Monday, July 05, 2010


then there were mouses, 8 got caught, and they banished into the shadow, crawling behind the walls.

00:00am - Kitchen
I checked my trap and found that I had caught a mouse! I caught a 3 oz. Grey Mouse worth 0 points and 0 gold.
It appears that i have to get rid of the corpse and washed my trap and replaced with a new bait since it seems to be eaten.

Friday, July 02, 2010

the sound freak

you can choose not to see and not to smell but you may never choose not to listen... (unless you seal up your ear to total silence.)

i've been through stages of upgrading my sound system, in a tight budget. fascinating how men's ears can hear; and what cant be hear, abused by the exposure of men in the minor but deadly sound pollution we are facing in everyday life. yes, the laptop speakers, the hand phone speakers etc, will they not kill you in long term, will they not deaf you, i suppose, already?

in my journey to pursue a better listening device, i see science and technology. i see god in the details. i see devil in the details. i cant see god and devil. they are in the details. the details are in everything we perceive, hear, feel. or not. the details are not stagnant, its a constant living parameter in a system which cant sustain without it. a closed-loop that is evolving in its own speed.

bass freq by v-moda (2008-2009)

red roxx vibe by v-moda (2009-2010)

nero vibe 2 by v-moda (2010 - current)

the prices of each increased by fold. and the latest one stays away from red color, for the sender sent me the wrong color, but the sound quality is so eminent i dont bother to bother.
stunning sound, priceless.