Monday, November 19, 2007

new house

its kinda confusing, but don't worry, i will explain it slowly. even though i suck in my explaination in english. but let me try k?
firstly, i thought of moving to a *house after the end of my contract in my hostel. so lets call this house as A. unfortunately, one of a previous tenant failed to clear the electricity bill, he owes Aud1800+ to the Aurora. (aurora aka TNB) as a result, 3 days before i can move into the house, they cut off the electricity. The *bad* tenant are in M'sia now, and the landlord is pissed off, he ordered everyone to move out of the house (as there are some who are behind in rental payment, which sort of add spice to the already spicy situation) He was bloody fed up and decided not to rent the house to (well, particularly msia archi student) anymore. end up i cant possibly move into a house without electricity, and the owner do not want anyone in the house (to do some cleaning) at the moment and i was so innocent. the worst part is I lost 80 dollars to him. (to tell the truth, i kinda hate this landlord, **)
grief and pissed, i had to find a place to stay, temporarily, fast. Lucky enough, i have a friend, from East M'sia, she got a spare room, i went and have a look, she was kind enough to say the she consider to let me rent it. (FYI, the room was empty all the while and if i go in and pay them extra 40 per week, sharing the internet and other bill with her as her hsemate is not around, it is suppose to be better for her, but she turned me down. well, as expected, don't expect much from East M'sian. not all of them but some of them are weird. they stay on trees with lift.
after that, i called a friend, knowing that there is an temporary empty room in his house, so without much problem, i moved in the day after i called him. well, i have not yet get in touch with the true owner of this room, so currently i am living a free place. with a very geng hongkee (also a new comer) in the house. why i say he geng? he took part in HK HSBC building, design by Norman Foster ~~!! he worked alone and won the tender with Norman himself as rival. cool huh? will go into details not in this post.
so now i end up quite nice in this new house. some pictures of the kitchen area.

2 cars in the garage, temporarily parked here by the other 2 penang friends. 2 bloody rich cousins. black civic, look carefully the number plate. its KEV-001, which is his name, kevin ooi. 300+ just to do the plate. the right side with cover, is Tienson all time favourite Honda Integra Type R. nice nice~got money sure nice.

Friday, November 16, 2007

ext hdd

nice hor? my new gear, cost a fortune. shameful to tell the price. 2.5" small and portable. its a good thing and it got its own software and installer installed inside. and the software offers toolbar like windows start menu, i can run pre-installed programs in this hd using any compatible pc. so basically i can make any pc my own pc with this baby. one elevation of it glows in amber gold when its plugged in. have not yet explore and fully utilize its function yet, due to some bloody plucked-up situation.

p/s: my wallpaper is seductive i know. slurrrp~
*pl can be read as F

Monday, November 12, 2007

i do not know how to put this together. but i had been a stupid naive person lately. so many mistakes in such a short period. who could i blame but myself. i am turning back to god. i know i am helpless and hopeless without Him. to admit that i never doubt god before but guilty is i never praise him too. i had done a lot of avoidable mistakes. big ones. heavy to carry. anyways what done is done and what i can do now is grow up and keep the faith burning. sorry.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

cut hair

after going out to saloon the other day, i went back with a shave scissor borrow from a friend. then i ask some of my friends to cut my hair for me.