Saturday, September 24, 2005


yea yea.. these are my old time frends... long time nv c them d.. miss them but they might not know... balming me not to look for them... say i forget bout them d... but they r still me frends..

now only left few in kuantan... one far far away to Australia, 1 in inti nilai, few in MMU Melacca, 1 in uniten, few in TAylor subang...left those in f6, busy wit their own studies...

those good old days in f5.. slowly dissapearing horizontally in our memmory...

Friday, September 23, 2005

Red Box

Shameful to mention that this is my first time here... Haha..

As a bad singer, i insisted not to sing.. but there is a 180° turn-around when it comes to Jay Chou's song...wahaha..

"walao, voice likethat better dun sing la~"

thats wat i've been telling myself..

we've plan that starting the next sem, we'll come here more often.. yeah~ syok man :D

Yeah~~Exam's finish!!

wow! finally the exam is over... feelin good..

1st day of exam,buildig construction 1
sweting.. nervous.. whole much of drawing.. time consuming.. mind stucking.. hell's gate rite i n front..but i think can pass la.. but surely no A here... after 2 hours of struggling, went yc(dinner), then go home take a bath went yc again(supper ma) >.<"

2nd day, maths... this one surely can pass.. no guarantee for an A as well... after exam, went JJ wit frends, enjoy n shopping around till 3am.. >.<"

3rd day(The grand Finale), Computer studies..
ok, i think i prepare quite well(for passing) but devil's keep on distracting.. so.. perhaps my A is gone.. arrgh.. after that, i hop in my frends car, went JJ again, have McD for dinner, planning for Red Box..

See, no difference during exam week n after exman week.. `God Bless Me in my upcoming sem..'

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

...Stressful Exam week...

errr... study study study.. back kuantan oso study.. no time to ask old pals out.. guess they musta hate me, i appear to be a ego person to them since i've been gone.. i'm sorry i couldnt help it man.. so forgive me la.~~

wow!! just pass up my final project last saturday.. damn rush work man.. my A is definitely gone.. looking back the 3 nights before finishing the project(4 elevations, a section and a 2 plans) the first night , or should i say the thursday night.. start doing it after my dinner... till next morning~!!!! omg~~ kinda hard 2 belive it man~ the feeling u get looking the sun sets and rises the next time u look out the window.. damn syok lor.. my roomates wake up go outing d i still there drawing.. then 8 am go sleep, till 2 pm.. at least got rest la.. the story continues the next day.. this time better.. sleep on 5 am.. wake up 10 pm.. untill the finale day!! damn shitty feeling man~! go to school 11 am, eyes half open, chics passed by oso cant peep.. wasted lor.. tot can finish in school, but hav2 take back again, draw whole night in frend's hse..(kuantan fren, same same delay our trip back kuantan) 4.30 am sleep, 8.30 am continue the drawing.. finally pass up that day, teacher oso know i din sleep by the look at me..

tot can relax abit d back kuantan, but hav2 study build. const., maths, and computer!! 13th of Sept is my exam d.. :( sad man!! scold by mom everyday, forcing me to study.. dun let me out to meet my frends.. :( sorry binZ

btw.. hav2 force myself to read lar.. if not die oso cant help lar.. so, now forget bout gals and all those stuff.. just think of concrete and floors!! God bless Me..

Sunday, September 04, 2005


Just blogged~~
Alright, after seeing my brother's blog, i think i should get 1 as well..

Apparently, ntg to write here.. this blog started after my bro left me n my family.. :'( to further his studies in India.. good luck Bro!!!