la..~~ and score the last (luckily, cuz many people wathing) drawings below shows where did i pick the spot...

i only score 1000 (max) accuracy points in the third shot... and a slow poke 47 km/h ball speed(x5)= 235
total point is 1235...zzz... have to miss to shotto get the third right,... looking forward to play again... fun.. ~!!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

sickness strike~

well... 2 days before i was sick.. not a normal sicknees i encounter , but the more unusula tat strikes me.. its sort of like gastric plus sort of failure in digestion system...
super suffering.. fells like gonna die soon... it starts like this...
so we went this place for dinner... and i order this stupid so not ebven a lil bit tasty "mit pan min" frm this ugly looking stall... damn regret... i order a small 1 and plus an egg.. but after so long of wating,... he serve me the supa large 1 and no eggs.. i kept quiet. then the whole bowl of noddles have no "liu" 1... damn.. ikan billis, damn lotsa vege.. and unfinished noodles... wit a tasteless soup.... so hard to partake... but i force myself to finish it as i oways remember not to waste food.. haha.. so untill midnite... doing pq wit maple frends... still i feel full.. then i go to bed.. feeling not so well but hoping that sleep can cure me well.. so it went out wrong.. i felt sumthing is wrong wit my stomach.. cant go to skool.. feeling dam cold.. even wit 3 layers of blanket oso it din help much... and weirdly i feel FULL.. my stomach must have need spoiled by the stupid noodles... (damn dunno how to make dun open stall la.~!!@# ccb!@#) i suffer till nite... wait my fren fetch me go c doctor.. now listen here... the dotor charged me rm42!@#!@#!@#!@#!@#!@#!@#!@# empat dua she said... i ask again for confirmation n get the same answer as well... damn.. so damn expensive... there goes my 1 week wages... for food... zzz... so i went home.. vomit for the 3rd time... and take those pillss.. and sleep.. then the next day i feel much better d... still not going to skool... got mc ma... and having a terrible flu... zzz.. play 2 dota match at hse... win all(yoohoo) and on maple awhile til cant tahan go sleep.. and till now i m nearly fully recovered.. but still cant eat... pity me cing ppl eat double burger...T_T

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Italy win again after 12 years..

well.. as i had predicted.. 1958,1970,1982,1994,and now 2006... can u see the mystical thing between the years? yes. every 12 yrs since 1958 italy wonthe world cup.. weird.. but also thanks to zizou headbutt and the substitution of henry for the only penalty kick misser trazequet.. lucky italians? or unlucky france? well.. i made a vow to buy italy jersey if italy won.. have to spent lesser nowdays... viva italia~~

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

the 13th post

last friday. ys suddenly sms me while i napping. talk bout wat going out or sumthing. then i go maple to discuss with him( FYI) he will be there whne u ned to find him..
and that nite after 9.30, ater the 2x exp event in maple story, i took the train lrt to kelana jaya.. only to get my joyful full of expectations feeling to be ruined by a sms by limchengchuan saying that asking me to take taxi to dunn owat bk3 wat mamak.. damn pissed off.. b4 that he agreed to get a transport for me.. now i hav2 waste 20 bucks taking a faking taxi to ioi mall.. to further pissed me, i waited there alone in the dark (11pm), sitting in the carpark, for 30 minutes feeding those bloodlusting mosquitoes... i was like cursing there.. thinking that i shuld not be there..
well,... finally cc called me.. asking me to take the overhead bridge to the other side of the highway.. c'mon.. my anger rise to the.. well. almost max.. then i saw ys with his kind and innocent smile waving at me.. wow.. incredibly my maddness was off.. then walkking towards the car.. waja.. with the driver a fren of cc call vincent(vincente after we know each other)so off we ehad to this stupid mamak call al eh wat i oso forget d.. how stupid? haha.. those tables acroos the roads and the big screen in the middle of the field.. shitty ler.. the used to be huge screen with projector turn out to be a 4 inches mini tv... plus the unstrategic arrangements of tables n chairs make us hard to watch the match.. tha match between germany n argentina.. well as i hope to be, argentina were out.. bravo riquelme~!!
well, so rare the chance having me , cheanseng, ah hee, yoongseeet, chengchuan, and bensen and some chuan frends sitting together... it was like a few months or a decade ago since we did that.. haha.. after the boring( cuz the stupid screen too small) match, we stay overnite at the vincente house.. and b4 that, we went cc to play some dota n maple.. till 6-7 am.. alao...feels like dying dy.. then back home to sleep..
the second day.. wake up late.. 10 am d.. have a good nite sleep... but only 2 hours.. then take trains to timesquare.. sing k... all like zombie... not really singging/... then walk around... went sg wang n c some stupid myfm football gameshow.. then bought a new pants.. (halfly force by ys) hehe... then go back timesquare watch superman... not so good though.;..the movie is quite unlogic.. thats wat we felt.. then spent another night at vincente hse.. the other mornig.. he sent me to ioi mall n cheanseng was there already, picking me up n fetch me to kelana jaya.. well. end of story..

