Friday, May 18, 2007

ever wanted to post something but couldn't come up with a single shit?

my life is souless. i mean here in kuantan. i got no job, no love, no money, no-nothing. no will to do a single shit. i ate a honey stars+rich soy. well, use soy rather than milk cuz its feaking rm2+ cheaper to have soy. limcc keep on asking me to go find job with him. my parents want me to find a draft person job. actually i duwan to work as a draft man yet, not now. not during this 1 month period.and not in an architect firm. not going to scratch my own profile. or izzit i keep on giving excuses? like i use to do and always do and will continue doing it? i am not sure.. i dunno izzit an excuse i hypnotize myself with or not. i can give myself more suitable reason such as i am lazy, i duwan to call or look up for any architect firm, i duwan to work, an so on.

i want dota lately. i enjoying it with limys and ohjimmy. i dunno whether limys' exam is still on or not. heard cc say u drop every freaking paper? or is it not? i've been eating cup noodles for the past.. 1 day. 4 cups to go, 4 more nights to go. u know, cup noodles are tasty, to eat them under certain circumstances: alone in the night, watching tv series early in the morning, catching a footy match, well, playing games or online-ing. eating cup noodles alone is an art.

went to futsal just now. with cheelip. he is the only person who will call me to futsal nowdays. since we met in tarc one day in history. so now i am joining a new futsal gang. since my mates are all unavailble, except terry, but 2 of us cant make a game. ah hee, cs, ys, come back~! i want to play futsal football and whatever la~~

today i bath my dog. he smells real bad. bad doggy. a hole he dug in front of my house, well, still under my house compound. zzz. yesterday i saw him laying in the hole he dug. he look cute in it. no doubt. but it is still a naughty act. if you have a dog, dont let him do this stunt. although he will tell u he is just trying to make a bed for himself or whatever. he is boring. he has no friends. no cat around to make him work. his best friend was a cock. yeah~ cocky cock. but it was. the cock(not a dick here) died last year. he was left alone. again. his routine : early wake up, when mama go out to teach, he walk out to peepee. wait my papa want go out work, he come into the house/sleep under others car. papa come back, he sleep. untill evening papa come back again, he go out take a detour of peepee and shit. then come back lay infront of doorstep, waiting the dinner to be served. errmm.. not sure dinner or lunch, he only get 1 meal per day. a dog's life. then back to sleep.

mine? wake up in the noon. check for sms and msn message. mostly and sadly nothing will i get. no messages at all. eat lunch. watch tv. play pc. dinner. watch tv/pc. sleep. dull? rate it! my ball was temporarily lost. i dunno when was the last time i kick it or dribble it to... perhaps in my granpa's room? not yet check there out though... there is this michael owen-in-liverpool-jersey-poster on my wall. on the other piece, a roy kean elading manchester united cool balck and white and a lil bit of red poster. that was the time manchester united is manchester united. roy, seba, ole, david, ruud, paul, ryan. the star lads.

i am downloading kaspersky. wondering why my C: space getting smaller. shit. should be some sort of worms or horse or mosnter is eating the space. just know that Schindler and Saddam came out from their mothers womb on the same day as me. great scott~ yesterday nitght, i mean the day before yesterday, i dreamt of yoonmeng and peiyong and their parents. sweat. i dunno why. but i get the feeling. it was like... last time... i dunno how to describe it... just some relationship compose into dream. friendship though. i owe that family. the dream wants me to remember it. have to repay it 1 day.

what the heck is this post.... so may people want me to blog... ok lorh.. simply blog lor.... take it ... nah...

Friday, May 11, 2007

3 in a rowz..

this morning.. woke up after 10am, kicked ys and woke him up... renta a kancil, where the door to the seat beside driver is spoilt.. have to open frm the inside..zzz.. we went to pump patrol... and from now... ys start to get crazy.. he shout scream sing yell talk blah watever when he was driving.... he is monkey.. with hands and legs unavailable.. he fuly utilised his mouth..zzz...
we fetch my gf, we went subang eat kim gary... we went study link done my thing... we went lost here and there... we swap place to drive at jalan imbi... it was like.. 1 part ys know so he drive... no near to my place as we went so chane to i drive... so great driving team we made up... hahaha... i did plenty of stunts...zzz... i dunno y.... stun pass motors, stun U turn, stunt skip pass rapid kl bus in the middle of traffic jam... scary skills shown by me... swt... lazy to blog liao... type so many words la today... wth... bye bye....

