Monday, February 26, 2007

gong xi fa cai

wow~ cny! when all gathered, go from house to house, collecting ang pow, eating non-stop (ba gua~!) and GAMBLE~! mahjong~! blackjack~! cow.or.ox.or.whatever related~! in between~! big2~! pak kah lokk~! there is a good line encouraging people saying when there will be gamble, there will be win~! a round up actually i don't at all win tat much. this year, i got fewest ang pows.

well tats all the round up for cny. btw, i died just now in maple fighting the great centipede or what u may call it. it hurts. when u are using this lag-ful machine in boss fighting. attempt a couple of dota matches... 2 losses overall huh? but kinda boring overall... cause somebody beyond godlike [holy shit~!]in almost every game.. and tat is so boring when that person happened to be your friend and is sitting beside you..

went for a couple of football session as well.. and worn my old boots.. went shopping for new 1... considered adidas... but finally turn to nike... haha... so kindly ignore my previous post..

currently pending and anticipating my new nike total 90 shift FG. not something like the picture, but exacly what is shown here. good bargain.. latest total 90 worth rm239 for a price of rm168.30. arrives at time i need a new pair... although i am not playing grass football as often or as crazy as last time, but i somehow need a pair of boots to wear when i need to wear.. my boots..

--courtesy of for the pirated photo. >.<''

Sunday, February 18, 2007


my puma red + gold nameless boot had been loyal to me for the past 5 years. it has past its durability. offering me 4 6 inches opening on both side of both boot. its time to move on. now, i have a friend who work for adidas, can get me 30% discount on whatever adidas or nike merchandise. so, rm240 i can get it by paying rm168. chance.

dilemma is...

the top white 1 is predator swerve, with aid from beckham's own design.
the middle 1 is predator absolute, the 8th edition of predator, improved accuracy, power and swerve.
the bottom 1 is tunit 2. enhances control, speed and touch.

well, what i am going to get is not exacly the same as shown in the pic. picture taken frm website, fully original skin but wat i am going to get with my limited cash is PVC skin only. ah.. the 1st 1 is so detailed and nice. caught my 1st sight. the middle 1 is latest stock, and the btm 1 is pure cool. help me~!!

ps: this is a shit post. happy cny.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


have u ever like 2 thing at the same time and u cant let go of any of them? haha... wat a noob..

hey, i was shopping with cs, hee and ys on saturday. good thing is i get wat i want. i mean wat i want is not really wat i need... perhaps its wat most ppl wat during cny... and ys buy the same pants as i do.. think back, he 1st chosen the jeans, then i try it on after he did, cuz wat i like has not got the size for me. then i bought wat he likes and convert it to wat i want. sort of..

3 shirt and 1 jeans, ends my pre-cny shopping spree. with bad news frm cc saying he spent an undisclosed amount. well, luxurious should i say the money he spent the week b4 i do. so he fong fei kei.. wah kao~!

i wanna play football~!! oh pls.. call me out.. futsal or watever, even PES6 oso i accept... just related to football will do.. did i mentioned i hate my kuantan pc? 1st the monitor is small.. and the color is so damn freaking sharp... cant look at it too long... it hurts.. real hurts... and its freaking lag... lag lag lag lag lag lag... watch cd on this pc is impossible... its a fact..

oh ya... this valentine... as usual... boring... yeap.. alone... well i m not alone but yes i am. lonely. nvm, celebrate it as it dont exist. yes. the right way of celebrating it. wat i concern more is her. surely she will feel more apart, more comfortless, reclusive than i do.

ok, i know its late but i just downloaded christina aguilera back to basics album. listening... but not paying attention. no comment. yet.

i do the garbage, i pay the rentals, i sweep the floor, i sell the old newspaper, i keep the thing neutral, i wash away urine stained frm toilet bowl(manually), wash the toilet, sponsor my P(public)Computer... wat u do u expect? wan me to pay all the bills for u and act like Stephen Chow when u at home to entertain u? if not dat i am taking care of the place i staying in, fuck i give a damn bout all these stuff... yes i locked my pc... woohoo... hate the feeling of it knowing some1 is using my beloved and not knowing wat he/she is doing to it.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

ah... relax...

just finish a tide turning game... took me 1:25;xx time period to finish... long game... good game... haha.. cuz win ma... sure good game ler... used akasha, not very good, kill 9 die 6, noob... aih... 5 v 5 turn out to be 4 v 4, and their leaver leave them lucrative gold... suddenly this wolf come out with mkb with clinks n pawn all o us like eating char siew bao... we like just def 99... n thx to their inexperience, they din push ler... so actually know we can win d.... XD

been studying like dog past few days.... 2 papers in 2 days... less than 24 hours to study the 2nd paper... luckily god bless me.... the paper turn out to be friendly... question kinda friendly... my memory oso served me as a friend... not much problem though.... these 2 papers so far is the most smoothly done in this exam.. god grace~!

reminder~! pls pay ur streamyx bills~!! lolx...