Wednesday, October 31, 2007

freedom x sad

Finally i am free! free of stress free of assignments!
Sadly, i don't have any games to play...
Sadly, i cant take culinary and photoshop in summer school.
Sadly, i forced to take black and white photography, i don't really know what.
Sadly, i only have one last piece of 50dollar bill.
Sadly, i have to settle some house thingy.
Sadly, i need to go and look for a temporary job.
Sadly, i found the apple picking job but it only start in Dec.
Sadly, my laptop started to produce 'busy' sound..even it is not. T.T
Sadly, i am still lonely.
Sadly, Launceston is dull

The reason for me to post this is because i am very free, when i am in my room. and moreover, i broke the ipod earphone (the right side is now and will forever be mute)i am just trying to clean them with these...
(my favourite condom sizes wet tissue)
or maybe i am too rude doing it...
it makes me so sad... so i do feel sad about stuff i randomly looted. the sound quality is good, but sadly, only pleasure my left ear now... but i don't think i am going to use it again... unless have to.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

i dunno when do i had this dream. its either in the nap just now or the the night before. but that's not the point. the point is, the details of my dream. i dream of my dog.
my doggy, the brown color very handsome dog, had died for nearly 3 months. which was captured by MPK when he was taking a stroll around the neighbourhood. this happened during the very few days while all of us were in kl sending me off. when my parents got back, they cant find him, his shadows nor heard of his sound in few days. they went to MPK trying to look for him, among all others dogs who share the same fate as my dog, they cant spot him. gg. we were all sad. its been quiet since then, until they got 2 more puppies frm somebody later.
+++++++++RIP dobby

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

ok now my back is aching.. still aching... it feels like... ant bites, just with a far larger mouth that is able to bite the area between my shoulders. the pain strikes me occasionally, it strikes when it feels like.
done my final presentation, finally, but, i have no idea what was i presenting. its like i haven't totally expressed my idea. know why? cuz i've been working hard previous week, overnight at library, working till late, doing last minute research (the problem with myself, indecisive of my concept, always comes out with extra ideas, with no time to fully convert it. noob.) then on saturday, worked on my laptop continuously for 20 hrs in my school, and the next day after that, from 12 to 1am. handed it in 30+ minutes passed the submission deadline, but still it will be ok, as long as i don't use my pendrive to plug into the macbook during presentation, still (self)considered on-time submission.presentation was on 9am the same day. without preparation and stuff. aih. (a thing i find quite high-tech, maybe because its the first time i am doing it, the submission is on midnight, weird right? and we just have to access school mac and drag our folder into the server, and the next morning, our work will appear in the macbook, more awesome is that because we were divided into smaller groups with different tutor and different tutorial rooms, and they never make mistakes by putting you in the wrong group. efficiency.) i suck big time in my design presentation, and was late for my BTD submission, there goes my 5%.
After the submission, i learn alot of lesson. Never do last minute design alteration. Be more precise on what the question want. Know my own limits(if so, i actually ended doing nothing, my limit scale 0-0.1) Read more journals. Get a new mouse. GET A CAR.( fuck yes, no car, no class, no submission, no nothing, no use, can die. bus fare expensive, ccb no bus after 5pm, take bus not flexible, got car can go home bath, nonit waste 1 hr waiting for bus during weekend, nonit hand up assignment at night, no car can freeze to death, no car can go back malaysia help my dad do spectacle.oops, cannot oso, cannot go airport leh... fuck la)
I used alot of programs in this assignment. and lucky enough my laptop still can handle it. Just. Archicad, Autocad, powerpoint, photoshop, and alots of opened file n folder. photoshop, killing my space; archicad, consuming my memory; autocad, i forgot 95% how to use it. and i was like, have to keep on thinking of many things, resolution of problems, new method of solving problems and stuff. and i was so stupid i forgot i can use my camera as scanner, so i can simply hand draw and take picture~!! draw every sketch diagrams using autocad, waste time. publish to pdf, edit in photoshop, convert to jpeg.. damn. used alot of newly attempt software throughout this assignment: sketch up, photoshop, archicad. and forgot the software i once super familiar with-- autocad.
enough of babbling, i just loan 13 books from library. and tomorrow have to start studying for next week visual test. scary arr~~ cannot do what i did during college: low input, can still get reasonable output. here low input = hell. last time after class can stay at home dota till next 'available' class. relax. and because of that, my knowledge are so damn limited. I was like 100 years behind.