2 in a row...

now... continue from the previous post. the next morning, ah hee sent me to st hse, we waited for johnny to pick us up. we went genting. he drove. he went all around to pick all of us up, me, kent, st, xr, himself. total of 5 people. in an old iswara... omg..zzz... had our breafast at wangsa maju. we head towards genting. reached. walk around. 3pm, watched movie. then walk around session again. 8pm, piss off dinner time. ok. i know i cannot so fu hinn anymore... like ys scolded me everyday... wth.. .zzz i where got fu hinn? zzz ok... dinner... we decided quite slow.... mislead here, misconduct there, confusing here, complication there... finally , we chosen what we had 30minutes before.. we drove down to mushroom garden to have our dinner. haha.. u guys dun wanna know the price... 5 people, eat chinese dish.. fish, vege, meat, egg. rm12 per person... good? good? say its good~ great deal la~!! cheap leh~! then we head back to our room, rest, then wehn the night got younger, we went to safari... muahhaa... safari club~! but i was not in the dancing mood..zzz... entrance is free,cuz johnny is a tour guide~!! with his license around, he can get stuffs for FREE yeah! so we went back sleep... then the next morning we go get out free breakfast buffet... not at all delicious..zzz... then i went back to bed again as again i m not in the mood for themepark... til time is up, we check out and head back... so boring huh? yeah~ it is...


-----------chapter 1---------------
finaly, i am back at kuantan, with so many things to blog a bout... this is so going to be the event post... a journal type.. like limys... last friday, ( the 5th of may) i depart frm kuatan to kl. reach there quite puntual at 7 pm, took star to a station (i forgot what) then change to klia transit. taling bout klia transit, its the 1st time for me to experience it, kinda cool and comfortable, but the tele inside is too noisy for me. then reach putra sentral, i took 429 rapid kl and reach cyberia, after that, took a walkign journey to limys apartment. ahh~ finally i reach there safe and sound. and tired. and wet. sweating. it was 9+ pm when i reach. 2 hours of trains and busses...zzz...
-----------chapter 2---------------
now, ng kee yan and limys are already dressed up, waiting for me. they wax their hair~! haha.. and sort of anticipating a great experience. after i put down my luggage, we head downstaris look for ah hee... then we all go to (dunno where) to have our dinner. till... 10+pm. great. now the great adventure starts. hee drop 3 of us at serdang ktm, then we wait for freaking (reaaaaaalllly loooong time) for the **** train to arrive. we are heading towards kl sentral. ahh~ 1 good thing (perhaps the only 1) bout the ktm is : they arrive late so frends like us wiaitng got the chance to fellowship with each others. great. we arrive at kl sentral a quarter to 12am, wait for putra lrt to go to dang wangi. ok we actually are going to the club. we are suppose to go to a place to meet nicky, a friend of mine, but we were too late, we have to go there by ourselves. dang wangi, a deserted place at a time like this. and scary, we see no shadow except of our own. we run to the top of the long staricase, found that the exit is locked. now, we were ready to head back down, this is where ky saw a zombie, moving slowly towards us, from the escalator. without any weapons in our hand, we cabut lah~ scary lah... the whole journey down the staris, zombies keep poping out frm our side, they try to climb over to the staircase we taking, damnnit, the situation is bad~ we ran and ran, yelling in terror, they are right behind us~! finally, we reached the second exit, and luckily we found a small escape door, not locked~! beside the exit, so we ran out. heading nowhere.... we just keep on running.... across a big wide grassy field, across the wide road, we were sweating, the scene befor were just too scary for us. we were unprepared for all this. we didnt know it was coming....
-----------chapter 3---------------
we keep walking... its already 1am... but our location were no where to be seen... we were sort of... finally.... we reach kl.. the street.. where clubs located... the place where people get high... the place, where gals wear less... finally, we meed up with nicky outside ruums... we step in, and we cant hear each other talking now... the music is pumping~!! the house is moving~!! this place is so crowded.... every1 were sweating.... yeah~~ no.. u cant heard me no more... XxXxXxX
-----------chapter 4---------------
20 bucks taxi we went to genting klang.. yam cha with my frends... and a gal (call her the gal with the tiget tooth) who got our limys crazy all night long... it was 4.30 when they all went back.. 3 of our main characers have no place to stay... so they went to a cheap hotel for the night... 6 bucks per person, worth it as our liuck managed to get a beyond godlike that particular morning.... 7.30, we walked to a bus stop, took a cab to wangsa maju lrt. we are going to kl sentral, where limys got sick and he chomped 2 hotdog bun there. we waited for the ktm. then my gf got in halfway , then we all wen to serdang ktm, doing what? watiting hecklessly for 1 hour for a stupid U42 to come...which obviously not coming **** when we decided to take the cab, guess what we saw? u guess it right.... **** it was 11 in the morning.
-----------chapter 5---------------
we bathed. and we went to puchong to eat bak kut teh, this time with ah hee, and another friend of mine, johnny, he lead us there, then after having our lunch, hee sent my gf back, oh ya... me and her were planning to go mid valley for spiderman, but, i was too beh tahan, so i asked her to cancel the plan, and luckily, xr have departed from her hse, and so i got to fong her fei kei... good~!let her die alone in mid valley~!! ( u duwan to know y... it was long story... ) then ah hee drop ky at the ktm. we head back. sleep.
-----------chapter 6---------------
that night, we went to a place( i duno where) to have our dinner. good and cheap. then we turn a corner and we watched arsenal vs chelsea. got home after that, sleep.
-----------chapter 7---------------
the next morning, i woke up at 6.30am. i took many trains and busses(not going into details) and raech my colege at 10am. i went to the office, got my syllabus, certified all that required. met kok weng there. we lunch together, then he sent us to (us=me n st) lrt station, we went klcc, for spiderman. twas nice movie. we had to walk to ampang park station to take the lrt cuz u duwan to know how was it like in klcc station... no.... dun.... pls.... we seperate at kl sentral. i head back to limys place. we went nilai. met up with cs. we had another chinese dinner there.. then we went yamcha at a tong sui pou near cs place... talk talk... we plan to go genting on 25th may... good... then we ciaoz... the end.

