Saturday, January 20, 2007

ha ha ha

lolz... so its 40 mins to go for the head to head encounter of chelsea and liverpool. yoyo~! going to watch it in the rain~!

ok, here is it, i was laughing like mad just now, as i was watching the 23rd episode of samurai champloo. lolx, freaking funny la... ok it goes like this...

---- this episdoe start with an intro about some japanese players in major leagur baseball. yeap, no kidding, its B-A-S-E-B-A-L-L~!! so what the heck should baseball be included in an edo period(those samurai period) japan? --- an so our 3 hero and heroins came b to this lil town, stop by and met this 1 guy, who recruit them to play baseball against the americans so that the americans wont conquer the lil habour town. and in order to pay the dept they have to take part in it, now, since all the townfolks doesnt want to be included, they make up a team of 7 people, the coach himself, the 3 main char, the town head, a dog and a squirrel. (rofl XD) there is this 1 guy who browse thru the rules and regulation which didnt exclude animals out of the game... can u imagine? dog~! and the artist just draw it so cute~~ when its the doggy turn, it somehow biting the baseball bat in the mouth, and not moving, pure starring at the camera... untill the ball hits him and he run... the squirrel turn~! he saw the bat is somehow 3x his own size and weight, so he run away as well... and the old ketua kampung, he died of bone fractured on his way frm the bench to the field~! omg... the animation was so funny with the expressions and the language spoken..

ok its not funny when i say it, overall this anime is about the history of japan in edo period. and he include lotsa rapping, hip hop and wateva stupid stuff..

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