Wednesday, August 18, 2010


after more than 2 years of dreaming of outdoor football,

i finally get a chance thanks to bunch of passionate classmates in 4th year
and old bunch of indoor mates who shared the same passion for some natural turf.

a friend found a nike total 90 air zoom 2 in size 10 last year,
he gave it to me and i worn it for the malaysian student sports event in sydney 2009.
went on and scored a goal.
was a 2nd hand boots and the studs are half worn off.
which makes it a pretty awesome artificial cleats.

i finally got more chance to play outdoor
i bought a 2nd hand adidas powerswerve from ebay.
its pretty new when i got it from uk for 50bucks total.
imagine rm150 for a tier 3 (full spec) adidas powerswerve SG

i finally wear a tier 3 soccer boots!

put it on just now for my 1st time to play with a new bunch of local uncles
the touches and control were magnificent!
the second the boot contact the ball, it spins.

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jennwei said...

awesome!!! bring it back!!! i wana try =D