Saturday, April 15, 2006


while its been a while... erhem.. a long time ago sien i blog-ed.. sien.. no choice.. my english shitty.. paiseh to write here.. haha.. now? i dont care ler...

so.. i have move to this current hse for 4 months d.. and everything is going better.. and we did lots of stuff here.. conference, cook, study, party... all stuff.. (they tot this is a mansion..) while.. i stay in a flat hse... damn small.. 2 rooms.. 2 pc.. and 2 girls hse mate.. (well, at least they help me to ctrl my ..erhem.. lust?) (hope u all know wat i mean.. ) haha.. and with gals at home, washing plates are needless.. haha.. good~~ and maybe u wont need to do so many notes as they did them well, n u just need to borrow.. haha.. cool huh~?

okay.. well there is a period of time we all start cooking.. hmmm.. everyday cook.. fried rice, spagetti, and normal meal.. untill one day our sink is stuck~~@@ and the water trap in there for a week plus... holy shit.. u dont wana know how it smells like.. i bet u .. well.. another week without using the sink, the trapped water is gone.. perhaps by vaporization its gone..? the best part.. guess how we fix the pipe? hehe.. we use 4 bottles of 'corrosive liquid?' super acid-acid wich can turn a bat into mouse..get wat i mean? pouring it was so syk!@@ some sort of smelly gas were produced.. haha.. and its hot!! feels like sauna in dustbin... so the problem solved.. like dat.? yes.. the sink works quite well now.. at least..

okay.. lately (latest news) i got streamyx for me hse~!! wooohoh..!! wat i try to do for a long time d.. hehe.. so.. doing hard wit the activation n router thing.. i get thing solved.. hehe.. thx to a frend of mine.. guiding me thru msn... hehe..guess who? our lengzai yoong seet~!! wahaha.. luckily we din met each other on a mountain b4.. luckily we arent sheperd.. luckily...(sounds like some kida movie..hmm) hehe.. wit streamyx.. i can go BS~!! haha~~ dota, download, chat, surfing... i even abandoned my Godfather..the game.. (:P) well.. sleeping is a hard thing to do now.. but, wit the broadband, i can ask my dad to bank in money for me without need to sms.. hehe.. and i can ask a frend of mine to top up my hp for me..guess who?he's in melacca!!! haha
i bet u know who.. hmmm... well best out of it, i can blog again~~ in the middle of the night.. err... should i say early in the morning.. hehe.. nomatter what, study still first priority(keep on reminding myself) well..God bless me~!!