Saturday, August 18, 2007


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My name appears in their blogs~~ this month.. i lost count of how many CK was mentioned. it makes me feel alive. A-L-I-V-E-N-O-T-D-E-A-D.
Thanks mates... Big kisses MUAX~

Apparently Blogger changed. all in code. I cant change color and font. I dunno how.

hooray~~ ben and kyan (nama baru kena publish-publish sikit)are blogging~ hx, when is your turn?

Went to school today. Did some drawings there. And, walked back. I just knew that there was no bus services as usual during weekends. Crap.
I started walking from 5pm and reached at 6.45. SOOO LOONG MEHH?
Somewhere in the middle of my journey home, I lan liak go explore short cut. But hell knows the town planning here is different. (they have so much land)A route that suppose to be/appealing as short cut turn out to be a "long slash" wasted 10 minutes.
After that, went shopping for groceries in Woolworths. Bought pans and turner. (yay~! they are on sale~)apples, cereals and some quick cook lagsagna and pasta. (Leggo's instant pasta cost 5aud for 2. on sale)spent around 50 minutes there.

conclusion is, walking distance from me house to them school acquire 45mins. something like the sg. lembing night walk. tiring sia... need some rest... cheerios~

p/s : yesterday went city saw Japanese girl on the bus.*slurp* ( i reckon she's from japan... cuz she wears short skirt =p)

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