Wednesday, December 31, 2008


the end of 2008!
have to do a round up for what happened this year,
provided that i remember any of them.

this is gonna be as brief as possible.
earlier this year, January 29th was a big day.
it was when i sincerely giveaway my savings and cell phone to some strangers.
then it was a period of down and darkness.

everything was as usual in tassie,
staying with new friends and learning new things.
spent money on my wardrobe to re-identify myself.
visited melbourne in july after the first semester.

the second semester was screwed by my tutor.
final was not good.

back malaysia after attending my peers graduation,
visited kl last week,
hit a club and fell sick 2 days after.
found that klcc has changed to luxury,
and tried shogun which was not very good.

today is the last day of 2008,
and with stuff that happened around the world,
it might not seems to be a good year for everyone.

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