Friday, September 23, 2005

Yeah~~Exam's finish!!

wow! finally the exam is over... feelin good..

1st day of exam,buildig construction 1
sweting.. nervous.. whole much of drawing.. time consuming.. mind stucking.. hell's gate rite i n front..but i think can pass la.. but surely no A here... after 2 hours of struggling, went yc(dinner), then go home take a bath went yc again(supper ma) >.<"

2nd day, maths... this one surely can pass.. no guarantee for an A as well... after exam, went JJ wit frends, enjoy n shopping around till 3am.. >.<"

3rd day(The grand Finale), Computer studies..
ok, i think i prepare quite well(for passing) but devil's keep on distracting.. so.. perhaps my A is gone.. arrgh.. after that, i hop in my frends car, went JJ again, have McD for dinner, planning for Red Box..

See, no difference during exam week n after exman week.. `God Bless Me in my upcoming sem..'


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