Friday, May 19, 2006


Currently having my sem break, a long 3+ weeks of holiday.. back to kuantan.. only to be so disgust by the boringness here..

First thing.. all my friends here are going to have their mid term exam.. which means that they hardly have time for me.. so i was so freaking lonely.. (sumtimes even feel like going to movie by myself)

Sencondly, i miss my pc in kl.. i left it accessible there.. worry that maybe my housemate may mess it up.. FYI, they know ntg much bout computer n dats my pc.. so they dunno wat its routine problem.. wat can i do? i cant help as well.. so may it be..

Thirdly, talking bout pc, the pc in my ktn house is slower than mine there.. furthermore, the most annoying is the monitor.. omg.. i dunno y this cheap piece is so hot.. i mean when u touch the screen, unlike ordinary flat sreen models, u can feel the exceeded heat produced.. due to dunno y.. maybe its far more cheaper.. and not to mention it cause an superb eye sore.. @.@ the quality its too bad.. and its small.. too.`!! dats y it appears dat i seldom use it..

Fourthly, this is the fact, tell u all wat.. today i went megamall, well, the only place nearest to my house (15minutes) in kuantan that sells cd, all sorts, gaming, software etc. haha.. well, yes indeed i found wat i want, but the price is like.. omg~~!! listen here.. i only find out this today.. the software cd here cost a hefty rm 15~~!!!! walao eh~!! i can buy a dvd lor~!! wth... so i end up visiting 2 shop lots and went home kosong handed... scary.. the price here compares with the price in kl..

Next, there is no entertainment here.. i mean not much.. boring town.. although many new retail lots have been open, but ntg much of different, new cybercafe, new yc place.. dats all.. habis cerita.. means that u can only go ja gei, yam cha, ja gei and so on.. no newway redbox, no thai club beach club (still havent been to any of thse kinda place) pub oso few.. and to top it off, the street become totally deserted after 10 pm.. well.. imagine... and megamall, the only place in town that one can watch movie, under bad surround sound system. well, i did a brief survey, yamcha in ktn is no way to be cheaper than kl..

well, at least there is teluk cempedak here.. a 'beautiful' beach, in the eye of the couples.. but for me.. well, i went there 1 nite, just to look around.. but there is ntg to do there.. and no pretty gals to be, with 1 of my frien, we walk for about 10 minutes.. then we decided to go home.. there goes my rm 1 parking fee..

there is still many thing about kuantan.. not to criticise.. but those are the fact that make me bored.. maybe its not the geographical fault.. perhaps the main thing is because i have no girl friend.. pity myself, my life is hollow.. i sleep 10 hours a day, doing ntg good to ntg..


xin yee said...

pathetic guy

Chee Chungz said...

Your bloody bro here again..It's 3 am, am studying leg mussles, but got bored and have a peek on ur blog, realising i'm kinda 'out'... Do spend some time at home talking with family la, read some good books(many in my cupboard) or watch some good movies to spend time wisely... Dun be like a zombie in the house.. All the best in everything n God bless!! Ok, i gotta continue study... i'm goin back 17th june...