Wednesday, September 02, 2009

oh ya

see i am so busy working daily.

monday tuesday wednesday thursday,(do it)
friday, saturday, saturday to sunday (do it)
get get get get get with us, you know what we say
working everyday, w-w-w-working everyday

1 work for 2 restaurants: chinese and japanese
washing dishes, chopping, cutting, cleaning, wiping, running, arranging, cooking, preparing, making sushi etc

normally on weekdays, i am free after 4pm
on weekends, i am free before 4pm
sunday is stay at home day, for in this town of cowboy(with tar and car instead of horshoe and gipsy chic)

oh i gotta story, here goes.
i tried to sketch using paint but its like drawing the intestine of a doll;
its like drawing the legs of the snake;
its like taking off your pants when you fart;
its like wearing a condom after you fu*k.

last last time, on the 24th of august,
we went to hobart on my brand new second hand and serviced 1995 red camry reg. no. fn 5457 reg. til september 14th bridgestone tyres sony cd player auto transmission washed interior and shampooed seats

an hour before i reach hobart,
the car broke down,
not totalled,
but something was definitely worng with the lower part of the engine and the bearing was out of place or something like that.
the inccident that i got my finger crossed not to happen, happened.
i as the driver dragged the cracking car doing 60-70kmph on the highway to the nearest suburb 10minuts from the spot the engine fails me.
i got the car to a mechanic, or maybe the only mechanic in town.
he got me a 2nd hand engine and promised to fix it for me and suggest that i take a bus back to launceston.
in this cursed town, our phone have no signal.
in this cursed town, some flim makers are blocking a road to make a national movie, taking scene of Sydney 100years ago...
imagine this cursed place looks just like sydney a century ago, wonderful!
we spent 5-6 hours in this cursed town.
we had tea in a cafe on the one and only notable street there,
for this incident was so unpredictable we were not layered up for the cold night...
for tasmania is so cold it suck.
instead of going back home,
we decided to take on the journey and went on to hobart.
we walked blindly in the dark on the dead town of hobart city and got ourselves a room in backpacker.

fix car very expensive!!!!

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