Monday, August 07, 2006


ermm.. last friday nite lim99 come my place stay overnite... we talk talk play play as usual ler... c his blog if i miss out anything.. well.. he slept the other day morning 10 am.. pqing frm <10% lvl 48 to lvl 49... zzz.. giler punya... then 2 hrs later i woke him up n we went midvalley meet up wit cs n milo.. (he slept <2hrs)

so we walked around as usual.. looking for locker for his very heavy bag... but end up with >50% of the lockers are spoilt.. and all used up.... so he have no choice but to carry his sack of rock for the rest of the journey.. pity him... luckily last time cs had proved to him wat a true strenght of a man by carrying his laptop~!!! and some etc in his bag to shop wit us..withou any complaint... salute~!!

so.. we went looking for shoes... went some soprt stores... they cant find wat they want.. (the 2 gays.. lim99 n milo want to buy pink color shoe... dunno kena electric shock or wat.. ) so they cant find any, while i found a pair of puma.. latest stock.. tot got 30.. but its 189.90, fixed price.. cant afford... i m not the devil who wears prada...then give it up... well, 1-2 hrs spending time in mid but end up with ntg.. yah.. we did meet up wit aili sumwhere in the middle of the process..

so we took taxi to sg. wang.. and the 2 pinky crazee went on for their pinky shoe hunt... while i, for being not so gay, went looking for my longing sweater.. n bought it.. yeha.. (honestly need it cuz last week i was like freezing to death in the lecture hall... ) then we accompany the pinky gays.. into a all-shoe-shop.. with a rack of pink shoes... but very fortunately unfortunate, wat they pick dont have their size... haha.. sadly enough.. pity milo... then walk walk walk till finally milo got his shoe.. which lim99 oso favor.. but to prevent their gayness to be over the limit, he decided not to buy... and the overexiting milo forget to bargain n negotiate for the price.. end up kena slash deeply, cold bloodedly..

after that we went low yat.. for i need to ask to solve my webcam prob.. which dunno y cant go with my pc... (F***).. and ys wanna help his honey to look for 2 256 mb pendive for around rm60...we did browse thru most of the shops but most of them din sell 256 anymore.. cuz 512 is only a few dollars more expensive than it... and we cant take 2 256 for the price of 1 512... so.. terpaksalah.. beli yg 512 punya... n the pity guy as usual get a full mouth frm his u-know-who...
in the process, cs left us.. to meet up his fren to fetch him back... so nice.. its good to have frends with cars.. ya.. cars, not motor and not plane.. cars is the best.. then we eat mcD till 8.20, which cause ys to miss his bus.. sorry la boss~~ and me n milo went teman aili to get her clothes.. just awhile.. then we all went home.. dats all.. and as usual, milo oways bully me...T_T.. y? y? y? he oledi more handsome than me n gets all the girls...

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