Monday, September 24, 2007

mid-autumn festival

i have a plan on how to celebrate this coming festival. firstly, since nowdays i am so into chocolates, i bought bunch of them as a replacement for mooncakes. and i just bought 2 bottle of Jim Beam to serve myself along with these chocs. i am going to sit under the moon and drink to youth. well maybe along with some friends as well... or maybe i have to download a moon wallpaper to put it on my desktop. pathetic.

>Melbourne to KLIA on 21th Jan.
>KLIA to Melbourne on 22th Feb. (updated 26/9)

continue on the mooncake fest.. or whatever you call it. Yesterday night, I went to my friend's room for a gathering? or simple sit-down-have-a-drink-and-chat session... there i met some koreans, thai, singaporeans and malaysians. we just sit there in 1 small room and chat whatever thing la... then later that night i slept in 1 of the korean's room, who is currently in korea, but somehow left his key for my friend. took some photos with the bunch. might get it to edit this post again.. soon..

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