Thursday, October 12, 2006

genting trip bab 3?

gone genting ... follow a dunno wat trip with parents... parents include papa mama didi n me... sleep at 4 the day before... (dota with ys after feeder in blood..zzz) then waken up by mama at 5.50am... omg... i tot i just fell asleep...zz... then walk to farmasi voon there cuz the bus is there to bring us to stadium... y there? i dunno... y walk? no transport... all kena go siapa fetch? then wait there change bus n all mafan stuff till 8++ only take off.. i think 5-6 buses all together... nothing much to say on the bus cuz i sleeping and 1 thing for sure is the bus is freakingly old... its bouncing like u-know-wat, shaking like osim de horse riding machine..zz.. then reach the skyway thing.. wait for dunno how long then go up there wait for dunno how long to check in then settled d its 3 pm. so go walk around with parents... till dinner time then eat a damn low class not nice de buffet with whole lots of old kampung folks(forgot to mention tat this trip members is made up of 85% old ah ma n ah pek. they dunno buffet i think... pnb they they just force their way to the food they want.. force here means Fcuk Or Rush Chiong Enter.. use other gournet punya spoon to take the other 1.. cuz they hardly can wait for oothers to finish taking their foods... damn damn queue up in their dictionary... mkch take food oso no manners... like never eat before... knn.. curse curse...
after eating i just go back n sleep... 8 pm sleep till 10 am... i was sleeping like dead.. and miss the main show tat night... after wake up.. go jagei at vision city... yehha~! i rediscovered virtual on 2~! nice nice... then eat kfc.. kfc here suks~ the best kentucky u can find in malaysia is KLIA perhaps... then check out 2pm... wait till 3+ go down by gondola.. then wait till 4++ in the bus for all members in the bus to show up.. ok
the bus stop at dunno where after 30min... whcih i m still sleeping.. then it stops again at 5.45pm... which is after another 60 min... at a stupid row of shops in karak or sumthing for dinner?~!@#!@ i remember the indian restaurant name restaurant JAYAL.. fucker the jibai ask me apa mau? i ask tandas mane? the hkc say tandas tarak.!@#! sohai tea maker... want to save water huh? save ur teh tarik la mh~! i pissed off.. regreted i din givem a middle fingger. ok we return to road at 7pm... stupid 1 hr break.. then at 8 pm, it stops again at petronas.. luckily its not for long.. but all those time wasting stops really time wasting..>.< 5 hour on the bumping bus.. siao kah liao liao~ reach home at 9pm. tired.
people i met in this trip : Mr Leong(u guess it right. .chemical leong, as lengzai as ever) mr tan sing, kianhan punya lou dao lou mou, some strangers only my father knows... and some young girls... boh sui geh.. >.< tats all..
p/s : genting memang entertaining.. hehe.. o.0

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