Thursday, May 04, 2006

Genting trip 2

wahaha.. its been a long time this happen till i decided to write it down.. ok.. memory vault.. hopes it serves me well.. the story goes..
long long time ago(2nd of april), in my own hse 505 not very far away, me, sookting, xiangru, nicky, and cheeyong, all staying up late doing dunno wat.. well i think maybe i'm sitting in front of my pc as usual, while they all chi chatting about on the other end. suddenly, 1 of them suggest to go for supper(or breakfast~? i'm not sure) while the usual money-less me decide to stay at home. thinking of dunno wat, i went to the toilet to berak.~>..< but we reach there safe and sound.. walking around..(and it was freezing clod~@@) starbucks and san francisco is we went first world the dunno wat shop fo teh tarik, erhem. 5 bucks for a super terlalu sweet teh tarik.. omg.. sucks.. well, after that , we decidedto take some pictures as a prove of our heroic act~!! we came down at around 8 am..
this story let me know that we are crazy.. and also let me know that there is a mushroom farm on genting.. hehe... secretly tell u all, i nv been to starbucks or any other bucks before.. until a couple of weeks later aili treat me my first time at timesquare.. haha.. i m so sakai..~~">.<

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