Sunday, August 27, 2006

departure of a lovely teacher

ms louise ho.. 1 of the best lecturer n tutor i've seen in my degarde colege. she is young n chubby ><~ super responsible in teaching us.. she loves us so much.. n she never absent for class.she help us by giving extra class at an xtra time... good huh? she teach us srtuctural studies which include l calculating those reinforced steel bar n links n stuff like that in a column, beam n so on... (kinda hard huh? well it is.. ) her main purpose is to make sure all of use to knwo wat she teach.. above all, she gives adequate amount of tips b4 exam... so in my evaluation she is the best of all my teachers... sigh... know y she left us? cuz in the end of every sem, they will let all the students evaluate their teacher... and there is this 1 unknown frm QS course (we happen to have lecture with the course) according to ms louise, in her final lecture, she told all ofuse in the lecture hall that she is grateful fot the person who write a 4 letters word in the evaluation sheet. well the words which i guess is the favorite quote of viv... (go c her blog for the matter of fact) no matter who the person is , i think he or she is a bastard... well now he or she succeed n cause our beloved teacher to resign. oh lame bastard~! how dark the con of men... f***!!

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MsLiverpool said...


at first glance at the topic, i thought she pass away or sth..

so.. ms louise feels hurt bcoz of the F word? well..she's a bit too emo mayb?