Sunday, February 18, 2007


my puma red + gold nameless boot had been loyal to me for the past 5 years. it has past its durability. offering me 4 6 inches opening on both side of both boot. its time to move on. now, i have a friend who work for adidas, can get me 30% discount on whatever adidas or nike merchandise. so, rm240 i can get it by paying rm168. chance.

dilemma is...

the top white 1 is predator swerve, with aid from beckham's own design.
the middle 1 is predator absolute, the 8th edition of predator, improved accuracy, power and swerve.
the bottom 1 is tunit 2. enhances control, speed and touch.

well, what i am going to get is not exacly the same as shown in the pic. picture taken frm website, fully original skin but wat i am going to get with my limited cash is PVC skin only. ah.. the 1st 1 is so detailed and nice. caught my 1st sight. the middle 1 is latest stock, and the btm 1 is pure cool. help me~!!

ps: this is a shit post. happy cny.

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