Tuesday, November 18, 2008


i run in my house, from kitchen to my room, from my room to the toilet, etc.
i want to save time,
i want to reach a place faster.
walking is too slow,
its time wasting.
no one cares if i am running in the house,
unlike when i am outside,
where eyes are all around,
where i cant run for no reason.
and my room,
doesn't have a speed limit.
its like a sanctuary,
where everything i need is here,
where i can be alone,
where i can enjoy the music,
where i do not have to act,
where i do not have to talk,
where i do not have to wear underwear,
where i can be dead but at the same time more alive,
i need to get back to my room asap.
so i can be alone with myself.

good thing is,
i am not watching Japanese anime all day long,
i am not reading comics or manga,
i am not collecting figures,
i am not discussing BIG issues in forums,
i am not sleeping,
i am not dota-ing,
i am not msn-ing,

i ma just enjoying my own sweet time...
but the only flaw is,
in spite the fact that its actually S/S 2008,
my room stays at F/W 2008.
its so cold i can hardly breathe
its so cold i can barely move
its so cold i can redefine cold
its so cold i am drinking ice
its so cold i do not know what is hot
its so cold my poo is snow
its so cold i feel so old

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