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


27th Jun, the round of 16, fifa world cup 2006... italy vs australia...
watching my favorite team, italy in action with some friends at a nearby cafe, well, sort of a cafe, more precisely known as a mamak with cafe potential... wateva la~~ as long as the heads of those sitting in front did not block the whole screen.. well, my friends were betting, taking the azzuri and generously giving a 1 ball handicap. surprisingly the italians are overwhelmed by the australians, possesing the ball most of the time... things gone worst when marco seen red, after a two footed late challenge on a paceful australian.. (forgive me for not knowing the name... but who cares? i m a big supporter of italy~) the seond half was a nightmare for marcelo lippi side. down to ten men and was back tracked all the time... my heart was like stop functioning as time goes by... luckily my prayer was answered on the stoppage time... the turn of tide on the 95 minute: grosso wins a penalty and the substitute totti (why didnt he gets the start?) calmly diverted it into the back of the net.. YEAH~~ woohooh~!!! roars and yelled was heard all around~~ including myself~~ the drastic feeling turning from total despair to ecstatic~! enraptured~! oh yes~! unbelievable stuff~!! i feel like writing it down here.. haha.. too free? too joyful??hahah hahah hahah ~!! tommorow got class some more~!! sleep 1st~~ ciao~~

Friday, May 19, 2006


Currently having my sem break, a long 3+ weeks of holiday.. back to kuantan.. only to be so disgust by the boringness here..

First thing.. all my friends here are going to have their mid term exam.. which means that they hardly have time for me.. so i was so freaking lonely.. (sumtimes even feel like going to movie by myself)

Sencondly, i miss my pc in kl.. i left it accessible there.. worry that maybe my housemate may mess it up.. FYI, they know ntg much bout computer n dats my pc.. so they dunno wat its routine problem.. wat can i do? i cant help as well.. so may it be..

Thirdly, talking bout pc, the pc in my ktn house is slower than mine there.. furthermore, the most annoying is the monitor.. omg.. i dunno y this cheap piece is so hot.. i mean when u touch the screen, unlike ordinary flat sreen models, u can feel the exceeded heat produced.. due to dunno y.. maybe its far more cheaper.. and not to mention it cause an superb eye sore.. @.@ the quality its too bad.. and its small.. too.`!! dats y it appears dat i seldom use it..

Fourthly, this is the fact, tell u all wat.. today i went megamall, well, the only place nearest to my house (15minutes) in kuantan that sells cd, all sorts, gaming, software etc. haha.. well, yes indeed i found wat i want, but the price is like.. omg~~!! listen here.. i only find out this today.. the software cd here cost a hefty rm 15~~!!!! walao eh~!! i can buy a dvd lor~!! wth... so i end up visiting 2 shop lots and went home kosong handed... scary.. the price here compares with the price in kl..

Next, there is no entertainment here.. i mean not much.. boring town.. although many new retail lots have been open, but ntg much of different, new cybercafe, new yc place.. dats all.. habis cerita.. means that u can only go ja gei, yam cha, ja gei and so on.. no newway redbox, no thai club beach club (still havent been to any of thse kinda place) pub oso few.. and to top it off, the street become totally deserted after 10 pm.. well.. imagine... and megamall, the only place in town that one can watch movie, under bad surround sound system. well, i did a brief survey, yamcha in ktn is no way to be cheaper than kl..

well, at least there is teluk cempedak here.. a 'beautiful' beach, in the eye of the couples.. but for me.. well, i went there 1 nite, just to look around.. but there is ntg to do there.. and no pretty gals to be, with 1 of my frien, we walk for about 10 minutes.. then we decided to go home.. there goes my rm 1 parking fee..

there is still many thing about kuantan.. not to criticise.. but those are the fact that make me bored.. maybe its not the geographical fault.. perhaps the main thing is because i have no girl friend.. pity myself, my life is hollow.. i sleep 10 hours a day, doing ntg good to ntg..

