Monday, December 04, 2006

pc fair

woot.. i love this event. i hate the crowd but for those show girls who wear so less expecting me to be there, its worthy. sadly i tot i can work there, 1stly is sonic gear.. then no more chance. secondly is benQ, but then no more oso.. if i was there, i will be standing among their show gals (low, mini white skirt, collar sleeveless bra-top) not the best but btter than ntg. well, the 1st hall, its the ballroom, its my favourite spot. cuz all gals will be here.. and they all for some obvious reasons, dress to kill. i wan to work in toshiba~~ liann work there n told me the salary sux. but, the show gals, are the best~!! tube top, tight, short mini skirt, all while~!! all gals are so breathtaking.(wah~) take my breath away, but sadly they hardly pay attention to the passers-by. who cares~? i just love them.

ask i was walking, i spotted this super hot damn cb sexy girl~! she was with her bf, wow,~~ the point here is that she wears black bra, i can see that clearly cuz her pinky top is kinda transparent, thin material. **** i m sure she din wears panties. she wears those super short short (white) which only cover half of her ass, and i spotted no undies lines. damn i was so freaking attracted to her ass~!! and long fair legs~!! angelic face, with half-curly hair, to bring out the wildness of herself. damn her bf was and is and will be so fcuking syok~! and proud!~! and what more can i say? too bad i dun have a cam~! too bad i was not walking behind her while she was mingling thru the crowd... omg... how dare she wears like tat to klcc? and in this kinda crowd?

a little something about my new hsemate

he study broadcasting. occupation is to become dj derrick in he is in love with the radio station with undisclosed reason. he is furry. he is in the semi final of cosplay event recently. this is him. he is kakashi. yameteh~~

Sunday, December 03, 2006

pc fair

today is the 2nd day of pc fair.. so i went to lowyatt to warranty my vga card. and since when those melayu babi so free all gang go to sg wang and timesquare... i tot they only go to sogo.. hate those malays... useless.... i got in a gang of 3.. 1 gal 2 guys... the guy my fren going to buy n73 as he did. and the gal just follo song nia.. i walk there and c this zhong sheng zhong.. malaysian artist gua.. perform at sg wang.. and browse all thos gundam model that ppl build to compete... damn nice... they all make custom 1.. like add this n that to the original model... super cun~!! if ys n hx were here they will keep on take photograph.. i personally like a gundam wing, infected by alien or so.. he is half alienated... 1 of the wing is alien wing lai... they make with steel wayar. nice. the other is a sailor moon prototype.. i dunno got this model anot la.. the gudnam is gal lai.. wear school uniform, long hair, weapon is saber whip.. nice nice.. then he treat us kim gary.. syok habis.. then me n the gal take metrobus back... then we lim teh at mamak watch arsenal game... while mostly we were chatting... bout anything.... so hmmm... more liu gai dy... then i walk her home... well, near her home since so late d and if got hentai maniac go after her i will regret my whole life.. then i take a quet route home... bath, maple sikit... tel some story to xyn n milo, well, milo.. kim gary de milo super nice~~ and mostly xyn just ignore me just milo accompany me... then i off maple.. too boring. make ppl sleep... now blogging here... will blog bout my new hsemate... guess wat.. its kinda interesting...

Friday, December 01, 2006

.... sleepy post..

today i did 2 homework.. dats a record.. and i m proud.. then i help my fren shift into my hse... so its kinda late n tired now... so i ma blog this n log off.. go brush teeth n sleep... bye~~