Sunday, May 31, 2009


i have to hold on!
i can fall asleep,
sleep symbolize dead.
bed, i'll be there for you in the end,
so just hang-on!

by the way,
i like the way you text me,
i'll always pause for you.



working night,
uni night.

i am far behind time!

listening to shake it by metro station,
you know what it means....

Friday, May 29, 2009


a dull day in uni,
i was doing my work,
struggling to get it done...

and at this exact time,
you lights up my day


Thursday, May 28, 2009


i will slowly get use to it!
i will focus on my assignments!
at the same time,
i will be doing my part here...
hope you too...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

sydney soon

going Syney no matter how what when why who where which with cs ili xyn
Jay chou's concert on the 3rd
4 days late for tickets. sold.
booked tix from 3rd to july just to swing our asses around in syd,
MASCA its gonna be held in sydney, on the 8th of July
go play outdoor football
change my ticket and extend my stay

come see me score goals in sydney!!

:.. went hobart last weekend to meet up with hobart students, the football thingy, and cursed utas for not having archi school in hobart. darn f big time!! hobart is where human stays, launceston is where ghost stay, and not to mention one of my freind from malaysia got a random stranger punch in the eye for no reason!! racist bastard i hope u die in swine flu..:

5 days till final!!!
and i have no shit done!!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

sound like

beware this is a shit long post....
as if i typed it,
just a mere ctrl+c and ctrl+v
but i find it informative and somewhat,
or maybe provocative....
one or the other...
its one heck of a truth,
a reminder to all the ignorant us.

Nowadays, the widespread distribution of free mp3 over the internet and cheap musical products had destroyed the whole music industry. Consumers are too ignorant about music quality, opt for the cheapest alternatives as long as they "hear" the music. The truth is, people 20years ago are the ones who really "appreciated" musics. In order to listen to a song, they have to spend very very much on a vinyl disk or a CD, then play it with an expensive vinyl player or hi-fi system. Today, all major brands opt to mass produce cheaper music products, completely compromising the sound quality, as long as they can sell more. Besides, internet had been the main source of music for 80% of music lover to download free low quality songs. All these has led to the down fall of human's acoustic ability.

To those many so called music lovers out there who always boast bout their music library size and think they know everything bout music, but "hear" them thru laptop speakers or the stupid Apple iPod earphone, it's time to reconsider what you're actually hearing!! Go for high bit rate mp3s and start "appreciating" your music via high end products. Expose yourself to the true 'sounds' of the songs, the way it's supposed to be heard, not just merely "hearing' it for the sake of hearing.

cheechung, liu; 'chungzz's blues: summertime blues';
(, accessed 9/5/09

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

at this moment

i am more than please...
duly because of 2 reason,
1st is the major 1,
its best to stay undisclosed at the moment...

2nd is because i just dont have enough time to decompose the details in my music when i plug in my creative Xmod wireless!!!

the goodness will soon be revealed.
after i get the details right!