Friday, October 12, 2007

yes~ i've done all assignmets that needed to be done. all submitted. phew~ and now... its time for another assignment~!! suck big time.

oh yea, there was this sport shop which is about to shift, to a place far far away, which is just across the street, is having some sort of old-stock-clearance-sale. and i grabbed some (can i say cheap?) stuff from it.
a backpack and a jacket. total of $30. yay i can now get a laptop sleeve and use the backpack as my new laptop bag. but then the sleeve on retail is too expensive, and i can't use my credit card to create an account in ebay, suck big time. i need some1 with an account to help me get cheap stuff~~~~
Pink Ribbon Day is the signature day of the NBCF and is officially the fourth Monday in October. October is also internationally known as Breast Cancer Month. i see these wrist bands on accommodation services counter, all in a small box with a small coins inlet to fund for this breast cancer campaign. I, born with a heart of kindness, courteous, loving, tender-hearted, propitious, helpful, thoughtful, understanding, etc etc... decided to grab 1 to help those needed and really, pinky wrist band looks real nice, and it raise the gayness of a guy, which is cool~ XD well, if I was I, i could've grab the items and cabut while acting cool like nothing happen, cuz normally no people will stand there and look after the box, and people expect people to pay. but this time, unsure since when, I am good. I had become good boy. I know i was always a good boy, just got better XD. so, with one hand touching my heart, i paid 2 dollars for it. =) instead of 3.

Friday, October 05, 2007


today i had the best McD fish burger in my life. I dunno whether was it my optic illusion, but the burger seems smaller from what i had before last time. But then, this 1is so perfect. i ate it with one hand and the other hand holding up my thumb.

after that, i went back to school mac lab and saw this....
woot~2 new display monitor~!! 2 freaking large 30'' widescreen HD 2560x1600 resolution~!! 2 freaking cool cinema new machine~!! i wonder where goes the old ones... which were already freaking nice.... next time(when it is not so cold) i can stay overnight at my school(if have to) and watch movies there.... muahahah... 1 thing not good enough for movie is a decent sound output.... speakers..... along with 5.1 and the lab will become a haven.
btw, this display cost 2798.00 aud.... yea... just the monitor.... well.. along with usb ports and some u-dont-really-cares-whot connectors. perhaps some rich bastards out there have too much money to spend, they sponsor 2 set (set here means alongwith new cpu, mouse, keyboards and stuff) to my school... why oh gawd why? why so rich can some1 be and spend it like some1 can hardly be...

as u can see i am simply posting for fun.... XD call this pre-assignments-tension... or stress... or whatever-whatever.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

got this postcard from a friend,(his mom in china sent him these postcards and he gave 1 for me. its not that he sent me 1.) the mascots of Beijing 2008 Olympiad.

from the left:
color: blue
gender: female
hat-hat: blue octopus
element: water~

color: black
codename: 晶晶 gender: male
hat-hat: 3 leaves
clan: LeafVillage

color: red
codename: 欢欢 gender: chic
hat-hat: fire!
element: ..quite obvious le gua...

color: oling
codename: 迎迎 gender: lelaki
hat-hat: cow horns... and ears as well
clan: tauren sages

color: green
codenama: 妮妮 gender: male
hat: birdie
clan: bird species

-end of Fuwa analysis._ .
ok continue my essay. just timeout post. =p

Monday, October 01, 2007

I got 2 submission next week. And i have yet to stat either of them. To be honest I am kinda doom now, and I don't really know what happened to me. I can still watch alot of movies during weekends.

Today i ate the worst fish burger from the shop across the street. Later on, me and my friend missed a bus, so we went to a tavern to have a beer while waiting for another bus to come. (my idea actually) everything seems so fine, until just now when i reached home, i felt so sick, straight away i hopped into ma bed, but my stomach is so damn unwell. the second i sat up on ma bed, those sisa makanan from stomachku burst out uncontrollably. (some spilled on the floor, but i leave it there to rot.. muahah) i vomited the beer and the burger into my basin, and it got stuck. without further treatment, i terus go sleep la~ then when i woke up, i thought so hard of how to clean the basin, i can see that my stomach failed to digest what i had, the shape and form of unwell-chewed veges, tomatoes, breads and even cheese are seen so clearly, i know i should've taken a picture of it. its so damn disgusting. btw, its cleaned now, i use ma cup to 'but' them out.
still i dont have the 'mood' and hunger to eat dinner, somemore i dunno go and read limcc post terkini tentang burger-burger dan makanan.... *~*