Friday, October 05, 2007


today i had the best McD fish burger in my life. I dunno whether was it my optic illusion, but the burger seems smaller from what i had before last time. But then, this 1is so perfect. i ate it with one hand and the other hand holding up my thumb.

after that, i went back to school mac lab and saw this....
woot~2 new display monitor~!! 2 freaking large 30'' widescreen HD 2560x1600 resolution~!! 2 freaking cool cinema new machine~!! i wonder where goes the old ones... which were already freaking nice.... next time(when it is not so cold) i can stay overnight at my school(if have to) and watch movies there.... muahahah... 1 thing not good enough for movie is a decent sound output.... speakers..... along with 5.1 and the lab will become a haven.
btw, this display cost 2798.00 aud.... yea... just the monitor.... well.. along with usb ports and some u-dont-really-cares-whot connectors. perhaps some rich bastards out there have too much money to spend, they sponsor 2 set (set here means alongwith new cpu, mouse, keyboards and stuff) to my school... why oh gawd why? why so rich can some1 be and spend it like some1 can hardly be...

as u can see i am simply posting for fun.... XD call this pre-assignments-tension... or stress... or whatever-whatever.

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