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Genting trip 2

wahaha.. its been a long time this happen till i decided to write it down.. ok.. memory vault.. hopes it serves me well.. the story goes..
long long time ago(2nd of april), in my own hse 505 not very far away, me, sookting, xiangru, nicky, and cheeyong, all staying up late doing dunno wat.. well i think maybe i'm sitting in front of my pc as usual, while they all chi chatting about on the other end. suddenly, 1 of them suggest to go for supper(or breakfast~? i'm not sure) while the usual money-less me decide to stay at home. thinking of dunno wat, i went to the toilet to berak.~>..< but we reach there safe and sound.. walking around..(and it was freezing clod~@@) starbucks and san francisco is we went first world the dunno wat shop fo teh tarik, erhem. 5 bucks for a super terlalu sweet teh tarik.. omg.. sucks.. well, after that , we decidedto take some pictures as a prove of our heroic act~!! we came down at around 8 am..
this story let me know that we are crazy.. and also let me know that there is a mushroom farm on genting.. hehe... secretly tell u all, i nv been to starbucks or any other bucks before.. until a couple of weeks later aili treat me my first time at timesquare.. haha.. i m so sakai..~~">.<


while there is not much money left in my wallet, i eat instant noodles. due to the natural laziness of myself, i demand it to be cook by my lovely, kind, friendly, helpful, pretty, and all sorts of good values housemate--- sookting to cok for me... (well, obviously this values only appears when she really cook for me..)

ok the mee... package... a gift frm a frend when he travels to China..
yes.. its the "jay chou beef mee".. sedap-nya~~
well, after its been cooked.. its like this.. ~~enjoying the mee...then because of this stupid chair.. (notice the back rest there is broken, well, it wasnt before this) i fell.. while drinking the soup.. haha.. thats another reason y my floor is so unclean.. sticky..and erhem.. smelly perhaps.. the paln view of the whole thing...i swear it was more terrible in real life..(luckily nothing on the table belongs to me ^_^)thats it.. end of my pointless story.. but i did finished up the soup later.. ~ guess wat? the table is not fully cleaned yet.. as usual.. zZz

Saturday, April 15, 2006


while its been a while... erhem.. a long time ago sien i blog-ed.. sien.. no choice.. my english shitty.. paiseh to write here.. haha.. now? i dont care ler...

so.. i have move to this current hse for 4 months d.. and everything is going better.. and we did lots of stuff here.. conference, cook, study, party... all stuff.. (they tot this is a mansion..) while.. i stay in a flat hse... damn small.. 2 rooms.. 2 pc.. and 2 girls hse mate.. (well, at least they help me to ctrl my ..erhem.. lust?) (hope u all know wat i mean.. ) haha.. and with gals at home, washing plates are needless.. haha.. good~~ and maybe u wont need to do so many notes as they did them well, n u just need to borrow.. haha.. cool huh~?

okay.. well there is a period of time we all start cooking.. hmmm.. everyday cook.. fried rice, spagetti, and normal meal.. untill one day our sink is stuck~~@@ and the water trap in there for a week plus... holy shit.. u dont wana know how it smells like.. i bet u .. well.. another week without using the sink, the trapped water is gone.. perhaps by vaporization its gone..? the best part.. guess how we fix the pipe? hehe.. we use 4 bottles of 'corrosive liquid?' super acid-acid wich can turn a bat into mouse..get wat i mean? pouring it was so syk!@@ some sort of smelly gas were produced.. haha.. and its hot!! feels like sauna in dustbin... so the problem solved.. like dat.? yes.. the sink works quite well now.. at least..

okay.. lately (latest news) i got streamyx for me hse~!! wooohoh..!! wat i try to do for a long time d.. hehe.. so.. doing hard wit the activation n router thing.. i get thing solved.. hehe.. thx to a frend of mine.. guiding me thru msn... hehe..guess who? our lengzai yoong seet~!! wahaha.. luckily we din met each other on a mountain b4.. luckily we arent sheperd.. luckily...(sounds like some kida movie..hmm) hehe.. wit streamyx.. i can go BS~!! haha~~ dota, download, chat, surfing... i even abandoned my Godfather..the game.. (:P) well.. sleeping is a hard thing to do now.. but, wit the broadband, i can ask my dad to bank in money for me without need to sms.. hehe.. and i can ask a frend of mine to top up my hp for me..guess who?he's in melacca!!! haha
i bet u know who.. hmmm... well best out of it, i can blog again~~ in the middle of the night.. err... should i say early in the morning.. hehe.. nomatter what, study still first priority(keep on reminding myself) well..God bless me~!!