Monday, July 31, 2006


last saturday went this victor wong n emil chow mini concert. went with my parents and my granparents and my auntie's family.we got plenty of free tickets. its located sumwhere in the nowehre.. cuz every1 have to park their transport at a sort of parkign area, then queue and wait for bus to take us to the concert place... the whoe place is a constuction area... and there is a big park and the park is done so the concert is held there.. its sort of like the company in charge of the whole construction plan arrange the stars to be there... its easy and simple stage.. we were late so when we get there its already packed with thousand of people... but with this so call vip ticket in hand, we go through all those standing people and get our seats.. so good huh? the truth is we can only c a 3cm figure of those singer frm our seat.. and so victor was almost done with his part when we settled down. well, nice songs but dunno those names but i'm sure i've heard it before... after that its emil chow's turn to sing.. nice songs.. i listen to those even when i was a kid.. and then thats this game part.. he is a super humorous guy~!! get the whole crowd laughing by doing funny ats and telling jokes... haha... then he waved goodbye after a few more songs... in the end, that is this fireworks show~!! damn nice... freaking scary~@@ i have to admit... its right in front of us... first time for me... so close ... thos fireworks-butt(dunno how to say it) were falling from the sky all over me... and i spotted this fella open his umbrella to protect himself... haha... the show last for dunno i think about 10 minuts... or less then... and it friggin nice...~!!! damn pretty~!!! even more costly~!!!@@ then we sort of like walked 15 minutes back to our parking, well, half way thru we boarded a bus to save the energy... and its super traffic jam~!! this is the time i have time to peek around .. haha... no chics spotted.. and people here mostly are a family and couples... well.. more families than couple... age ranges from 3 yrs old to 70. no joke.. hmm.. maybe all buyers of the apartment get free ticket and they just sort of bring the whole family here to fill the seats.. well the story ends here.. 1st time in concert, and those songs are cun~! starting to download~!! haha~~

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