Thursday, May 03, 2007


yes, i m partly not even close to blind. ys, u sound very pro, i should ove u more than cc. haha... ok now the point is we have been celebrating the loss of Man utd and chelsea. (espeially man utd) dun u just hate the old ass in spec, keep on chewing gum in his mouth using his artificial teeth? i dunno why i dun like him, i prefer mourinho cuz he show his lansiness, which rox~ and man utd, they have been fucking lucky througout the season, LUCKY, not PRO, but they are pro too, just more luck than pro. yes, my favourite kaka shut their fans mouth~! yeah shut ur bloody mouth~~ freaking 3-0~! let milan score 5 goals in total. haha. disgusting defenders, noobs substitutes. thats one of the reason they dont deserved a trophy, they dont have the strongest team, they have an amazing starting line-up, but no1 on the bench can take over any of the starting 11's role. i mean NOT-A-SINGLE one. they are lucky because they have not face major injuries of their major players (giggs, scholes, ferdinand) i dont care bout rooney and ronaldo, they can be godlike in 1 match, and invisible in the others. so i dont like it. they can now please themselves and compare their success with arsenal. which sort of like... fulham feeling happy comparing with watford, cuz they didnt get relagated.

today i woke up early, i miss the game. i went to dr quah, ding surgery. haha.. a 10minutes surgery. painful experience. well, if you have a pair of eyes, u can see there is this ball thing beside my left eye. and its a cyst. i am so getting rid of it. and it is today, i finally get to fulfill my eagerness. i still can feel then pain till now. there is this black color cord at that area, to thread back the opening. i kinda look like frankenstein monster. now. swt. scary. thinking back when i was laying on the bed, i can only hear the cutting sound... and i felt nothing, paralyzed that area, but not my mind. beside the cutting sound,(i think doc us a scissors or what) the other thing i heard most clearly is my heartbeat... takut sia... 1st time leh... what do u expect? then the threading part, i can feel it, line goinginto my skin, through it and out. after that, the doc hand me the 'thingy' he got out from the cyst. i dont have a camera nor a camera phone, so sadly i cant post it here. the round thingy, coverd with a hard layer of 'layer', yellowish in color, and some bloody stained. i can only smell blood when i put it near to my nose. after a few hours, i decided to press it. i tot i was kinda easy to do so but it appeared to me that it was kinda hard. i have to use my fingernail to increase the force of oding so. then those half fluid half solid thingy(again...) flowed out... yes, this time i smell it, it taste good..~ i remember i taken out similar thing when the cyst was infected a few months ago. but it was not cleaned enough, then it grows, in a super slow pace, back to its former form again, this time, i went to doctor, and spent a quarter of thousand to get rid of it, and buying the painfullness... (if u ahve a chance, i would let u smell it. u wont regret it)


for my past few days, i've been going thru many things. ups and downs... depression and elevation. sleepless and 'sweet' dreams. to be fair. i decided not to blog bout it. i've know things bout me, never got a positive 1. comment from people close to me, or once close to me, or act like close to me. like a friend, or 2.

for my past few weeks, perhaps kinda lotsa weeks, i spent mostly the time of mine with a group of people, same course, purpose, different, view not the same, opinion subjective. 1 or 2, starting to distort, perhaps, they dint change, its they have finally reveal some openings to me. maybe in the begining, not, till the end and throughout the whole process, different people see me differently, mostly, badly seen as i am in their eyes. as i said, slowly i got to know partly of them, and thats enough for me. to know throughout the years, no matter what i trying to change, to do, to renew. i worked hard, edit my ownself, rewrite my characteristics, done. all turn out to be useless, yes, i am still a guy with no use AT ALL. i might have change, but not their view on me. or perhaps, a stick has been inplanted inside them, applying everything i do, refering what i done to what i am not. they might not say them out, showing them out or watsoever, but just now this noon, i heard myself clearly, yes, exposed. i know, i was like an idiot, living in a place which i tot i am so familiar with, but no, its so horrifying. i was so strange. a total stranger in a familiar world. those kinda feeling. i got them, not the 1st time, but, i tot it changed, no, it didnt, and never will.