Monday, September 13, 2010

gears upgrade~~~

leaving soon...


coming soon...

oh boi oh boi cant wait cant wait....

Friday, September 10, 2010


i figure my football skill is deteriorating, or deteriorated.

i cant play anymore. i can't do anything anymore...

for the 5th year

tonight was alright, i got abit moody because i have nothing to do.

the BTD assignment which is due next week,
i got no idea how to start yet.
gotta think of a theory for the Theory assignments 2 weeks later...

its funny when you look back to your earlier days,
guess thats what they call self-reflection? self-research? self-representation through chronologically documented experience?

i went and check out my older posts in this blog.
looking at 2005,
find myself very stupid in using the language and harshly type-it-out without thinking through.
no good.
2006, all about my college life and things.
its quite shocking how i actually forgot alot of the stuff and i tried hard to recall nothing.
2006, all about dota
seriously, i remember this.
2006, when we went shopping in KL, ahh~ awesome!

2008, when i was in tassie
my blogging style differ since.
got lazy and developed this few sentences posts...

2009, still no improvements in language use and still have shits stuck up in my brain

2010, still trying, obviously not hard enough....

one day, i will go and read all my friends' old posts in their blogs.

Monday, September 06, 2010

world no.5 6-9-10

one day, i got no.5 in batman arkham asylum challenge DLC nocturnal hunter.

thanks to my hd5850 i handle games so smoothly like i score goals

randomly found in my hp:
semester 1 board

Friday, September 03, 2010

so whats your name

after so damn long, i finally got to buy a song from itunes.
and the 1st very the song i bought is our own mizz nina
its rare to come across a song where u fall in love after the first chorus.
here is it! too bad i get to knot her too late... otherwise i might just be in melbourne on the 31st august and might just be able to catch her live.