Wednesday, January 02, 2008

new~ new ~ new~

i thought its new year and i almost vomit with my previous background. New year, new hope, new opportunity hamik oso new, so as a basic, blogskin have to be new as well. went through hell trying to get things right. Liketh this:
like the rain effects and the colorful blurry background. sadly its fit to a side and thats crab. Photoshop it for a long time but in the end, thanks to the messy stupid html code which the creator made, i give up editing after trying hard. he somehow use another code (which i dunno) to overwrite the previous code (which i can understand). $%#@!

Try the next one:

same thing again, what for the skins all stick to a side? successfully edited things to middle except for the big title and the background. aka: $%#@! again. and i figured that its more comfortable to read or to just open my blog and see who spit in my cbox when the sidebar with my profile is on the left side. Change sia~

finally, decided to use some original blogger template and make editions to it. figured that this stupid blogger changed~!! sibeh gaulat!! click here click there try an error and cant put my cbox in~ crabshit. slowly in grumpy mode i figured that this blogger wants to make things easier for users they made things so easy. Easy in a way u can simply or partly ignore the html system. they got this layout thing u can just pull and drag and stuff like that. and the codes all are more systematic AND extra confusing~~ @.@''

worked for 6 hours continuously and this is my result. you can choose to hate it. its simpler than my past skins, and i kinda like it, at least for now. at least for the effort i put into this edition. at least its still fresh for me. but in the end someday in the future i am going to dump this skin. as i predict i will do so.

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