Tuesday, December 04, 2007

where should i start. its been a while since i last blog. somehow lost the will to blog, when I am too free. flashing back```
once worked in an apple orchard. kinda exiting before the first day, thinking of earning big bucks. did some maths after the induction, could've earn more than RM7k in around 1 month. sadly, i gave up after 3 days. some of the reasons to support this decision is because its Fking hot. 7 hours under the summer sun. even as a healthy man, i felt dizzy after the long hours. the job is not as tiring as i thought, kinda simple after I get a hold of it. the other reason is that the driver gave up after given a warning due to his lack of pace. so i cant go there even i still got the will to continue.
i still have one job, part time kitchen kia on fridays and saturdays. at least the wages can help me to cover my rental. i think the restaurant has a decent reputation, or not?

check this out: from the left is my taukebo, her daughter and Eason Chan.(no photo montage) and just ignore the 2 to the right.
i doing cosplay. sneak peak to my working place.

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