Monday, April 28, 2008


here's some events post.

went fishing the other day. 1st time. i hate the caption for pictures in blogger. not gonna caps any of them. here's some description of my mates: round = Ivan from Taiwan, Kuomintang. lightblue cap = boss from Penang, speckless = Kenny from Penang, thin specky = Vincent my roomie.

we only got 4 rods, 5 people, I take time to take pics. hehe.. camwhore~


Wednesday, April 23, 2008


ok, previously there were a few boards in my list, well, just a research before buying.

_logitech G15 gaming keyboard.
pros: its logitech
cons: its exceptionally HUGE, some display panel which is useless for gaming purposes-even for a WOW player, backlit-orange color some more. expensive.

_razer tarantula

pros: cnet editor's choice, and all those typical gaming keyboard function, sleek and nice
cons: expensive, old, not fully backlited which is a NO

_razer lycosa
pros: very nice, backlit, flat, my favorite
cons: backlit not as bright as its shown in pics, and cant find a cheap seller here...

_microsoft reclusa
pros: all the good things in razer, just more ergo.
cons: microsoft keyboard.. unreliable and its expensive..

_saitek eclipse II

pros: 3 colors backlit to be choose from - red, blue and PURPLE~!
cons: too expensive for saitek's, and the form is u-g-l-y, backlit seems not balance.

why i choose this everglide (never heard of it) ? it fits a laptop user requirements-- small, durable, mobile, simple, and backlit which is my major concern. the tactile response is design by razer, just like the microsoft. the price is still acceptable.

1st vid~!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


typical before due date.. PAIN AR~!!!!!!!!!!!!

but then this morning presented it... slept for 2 hrs to get the model done... in 1 night.. starting from 10-5...

the presentation was.. ok.. at least i know what i was talking... or did i?

should i put some pics here? they are like the stirred of crabs and shyte...

Saturday, April 19, 2008

59 words

Speed test

Monday, April 14, 2008


other than the morning drink i take daily, well not daily also consider as almost daily, i've got 1 new drink in the night. this time is milo + cappucino(low) + baileys + 1 piece arnotts cheap biscuits + 1 small piece of nestle milky bar. keeps my dreams on.

the cookies which i eat only when its dipped. its un-taste-able. cheap stuff

milky indeed.

nowadays, I mean these few naps in the noon, i dreamt of a chic. i kissed her but i told her i cant love her. now, am i gay? thats a good question.

Friday, April 11, 2008


1st, I got a mail of reminder saying i still have to do a 6 month 2nd year 1st semester after this year. i was shocked as i thought and maybe self-hypnotized that i got 1.5 years advance standing. after double checking, turn out to be 1 year only. major concerns: i will lost all my mates after this year, they will be doing 4th year and i will stranded in 2nd year. sucks. and the worst part is... after my 6b months, i cant do anything in the following 6 months... which means, i will be 1 year slower than my current mates.. sounds confusing? sigh... the resolution MIGHT be, i find a chance to talk to my head of school, prove to him i can handle things, and also claim that i have no money. prayers needed.

Friday, April 04, 2008


the scale of our model. we spent whole lots of time doing it, even without sleeping. just a rough model. the best part is ... its not even going to be rated/marked. a.k.a: no point doing it.