Friday, August 31, 2007

the merdeka post

went to school today for submission, and for a more important reason is to copy some TVB series and movies and music from a friend. yeah~! with these stuff i won't rot to death during the coming holiday~!

yesterday i watched Team America. this movie show awe-ness with non-stop usage of F word. super vulgar film. yet, super fun to watch. pay attention to whatever on the screen and you will find lots of wow stuff. i guarantee. their theme song rox too~! F*** yeah! They use puppets and america to insult them country and actors. F*** yeah!

went to the "city" again today. touring to take photo on selected buildings for sketching assignment.(my life here is hard) bought a cologne. (don't ask me why, there is some inner force pushing me to buy it) there is this shop call chemist warehouse and their fragrances are all on sale. even you(I) don't need it, but then money are spent on it. actually i am going to get a FCUK him, but it stink. the smell, darn, depressive. instead i got myself a CK eternity. not so into fragrance so not going to put up pictures.

there will be a dinner tomorrow night. organized by malaysian students to sort of 'celebrate' merdeka. not going to mention the ticket price. after converting it will be more depressive than the smell of FCUK him.

oh i suck in football tonight. starting with a -5 performance. toing*

p/s the prices for lucky draw for tomorrow night look delicious and seductive. but i don't feel lucky now. or i used up my luck on the lost wallet incident. sob* sob*

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