Saturday, November 20, 2010


since i last blog...

lost interest? nah,
mostly i lost interesting shits to be put on here.

i nearly forgot my url FFS.

cheers from kuantan!!!!!
i need a site@!!!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

gears upgrade~~~

leaving soon...


coming soon...

oh boi oh boi cant wait cant wait....

Friday, September 10, 2010


i figure my football skill is deteriorating, or deteriorated.

i cant play anymore. i can't do anything anymore...

for the 5th year

tonight was alright, i got abit moody because i have nothing to do.

the BTD assignment which is due next week,
i got no idea how to start yet.
gotta think of a theory for the Theory assignments 2 weeks later...

its funny when you look back to your earlier days,
guess thats what they call self-reflection? self-research? self-representation through chronologically documented experience?

i went and check out my older posts in this blog.
looking at 2005,
find myself very stupid in using the language and harshly type-it-out without thinking through.
no good.
2006, all about my college life and things.
its quite shocking how i actually forgot alot of the stuff and i tried hard to recall nothing.
2006, all about dota
seriously, i remember this.
2006, when we went shopping in KL, ahh~ awesome!

2008, when i was in tassie
my blogging style differ since.
got lazy and developed this few sentences posts...

2009, still no improvements in language use and still have shits stuck up in my brain

2010, still trying, obviously not hard enough....

one day, i will go and read all my friends' old posts in their blogs.

Monday, September 06, 2010

world no.5 6-9-10

one day, i got no.5 in batman arkham asylum challenge DLC nocturnal hunter.

thanks to my hd5850 i handle games so smoothly like i score goals

randomly found in my hp:
semester 1 board

Friday, September 03, 2010

so whats your name

after so damn long, i finally got to buy a song from itunes.
and the 1st very the song i bought is our own mizz nina
its rare to come across a song where u fall in love after the first chorus.
here is it! too bad i get to knot her too late... otherwise i might just be in melbourne on the 31st august and might just be able to catch her live.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010


after more than 2 years of dreaming of outdoor football,

i finally get a chance thanks to bunch of passionate classmates in 4th year
and old bunch of indoor mates who shared the same passion for some natural turf.

a friend found a nike total 90 air zoom 2 in size 10 last year,
he gave it to me and i worn it for the malaysian student sports event in sydney 2009.
went on and scored a goal.
was a 2nd hand boots and the studs are half worn off.
which makes it a pretty awesome artificial cleats.

i finally got more chance to play outdoor
i bought a 2nd hand adidas powerswerve from ebay.
its pretty new when i got it from uk for 50bucks total.
imagine rm150 for a tier 3 (full spec) adidas powerswerve SG

i finally wear a tier 3 soccer boots!

put it on just now for my 1st time to play with a new bunch of local uncles
the touches and control were magnificent!
the second the boot contact the ball, it spins.

Monday, July 05, 2010


then there were mouses, 8 got caught, and they banished into the shadow, crawling behind the walls.

00:00am - Kitchen
I checked my trap and found that I had caught a mouse! I caught a 3 oz. Grey Mouse worth 0 points and 0 gold.
It appears that i have to get rid of the corpse and washed my trap and replaced with a new bait since it seems to be eaten.

Friday, July 02, 2010

the sound freak

you can choose not to see and not to smell but you may never choose not to listen... (unless you seal up your ear to total silence.)

i've been through stages of upgrading my sound system, in a tight budget. fascinating how men's ears can hear; and what cant be hear, abused by the exposure of men in the minor but deadly sound pollution we are facing in everyday life. yes, the laptop speakers, the hand phone speakers etc, will they not kill you in long term, will they not deaf you, i suppose, already?

in my journey to pursue a better listening device, i see science and technology. i see god in the details. i see devil in the details. i cant see god and devil. they are in the details. the details are in everything we perceive, hear, feel. or not. the details are not stagnant, its a constant living parameter in a system which cant sustain without it. a closed-loop that is evolving in its own speed.

bass freq by v-moda (2008-2009)

red roxx vibe by v-moda (2009-2010)

nero vibe 2 by v-moda (2010 - current)

the prices of each increased by fold. and the latest one stays away from red color, for the sender sent me the wrong color, but the sound quality is so eminent i dont bother to bother.
stunning sound, priceless.

Friday, May 21, 2010

fuck gta4

the game has always been good.

aside that it is now more like a shooting game then a gta game. which is quite sucks.

ok sustain until the final mission, where in my story line niko's cousin died and i have to chase and kill the murder.
car chase at first, one man army later, boat chasing chopper after that, ok finally got onto a chopper and its impossible to control it to follow the target. i only get like, 15seconds to keep up with the far away target chopper. fuck it i am not gonna play it anymore.

rot in hell

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

the blues

i purposely write this to piss some devils fans. (if they get to pissed off so easily)

congratulations to chelsea.
they were brilliant.
the amount of goals scored were off the chart.
great team it has become, fantastic players too.

oh ya... nearly forgot about drogba's hat-trick to deny rooney's golden boot chance.

Monday, May 10, 2010

shit games

my pc is loaded up with games. i bought some and i copied some.

there was a game call assasin's creed, which happens to be the worst game i've ever played.

the gameplay sucks. i got bored after 2 chapters.

i pretty much knew it was not meant to be a fantastic game and i could imagine that its pretty darn straight forward and programmed for players to so something and nothing else.

sometimes you need an addictive game besides eye candy. and i won't bother even finishing the game off to see how the story goes. screw you ubisoft and the gang of i-don't-know-and-will-only-care-for-your-incompetency-in-gaming-deign game designers.

screw it i'm deleting it.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

i went to melbourne for site visit... a long time ago.. like few months back, well, one month, or so.

this time was not about fun. a couple of sites visits and a glimpsed of the dark side of melbourne.

the dark street.

nothing much, just a glimpse.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


for some reason, my body has been producing loads of shits since i am back.

i need to shit from 2 times a day.
and i have minor stomach ache from time to time.
and major ones too!
maybe my stomach got used to shit food in tas, and it turn mas good food straight into shits!
and i just shit on a big rock on my way to tc3 with bensen.
yes! right on that rock in your mind!
yes! it stinks. it fluffy with ragged edges, and watery.
and hell yeah its still there, sitting on that rock you are still thinking of!

ps. poo


i cant fall asleep... i was thinking bout the things we chatted earlier in red island.

then i was thinking bout the time we all play football...
thinking back i wasnt playing much of the friendlies when we were 17.
i miss the big field.

i need to go to bed, ben will kill me if he waits too long in the morning. less than 3 hours to sleep!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010


give me a day.

to ponder.

Saturday, January 09, 2010


i'm going back.

too late to get a flight to kuantan,
what can i do?

Friday, January 08, 2010

its illegal.
keep quiet.

Monday, January 04, 2010

cut the long story short

lately i lost the initiative to blog.

i could hardly breathe by having 2 part time jobs.

lets talk about tassie: its freaking hot. FYI, we have 2 seasons here, winter and summer, and its either super hot or freezing cold. no in-between. spring and autumn occurs somewhere between in the 24 hours cycle, not the 12 months cycle. we go through 4 seasons in a day and 2 seasons in a year. practically.

about christmas and new year celebration? there is no celebration for both here in launceston.
its a rural area. expect rednecks and rednecks.

one of my favorite thing about australia is shopping. pre-christmas shopping is always fantastic fantastic fantastic fantastic elastic elastic here. things could be unbelievably cheap. sorry, CHEAP.

today we went to a beach. one of the really nice one. clear water. as clear as contact lenses. did some kayaking, swimming and rock skipping.

the best part of today: we picked abalone.