Friday, May 18, 2007

ever wanted to post something but couldn't come up with a single shit?

my life is souless. i mean here in kuantan. i got no job, no love, no money, no-nothing. no will to do a single shit. i ate a honey stars+rich soy. well, use soy rather than milk cuz its feaking rm2+ cheaper to have soy. limcc keep on asking me to go find job with him. my parents want me to find a draft person job. actually i duwan to work as a draft man yet, not now. not during this 1 month period.and not in an architect firm. not going to scratch my own profile. or izzit i keep on giving excuses? like i use to do and always do and will continue doing it? i am not sure.. i dunno izzit an excuse i hypnotize myself with or not. i can give myself more suitable reason such as i am lazy, i duwan to call or look up for any architect firm, i duwan to work, an so on.

i want dota lately. i enjoying it with limys and ohjimmy. i dunno whether limys' exam is still on or not. heard cc say u drop every freaking paper? or is it not? i've been eating cup noodles for the past.. 1 day. 4 cups to go, 4 more nights to go. u know, cup noodles are tasty, to eat them under certain circumstances: alone in the night, watching tv series early in the morning, catching a footy match, well, playing games or online-ing. eating cup noodles alone is an art.

went to futsal just now. with cheelip. he is the only person who will call me to futsal nowdays. since we met in tarc one day in history. so now i am joining a new futsal gang. since my mates are all unavailble, except terry, but 2 of us cant make a game. ah hee, cs, ys, come back~! i want to play futsal football and whatever la~~

today i bath my dog. he smells real bad. bad doggy. a hole he dug in front of my house, well, still under my house compound. zzz. yesterday i saw him laying in the hole he dug. he look cute in it. no doubt. but it is still a naughty act. if you have a dog, dont let him do this stunt. although he will tell u he is just trying to make a bed for himself or whatever. he is boring. he has no friends. no cat around to make him work. his best friend was a cock. yeah~ cocky cock. but it was. the cock(not a dick here) died last year. he was left alone. again. his routine : early wake up, when mama go out to teach, he walk out to peepee. wait my papa want go out work, he come into the house/sleep under others car. papa come back, he sleep. untill evening papa come back again, he go out take a detour of peepee and shit. then come back lay infront of doorstep, waiting the dinner to be served. errmm.. not sure dinner or lunch, he only get 1 meal per day. a dog's life. then back to sleep.

mine? wake up in the noon. check for sms and msn message. mostly and sadly nothing will i get. no messages at all. eat lunch. watch tv. play pc. dinner. watch tv/pc. sleep. dull? rate it! my ball was temporarily lost. i dunno when was the last time i kick it or dribble it to... perhaps in my granpa's room? not yet check there out though... there is this michael owen-in-liverpool-jersey-poster on my wall. on the other piece, a roy kean elading manchester united cool balck and white and a lil bit of red poster. that was the time manchester united is manchester united. roy, seba, ole, david, ruud, paul, ryan. the star lads.

i am downloading kaspersky. wondering why my C: space getting smaller. shit. should be some sort of worms or horse or mosnter is eating the space. just know that Schindler and Saddam came out from their mothers womb on the same day as me. great scott~ yesterday nitght, i mean the day before yesterday, i dreamt of yoonmeng and peiyong and their parents. sweat. i dunno why. but i get the feeling. it was like... last time... i dunno how to describe it... just some relationship compose into dream. friendship though. i owe that family. the dream wants me to remember it. have to repay it 1 day.

what the heck is this post.... so may people want me to blog... ok lorh.. simply blog lor.... take it ... nah...

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